Krave Kratom Review

Is Krave Kratom Reliable? Here’s What You Need To Know

Since the news about Kratom being a remarkable herb with unique qualities got out, many people have been using it for different reasons. As a result, a lot of vendors like Krave Kratom also have entered the Kratom vendor market. So it provides plenty of options for users, but they still have to deal with the hassle of choosing what vendor to patronize.

Krave Kratom is a vendor that promises customer satisfaction. This review will explore their business model and help you decide whether to patronize them or not.

About Krave Kratom

Krave Kratom is a California-based store set up in 2016. They provide both wholesale and retail kratom powder and varieties. Asides from buying their products from their online store, you can find their products in smoke shops and head shops nationwide. While this vendor claims to sell high-quality Kratom products, the following sections will help you find out if they’re genuine.

What Krave Kratom Strains Can One Buy?

This vendor offers three types of Kratom to customers:

  • Kratom powder
  • Liquid Kratom, and
  • Capsules

Buyers can also get small packages of Kratom capsules, which come with ten capsules. It serves as a sample pack for any users who plan to try out the product to confirm the quality before making a much larger order. Krave Kratom does this better than most other vendors because many do not offer sample packs.

The diversity of the Kratom variants on Krave Kratom is quite commendable. Customers can choose from well-known strains like Green Malay, Yellow Borneo, Maeng Da, and White Thai. There are also new strains like the CBD-infused Kratom and Red Kratom.

Every strain available in powder form also comes in capsules, although the price is much different. And buyers who are not cool with either capsules or powders can settle for the tincture concentrates and liquid shots.

However, many of the liquids do not indicate which strains, in particular, they got extracted from but, based on user reviews, are very much potent and convenient. The liquid shots are usually more expensive but very much worth it, especially considering the quality and convenience it offers to users when it comes to ingestion.

However, we think beginners and first-time buyers should start with any sample packs from Krave Kratom. They have different varieties and offer fair prices to help you make a choice.

Krave Kratom Prices – Fair or Expensive?

You can get their Kratom products for as low as $12.99, with the famous Krave Kratom shot going at $7.99.

Unique offerings like the CBD-infused Kratom are quite expensive given that it comes from rarer sources with much harder processes involved.

However, considering that this vendor got caught up in a salmonella contamination issue in the past, most users are not sure if the low prices also translate to low-quality Kratom or not.

Shipping, Delivery, and Refunds

The delivery process for Krave Kratom products is handled by USPS, and it’s free. This vendor has problems with slow packaging and shipping. For this reason, your orders may not always leave their store until two days after validation. So it means it will take about a week (a bit longer in some cases) after payment to receive your order.

Although there is no clear statement on whether customers can access return and refunds on the website, there is a chance that customers can return products with which they’re unimpressed. However, there is no certainty that Krave Kratom offers refunds or replacements on goods that get sent back.

What About Customer Service?

Sadly, customers shouldn’t bother with trying to reach this vendor’s customer support by phone. You can access their customer service team by sending them an email or filling the contact form available on the website. Most customers mention that the service team typically replies within 1-4 days.

Krave Kratom Product Testing and Lab Results

This vendor mentions that it sells high-quality Kratom products that have undergone tests for potency. However, there is no mention of any laboratory results or details. This sort of makes it difficult to trust them.

Websites that wish for users to see them as reputable should try displaying the results obtained from any lab tests. It is good because it helps buyers to see how authentic they are. The lab results serve as proof of whatever claims the vendors are making regarding the quality of kratom powder and strains they offer. It’s also such a great way to boost credibility.

Customer Reviews

Many customers subject Kratom vendors to heavy scrutiny when it comes to the quality of their kratom powder. Achieving a consistent customer base is a massive feat for vendors because it proves that they have been consistent in providing fresh, high-quality Kratom. And it’s even better when such premium strains get sold at affordable prices.

Krave Kratom has been in the industry for years now and has been able to gather a customer following. From what we see, most of their customers are comfortable with the Kratom powder and the experience they get since the vendor is not a luxury store. The price is fair for the quality of the product they provide, and the smaller capsule packs are even appealing to their buyers.

What we like about this vendor

  • Krave Kratom has a fair range of products, meaning that customers can always find something that suits them.
  • The product delivery is free within the US.
  • Their prices are fair when compared to some other brands.
  • They offer sample packs for the customers from which they can choose.

Some Causes For Concern

  • This vendor has had a case of contamination in the past, so customers may feel skeptical about patronizing them.
  • They do not have clear lab test results on their website.
  • There is no certainty that they offer a return and refund policy.

Should you buy Kratom from Krave Kratom?

Krave Kratom provides Kratom that customers seem to be very satisfied with after purchases. The powder concentrates, and capsules are provided within the guidelines of all ethics. That means, just like it appears on the website, you won’t be able to purchase Kratom from this vendor if you live in a region where it is illegal.

They also clarify that their products have not undergone any form of scrutiny by the FDA. So it means that there is no official approval yet, as is the case with many vendors. But, from what we see, Krave Kratom has been a good source of Kratom for many customers over the years. And this vendor has continued to improve despite the setback they had. Krave is still committed to providing quality to its customers.

If you don’t have an issue with inaccessible lab test results and a history of contamination in the past, then feel free to buy from this vendor.

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