Legit Kratom Review

Legit Kratom Review 2021 – Truly Legit or not?

When it comes to the Kratom industry, a lot of vendors claim to be legit. But this our Legit Kratom review introduces you to a vendor that took the claims a step further by adding it to their name. Awesome, right? We’ll see!

Is Legit Kratom as trustworthy as their name implies? Or should they be ignored like other vendors who just want to be noticed by their name?

Who Is Legit Kratom?

From the look of things though, it turns out Legit Kratom is quite decent. They’re one of the many online vendors that give affordable prices even while selling high-quality Kratom. Legit Kratom is a Kratom Vendor operating from Pinellas County, Florida, LK. Many users in their local community and the Kratom community at large appreciate their services.

For people in Clearwater and St Petersburg, they’re one of the 24 places that they can get Kratom within their vicinity. And they can do so worrying about the quality unlike the low-quality stuff sold in some smoke shops.

First-time customers of Legit Kratom get free samples and this goes to shows how legitimate they are. If a customer wants to experiment with a new strain, they have $1 Kratom samples for that purpose.

Also, they give their customers the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee and that means you’re sure that whatever you order is what you’ll get. Another good news is that they provide Legit Kratom coupons from time to time. Let’s go into the details so you know what to expect.

Legit Kratom Kratom Products

There are different varieties of Kratom strains that you can get from Legit Kratom, whether you buy online or you go right to their brick and mortar stores. Judging from the reactions of the many customers that buy Kratom from them, you can safely say that they’re dedicated to providing pure and quality kratom powder.

If you go to make your purchase and you find out that some of their products are out of stock, just know that it’s only for a while. Besides, it doesn’t happen so often and you’ll always find your favorite Kratom strain on Legit Kratom.

Because of the sample packs and many varieties of veins and blends, this vendor Kratom has been able to build trust with its customers. When shopping on their site, you can choose to buy the classics like the many kinds of Maeng Da, Borneo, Malay, Bali, or Thai,. Or you can decide to be freaky and choose from their special blends like the unique white and yellow Sulawesi.

While many of their products come in powder form, they still have provisions for capsules and a strong liquid extract. Apart from their Kratom products, they also sell CBD products and some Kratom alternatives like wild lettuce 15x resin, kava extract, blue lotus, and Legit Nugs CBD hemp flower. These are the strains that they currently have:

  • Green Borneo
  • Green Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Kavako Red Bali
  • Kavako Green Bali
  • Kavako White Bali
  • Kavako Premium Maeng Da
  • Legit Kratom Blend
  • Premium Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Bali
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Super Indo
  • Super Green Thai
  • White Borneo
  • White Malay
  • White Sulawesi
  • Yellow Malay
  • Yellow Borneo
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Yellow Sulawesi

Legit Kratom Pricing – What To Expect

The price of Kratom on the Legit Kratom website is $15 per 50 grams, $25 for 100 grams, $45 for 250 grams, $70 for 500 grams, and $120 for a kilo of Kratom.

With these rates, one can see that their Kratom is among the most affordable on the block. At first glance, customers may become skeptical, especially as it will be difficult for them to believe that they can get high-quality Kratom for the price this vendor is offering.

However, the reviews have continued to prove that their kratom is authentic as most of their customers are often satisfied. Legit Kratom’s capsules and liquid Kratom extract cost more than the powders. This is only normal because of their cost of production. In fact, most users say the price is fairer for such superb quality.

Customer Support, Shipping, & Delivery

Their delivery across the United States is facilitated by USPS Priority and UPS. Every order made with Legit Kratom is sorted out for shipping within the same day or within 24 hours in the worst cases. The only exception is during weekends or holidays. Also, payment validates orders.

The general rule is that the delivery is done between 2-3 days, with delays only occurring as a result of the address. The vendors provide tracking numbers for their customers and this allows you to monitor your order until it gets to you.

Unlike most other vendors with nonexistent customer care, you can easily access the Legit Kratom Customer Support team and fast too. They’re always available and you can send them an email, contact them through a certain number, or fill the form on their website.

In fact, most customers of Legit Kratom say that you will get a faster response if you call them on phone, however, the other channels will give a response within a day.

Legit Kratom Payment Options

When making purchases on Legit Kratom, you can use many kinds of payment methods. This company allows COD (Cash on Delivery), postal money order, personal check, or cashier’s check. But they are currently unable to accept credit cards and have mentioned that they will fix it.

For customers who love to do their business stealthily, this vendor makes provision for payment through Zelle and Litecoin. To help their customers more they provide links to inform them of how they can buy Litecoin with a debit or credit card for those who have never had to make purchases with cryptocurrency.

Customer Reviews and Public Reputation

Judging from most of their satisfied customers, if there’s any problem with this supplier, it’s the fact that they’re not that popular. Yes, that’s true when compared to other vendors.

While you may think that having a name like Legit Kratom will make them popular in the Kratom industry, it has only become their bane and set them up for instant distrust.

Because people often use the phrase “legit Kratom vendor” to refer to other Kratom brands that have earned their trust, it is hard to decipher that is also the name of an actual brand. And that makes it hard to find posts that talk about their products.

But from customer reviews on I Love Kratom, a certain customer refers to their Kratom strains as “perfect and excellent”. The Kratom user says their products are great but also suggests that they should increase the number of Green and Red strains in their collection. The user said all of that while commending them for using durable pouches that conceal the product adequately.

This customer also mentions that, although they have excellent strains, they could do better with their labeling. This vendor will need to improved their labeling system by printing the strain name on the pouch rather than using a marker to indicate it. He also said that their Green MD powder has a desirable dark brown color with a fresh and fine consistency.

When you visit the Legit Kratom website, you will discover that their website is quite user-friendly with good aesthetics. This customer also refers to their shipping as “smooth sailing” as he has no problem with it.

Why Customers Seem To Love Buying Kratom from Legit Kratom

High-Quality Kratom

When you buy Kratom from Legit Kratom, your first observation will be about the quality. This vendor does not sacrifice their quality for anything. They have continued to make sure they sell the best products one can find. While they provide Kratom to uses, they also interact with their customers to understand the demand and know what Kratom users desire. That way, they can give the best service.

Their customers are not turned away when they ask questions or make inquiries. The company experts are ever ready to respond to as many questions as the buyers ask.

Apart from their quality Kratom, they’re known for rendering quality service. A lot of users compare their Kratom with that of many high-ranking Kratom vendors and they claim that Legit Kratom provides one of the best in the industry.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Their high-quality Kratom is not the only good thing about them as they have an excellent reputation for dealing with their customers. When you buy Kratom from them, they strive to give you the best experience. They also provide you with different strains and blends for different uses.

When buying kratom, your aim should be to find a company that was built to make sure you have a satisfaction guarantee. Legit Kratom offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. There are different blends available and even if you do not have clear information on them, this vendor is ready to provide you with the necessary information.

Apart from wanting to make sales, they are also committed to making sure their customers buy the Kratom strain that will give them the best results.

Free Kratom Sample

Ever wanted to try out a new strain but didn’t want to waste money on a futile venture? Legit Kratom got you covered because of the free samples they offer to first-time customers. When you want to make your purchase, they give a detailed explanation of the product and then offer to give free samples. This helps their potential customers break into the world of Kratom and know which of the products they will be choosing.

They even have a section of their website dedicated to customers who wish to order these free samples. This shows how much expertise they have both in offering quality kratom powder and in getting people to become interested in these products. All of these and their amazing customer support has created trust for them amongst many Kratom users.

Verdict – Should you buy kratom from Legit Kratom

From many Legit Kratom reviews, it is easy to see that they’re trustworthy and have made quite a name for themselves. You can get a variety of Kratom strains and kratom powder from them. This means more customers can find stuff that they like.

They are often vocal about their fantastic customer service which is just as good as they promise. And if you do not like the product you buy from them, not to worry, you can always return it as they have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

However, you may have issues with the fact that there are no lab results to officially verify the quality and purity of the Kratom they sell. But if all the reviews are anything to go by, you will encounter no problem if you buy kratom from Legit Kratom.

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