Every Leaf of Life Botanicals Strain Ever – Interesting Review

More people are starting to show interest in Kratom. If you’ve joined the movement, then you’re probably in need of a reputable vendor to buy kratom, hence your interest in Leaf of Life Botanicals.

This article will review this company that has become popular because of the quality of its strains. Aside from Kratom, this vendor also sells other herbs like Corydalis, Kanna, and Kava.

So follow through until the end as we will help ease your decision-making process when it comes to vendors that you buy Kratom from. And don’t forget to check out other reviews like this one on our blog.

Introducing Leaf Of Life Botanicals

Leaf of Life Botanicals is a Kratom vendor based out of Florida and known for supplying different kinds of quality herbal products, including Kratom. 

There’s one simple principle that many business owners ignore. When running a business, your offerings must be of impressive quality. But if your customers begin to notice a decline, their patronage will start to drop. Staying committed to delivering quality along with some other perks will see the number of patrons you have soar. 

And that’s something Leaf of Life Botanicals understands. Over time, they’ve shown that their customers are an essential part of their business model and, therefore, they strive to please them. This vendor stocks different varieties of organic Kratom so that their customers will have many options to select from. Also, the packaging of their products is durable enough to protect the contents from any form of damage.

What Products Can I Find at Leaf of Life Botanicals?

This vendor supplies many kinds of blends, strains, and extracts. They sell the four major strains of Kratom – Red, Yellow, Green, and White. Now check out the varieties you can find in their store:

  • Aceh good kratom
  • Red, Green, and White Bali kratom
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red, Green, and White Borneo kratom
  • Red dragon kratom
  • Red, Green, and White Enlightened kratom
  • Kratom Blends
  • Super Yellow kratom
  • Yellow, Green, Red, and White Aceh kratom
  • Green Hulu kratom
  • Green Jongkong kratom
  • Green and White Maeng Da kratom
  • Green and White Malay kratom
  • White elephant kratom
  • White Horn kratom

They also have the following in Blend form:

  • Aceh Zen kratom blend
  • Pink bunny blend
  • Pink Maeng Da kratom blend

Also on their product list are herbal powders like Fiji Loa waka kava, Rhodiola Rosea extracts 10:1, Kanna, Corydalis Extract 20:1, and many others.

Their products tend to go out of stock quickly because of the frequency of orders that pour in from different buyers. If you try to order a strain and find that the product you desire is unavailable, just wait for a while and then try again. You should see some success. 

Aside from their regular product package, they have special packs like sample packs and split packs. These are targeted at people who want to use other strains or newbies who are still unsure about what strain to go for. The Kratom sample pack consists of 4 different Kratom strains, each weighing an ounce. Customers can, however, get the pack for the price of 3. The split package is for those who would want to buy two or three strains in the normal-sized quantity. The vendor packages those choice strains to make up the desired weight. 

Moving away from strains, these different varieties and options offered are part of the efforts put in by this Leaf of Life Botanicals to ensure that they keep everyone satisfied and happy. Kratom users no longer have to get stuck with one option as they can mix and merge to the extent that their imagination permits.

Are There Any Quality Issues?

This brand is conscious of the quality of the products that they offer to the general public. People who have patronized them mention that their strains have a unique taste and sort of rich feel that is kind of rare to find.

The reason that they can sell such potent strains is because they always test all their Kratom batches sent in by the local farmers to detect contaminants. The company will not accept contaminated or stale products for processing. 

After processing their Kratom strains, they send them to independent labs for testing to ensure that the quality is consistent with the results gotten from their company’s lab. You can submit a request to see the results before buying. Doing so shows that they are committed to selling all-natural, top-quality Kratom strains.

But What Are People Saying About Them?

When it comes to customer reviews, this vendor is renowned and respected in the industry. They display their customers’ opinions about their products on their website. Customers also drop good reviews about them on internet forums. You can hop on the site to see for yourself. Of course, we know how much of an influence such reviews have on a buyer’s decision-making.

When it comes to customer service, people who patronize this store can easily reach them through their address, phone number, or email. They’re courteous and resolve all issues as soon as possible.

Are Their Products Expensive? Any Incentives?

The prices of their Kratom strains range from $9.99 to $99.99 for an ounce and a kilo, respectively. Their sample packs also give you four strains at the price of three.

Concerning Coupons and Discounts, this is where it gets interesting. Besides steadily dishing out quality Kratom, this vendor also rewards the customers for their patronage. First, log on to the website to buy a Kratom strain. After that, you can earn several points on the website for doing many things. After earning points, you can redeem them and use them to buy some of your choicest strains. To earn points on the website, here’s what you have to do:

  • Make a purchase. Every purchase gives you points.
  • Share their website on Facebook.
  • Refer your friends to the website. You will earn points for every person who registers using your referral link.

How do I Make Payment For Orders?

Like some other vendors, credit or debit cards are not accepted. Now we believe this isn’t that good because lots of buyers find credit card payments to be convenient. However, you can pay through the following channels:

  • Cash app
  • Coin payments
  • Green E-check
  • G pay
  • Venmo

On the website, you’ll also find information that guides you should you face any problems that have to do with making payments.


✅ Transparency
✅ Fair prices
✅ Many strains for sale
❌No credit or debit card payment

When Should I Expect My Order To Be Delivered?

Leaf of Life Botanicals only ships to states and countries where kratom is legal. Shipping is free and customers do not have to pay. The company uses USPS and customers receive tracking IDs and details of their shipment. 

If you prefer other shipping methods, then you’ll have to cover the fees and probably expect your order to arrive a little later. Also, the company offers a money-back guarantee. This means unsatisfied customers can return their products and get a refund.

Final Thoughts

It is rare to find a vendor that supplies high-quality Kratom while offering free and fast delivery at an affordable price. Also, the fact that Leaf of Life Botanicals gives discounts and has positive reviews from previous buyers shows that they are worth your money.

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