Kraydo Organics Vendor Review

A Guide To Kraydo Organics: The Journey So far

Kraydo Organics is a Kratom vendor that made its debut in the Kratom industry in 2016. Although they claim to have had connections with other suppliers and vendors in the industry, their official entry was in 2016. Since then, they have made a mark and built a great reputation amongst customers. 

Who is Kraydo Organics?

Now, this is down to the notion that they’re one vendor known for supplying fresh and natural kratom strains. They have different strains of kratom powder which we’ll cover in the following section. Also, considering they have worked in the industry for more than three years without any form of scandal, they deserve some commendation. 

Kraydo Kratom has only done business with reputable farmers who cultivate pure Kratom strains and harvest them correctly since its inception. They ensure that their customers are paying for the best. As a result of their top-notch business methods, they have succeeded in getting loyal fans who support and patronize them for their Kratom needs.

Kraydo Organics Products

Knowing how diversified this brand is, customers can find over a dozen different strains and blends in their store. The company does not differentiate any of their strains with the word “super” or “premium” because all of the strains they have can easily fit into those qualifiers. This shows how much trust they have in the quality of their strains.

The online store stocks strains in all colors. Their popular varieties include Maeng Da, three colors of Aceh (Red, white and green), Bali, Borneo, Bentuangie, Elephant, Horn, and Jongkong. 

Buyers who seem unable to make up their minds about the particular strain they want can settle for the Mix’n’Match pack consisting of more than two different strains. Despite the package that the vendor has concerning the splitting of 1 or 2 kilos, customers will definitely be better off trying out this sample pack before placing their order. Most of their long-term customers often recommend the elephant strain for newbies.

Kraydo’s fame in the industry has obviously led to more patronage, making it the reason why their products tend to get sold out fast. But since Kraydo Organics is committed to customer satisfaction, we noticed they always act fast to restock and replenish their products. The strains in the store are updated regularly before month-end.

Besides Kratom, they also feature other kinds of products like Delta-8-THC gummies, CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD flowers, etc.

Kraydo Kratom Pricing Structure and Incentives

Kraydo Organics sells its Kratom at an affordable rate which happens to be lower than the market price. No other Kratom vendor accepts $5 for 28 grams of Kratom powder. Their prices are in this range because they are focused on supplying quality Kratom at the most competitive prices to customers. 

Although most new customers tend to associate the low price with a drop in quality, they are often convinced otherwise after a trial with Kraydo Organics. The main goal for this vendor is to make New York residents familiar with Kratom and possibly expand its philosophy to other cities.

For 1 kilo of their strains, you get to pay as little as $85. Such a bargain! Many of their customers are satisfied with the price range, hence the repeated patronage.

So what about discounts and coupons? Well, being a vendor that values its customers, Kraydo Organics provides juicy deals and discounts to reward buyers. They offer deals on some special occasions like Easter, Thanksgiving, and memorial day. This vendor even has regular sales during the Christmas season. To get information about their discounts and deals, keep tabs on their website and social media accounts.

How to pay for Kraydo Organics kratom? That’s easy. They accept payments through the following channels:

  • Apple Pay
  • e-Check
  • Facebook Pay
  • Venmo
  • Zelle

Shipping & Delivery

Kraydo Organics only ships to customers living in the US through USPS. Customers are advised to confirm the local laws before purchasing kratom. This vendor does not ship to:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

After confirmation of orders, all orders made before 2:00 pm EST are dispatched on the same day, except for weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Every customer will be sent the tracking information on their order. This vendor does not take responsibility for the safety of any order that has been sent out to USPS.

Can I Return My Order?

Sadly, this vendor does not accept returns or offer refunds for orders. They did in the past, but a lot of their patrons abused the policy, causing them to nullify it. 

However, their products are tested and of good quality, so they advise buyers to choose products that suit them so they don’t end up blaming it on bad quality or reduced potency. As always, we advise you to go for a strain that you’re really sure of or use a sample pack first if there’s some level of uncertainty. 

On second thought, it might be better to reach them using their contact channels for more clarification on their strains before placing an order.

Customer Reputation and Opinions about Kraydo Organics Kratom

This brand is customer-oriented. By putting the interest of patrons first before anything else, it makes it easy for their customers to get in touch with them for various reasons.  

So, whether you need to make inquiries or make a complaint, expect a warm, friendly reception. And if you need some assistance, it’s a given that the reps from this brand will do all they can to help you get through any problems. They are available most of the time and you can communicate via text, email, or by filling out the contact form. 

If you think having an in-person conversation serves your needs best, that works. They’ve provided a physical address for individuals who want to visit their operational facility.

We’ve seen that their reputation over the years has soared and many customers say nice things about them on different Kratom forums online. One customer mentioned that, although being critical and picky, he found that the strains from Kraydo Organics suited him very well. This buyer also mentioned that a brand owner is a friendly person, showing that they connect with you on a personal level.

Would We Advise You To Buy Kratom From Kraydo Organics?

It’s not in our place to decide what your next line of action should be. But Kraydo Organics has done pretty well, considering that it is still a growing business in the industry. They have an affordable price range and offer good, customer-friendly discounts. When it comes to shipping and delivery, you’ll get your orders delivered as quickly as possible on carefully packaged carriers.

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