Kwik Botancals Kratom Review

Kwik Botanicals (Kwik Kratom) Review – 2021 Guide

If you have been buying recreational substances, you know that there are higher risks of purchasing low-quality Kratom. This is Kratom that has been spiked with strange chemicals that are often dangerous. Also, there is the risk of buying from bad dealers or obscure sources.

Despite this, there are Kratom vendors that still maintain honesty and transparency but you can only find them if you know where to look.

Kwik Botanicals (AKA Kwik Kratom) has been popular on the internet for a long while now. Although they have not been well promoted, they still have a fair reputation amongst their users.

Kwik Kratom underwent a rebranding in 2016 and changed its name to Kwik Botanicals. Although it was challenging for them then, they made some changes and one may not notice that they’re just a rebranded form of the same company.

However, before you buy from them based on their age in the industry, it is important to know how legit they are.

History of the Kwik Kratom Site

Even though they may have redesigned their site when they rebranded, Kwik Kratom still exists, but under a new identity. The first site went up in 2014 and built a good record among its customers. They do not have any major bad dent in their reputation, which was a good sign.

However, two important characteristics of any online substance vendor are honesty and transparency because the customers are at a higher risk than they are with buying capsules, but that is where Kwik Botanicals lost it.

It is quite worrisome when you have no idea where the Kratom you’re buying is coming from or originates. Sadly, Kwik Botanicals are not transparent enough in that regard.

Their website does not carry relevant information on their site history and they do not have evidence that they ethically make their products. This has turned out to be one of the reasons why customers are paranoid about dealing with them.

Changing their identity from Kwik Kratom to Kwik Botanicals came with a loss of transparency. Rather than filling their “about us” page with important information about their mission and values, they flood it with marketing jargon.

Still, one can pass them off as legitimate because their website has many basic features that scam sites always overlook. Things like membership systems, copyright markers, and out of stock notices are often not found in scam sites and this lends them some credibility.

You may get confused the first time you visit the site because they do not display any Kratom on the page as the majority of their products are Matcha or tea.

This is not intended to cause panic but because Kratom has faced strict legal issues and regulations, all visitors to the site can only view Kratom products when they create an account with the website. It’s left for you to decide if not letting you view the products before registering with the site shows legitimacy or not.

Kwik Kratom (Botanicals) Kratom Product Line

When Kwik Botanicals started, they had a vast line of Kratom products with which they built their reputation. However, after their 2016 comeback, they have not been so keen on selling Kratom especially since people have to sign in to their website before they can access the products.

Around September 2019, they stocked more of Matcha, a certain powder tea. Kwik also sells the normal bulk Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Lotus Stamens, and Oolong. The Kratom strains they have are Indo Sumatra (which seems to be tainted with black tea leaves and/or black dye) and Dragon’s Green (also known as Green Dragon), strong Kratom strains like Green Malay, and weak ones like Maeng Da.

However, they do not make any mention of the quality of their products and some users have reported that their Kratom strains do not feel or look real.

Although one may get something out of their Green Malay, as it helps to boost euphoria and relieve anxiety, the rest of their strains are weak. Their White Maeng Da may not meet up to expectations. In fact, there are talks that the Info Sumatra Tea has no resemblance to Kratom leaf and rather resembles fake weed.

People have complained that their Green Maeng Da does not give off any effect at all and people who have used better ones will be disappointed.

A closer look at their prices may give more weight to these suspicions. They sell four ounces of the cheap leaf at about $7.99 which is extremely low in comparison to the cost of Kratom released by other vendors.

If you have been on the internet for a long time and have made many purchases then you will be aware that scammers usually use ridiculously high prices or dirt low prices. This is not to outrightly call out Kwik Kratom but for the prices that they’re dishing out, it is easy to suspect that their products are laced with other substances.

Although a good vendor gets most of its customers from their reputation, some things may cause setbacks for them if they overlook it. One of those things can be their product quality.

Does Kwik Kratom carry out lab testing?

Kwik Kratom has not been so open and so there is no such information on their website. Apart from the products, there is zero information on the lab tests. The vendor does not even try to let customers know the kind of roots used in making their products.

Kwik Kratom Consumer Reputation

When they first came into the Mitragyna speciosa community, they started great and amassed loyal customers and good reviews on Kwik Kratom. But the rebranding threw that away.

Since 2016, their commitment to Kratom has been diminishing. To add to that, they have literally disappeared from Reddit forums. Many people who mention them do so with their old name Kwik Kratom rather than the new identity Kwik Botanicals.

In one Reddit Kratom Forum, members have claimed to have some negative experiences with them. Some say the quality is now non-existent, others said they didn’t get a lot from Kwik Botanicals. Of course, some people will choose to swear by Kwik Kratom’s products but you need to compare the good and bad before you do business with them.

Customer relations, payment methods & shipping

When you visit the Kwik Kratom website, there is a contact form that customers can use to access the company’s sales personnel. It is meant to provide more information, respond to inquiries, accept suggestions or complaints that may have arisen from using their products.

Most of the time, the Kwik Kratom has a fast customer response but sometimes it takes time. Customers should be patient when contacting them.

Although at some point Kwik Kratom devised a means to start sending their customers goods on time. To achieve this, once you place your order, they start preparing your package which can get to you in about 3 to 4 days. Despite this, some customers have complained that their goods were still delayed by the vendor.

However, Kwik had made promises to inform their customers about the delivery process. But for some customers, their delivery process is still quite slow. People who order smaller batches may have to wait longer.

Most of the time, it takes about four days for local deliveries and 7-14 days for international deliveries. They mostly ship domestically at no cost. The payment methods accepted by Kwik Kratom include American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Customers’ opinion about Kwik Kratom – What the reviews say

One of the many issues most people have with Kwik Botanicals is that their shipping takes longer than expected, even when they’re shipping really small sizes of Kratom.

Also, more issues have been raised about shady customer service. Some users have complained of receiving the wrong products, requesting a replacement, and still receiving another wrong product, even in cases where the same thing was ordered twice.

There are reports from customers about their complaints being ignored or received and dismissed at once. Others have mentioned that the quality of a single product has been inconsistent among batches, and they often do not explain that.

While others are on the complaining end, some think the site has its positive sides. Some have constantly praised them for their top quality services. Some have even narrated how Kwik Kratom helps them to deal with chronic pain for more than ten hours with just a single dose. This means there is still some legitimacy to them.

Should Kwik Botanicals be trusted?

Kwik Kratom or Kwik Botanicals is not wholly satisfactory. Although you can get away with not having issues with their services, there is a higher probability that your business transaction will go wrong. Now, this causes a dent in the Kratom business for starters and the drug and therapeutic substance industry at large.

Kwik does not provide necessary information to their customers, even those who created accounts with them. They depend more on their branding and reputation that it makes it look like they’re up to something. Their new identity and about page does not have anything to trace them to their old business name. It’s more like they intended to start on a fresh slate and keep bad reviews behind them.

You can choose whether to patronize Kwik Botanicals or Kwik Kratom when you need to buy the substance, but the risk is high. It is not advisable to follow through with doing business with them unless you’re certain that you are ready for whatever comes out of the transaction.

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