LI Herbals Review

Li Herbals Kratom Review 2021: How Reliable Is LI Herbals?

So far, anecdotal reports from most users claim that kratom serves as a pain reliever, boost energy, manage moods, diabetes, and obesity.

Users buy Kratom with the hope of experiencing all of these supposed benefits that come from using the substance. But what happens when you buy kratom powder from a Kratom vendor, only to discover that what you ordered is not akin to what you bargained for?

This happens a lot of times so long as buying and order are concerned. And that’s why consumers usually look forward to doing business with trusted vendors. This is where LI Herbals comes in.

Our LI Herbals review will tell you all you need to know and help you decide whether to trust this Kratom vendor or not.

Getting to know LI Herbals

LI Herbals, based out of Long Island, is one of those businesses set up to sell Kratoms, teas, and other products. For five years now, they have been operating in places where Kratom is deemed legal.

It is said that various tests are carried out on their products to guarantee the absence of harmful microorganisms and heavy metals. Some users of the products say that this vendor used to be a great dealer when it has to do with Kratom powder. But as of now, the vendor is now largely into tea sales.

The Online Shop Experience on LI Herbals website

At first look, the website of this company is bland. The taste, vigor, and everything that goes with companies of this sort are simply not there. While on their website, you will find out that this company does not provide information of any sort on their products. It seems they are operating on a no enlightenment policy.

It also looks like the description option for the products on the website is there for aesthetics. The dark mode background is quite good but that doesn’t in any way make the site any better; except for appearance maybe. New users will find it difficult to get the products of their choice from there.

When new customers signed up with this vendor, newsletters were issued to them. These emails did carry info about coupon codes and other updates. The buyer could then safely place orders in desired quantities.

These days, however, it is safe for one to say that LI Herbals had an efficient system of selling back in the days but not anymore.

Products Sold by LI Herbals Tea Company

There was a time when customers could find some kratom strains. But it seems that even the few available ones are nowhere to be seen anymore.

The name LI Herbals Tea Company implies that this company sells herbal teas and other products. The following are some of the teas and other products this company sells:

  • White Matcha Tea
  • Bent Matcha Tea
  • Yellow Matcha Tea
  • 20x Kratom Extract
  • Full Spectrum Blend Matcha Tea
  • Red, White, Green, Yellow Matcha Tea Sample Pack
  • Green Elephant Matcha
  • Red Matcha Tea
  • Green and Green Elephant Matcha Tea Split Kilo
  • Green Matcha Tea Veggie Capsules
  • Green Matcha Tea
  • Red, White, Green, and Yellow Matcha Tea Split
  • Red, White, Green, and Yellow Matcha Tea
  • Green Tea Capsules.
  • YMT Matcha Tea
  • RMT Matcha Tea
  • GMT Matcha Tea

Other products here include Gentle Mint, Chai Spiced Black Tea, Organic Turmeric Citrus Zest, Assam Black Tea, and Organic Turmeric Relief. You’ll also find Chamomile and Lavender, Lemongrass, Organic Earl Grey, Agni, Mystic Mint, English Breakfast Tea, Spearmint Leaf, and Heritage Blend. There’s also Peppermint Leaves, Ginseng Boost, Kaziranga, and supplements used for male enhancement purposes.

From the pictures seen, one can say that the company’s packaging technique is good. The products do not have a shabby look and the aesthetics are commendable. But the company can do better by getting its website up and running.

LI Herbals Tea Company Pricing

The prices of products from this vendor are surprisingly very affordable. The prices are so cheap that you as the buyer will even feel as if you are getting the products right from the very cultivators.

For as low as $4, you could get a good number of kratom strains but these deals are now absent. Compared to other vendors, this low pricing structure for kratom powder is a plus on the side of the company. That’s because it attracts lots of buyers to them, making them sell out faster.

Some of the users said that the cheap products the vendor used to have are hardly available these days. Others said the popular Kratom strains the vendor used to be known with are no longer available. From what we’ve seen, it’s the truth.

The Quality of Kratom Products from this Company

The quality of products from this vendor can be said to be fair. Some users have said that the leaves are fresh and well dried while others claim they didn’t match up to their expectations.

Some made sure to point out that the products from this vendor are no longer what they used to be. We’ve also seen comments from users who are of the view that the quality of the products has diminished over time.

The vendor used to be a reliable Kratom seller in the past. But a closer look at their current product catalog speaks volumes for itself. It seems that their focus has shifted to tea as is seen in their name: LI Herbals Tea Company.

Although it was once written that their products are free from heavy metals and microorganisms which are harmful for human consumption. How can we be sure that such information is one hundred percent (100%) true?

With the fact that the description of the products there are nowhere to be found, how are we sure that we are not being misled?

There is a need for LI Herbals to do more by providing detailed information about their kratom catalog and providing certificates containing proof of the safety of these kratom strains.

They’ll also have to place all of such info beside every product they have on their website. All necessary information should follow right after or before the proofs. This is how legit kratom vendors online operate.

This site seems to conceal too many things to a point where some new users sometimes find themselves confused about the vendor. It’d be best for LI Herbals to stock up quality kratom varieties that earned it its lost glory. The efficient systems with which it operated in the past would have to be reinstated too.

Shipping and Delivery Policy of LI Herbals Tea Company

When orders are placed on weekdays before 12 p.m Easter time, they get delivered on the same day of ordering or the next. The delivery takes place from Monday through Friday. The company works only on these days and no shipping takes place during the weekends.

When orders are confirmed, the shipping label is prepared and you receive a tracker that matches and monitors the order. The tracker comes in a mail form. Credit Card, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover payments are all accepted by the vendor for orders made.

LI Herbals ship using USPS and other forms. USPS takes within one to three days for deliveries. Orders placed after noon are shipped the following day and that is if the next day is a business day. As for orders made on Fridays, if it is past 3 pm, then your order gets shipped on the following business day which is Monday. The time used by this vendor is Eastern Standard Time (EST).

There are divergent views concerning their shipping process. However, the overall shipping rating seems to be too poor. We’ve seen customers complain about the absence of tracking numbers in some cases.

Many top online kratom vendors usually give free shipping offers for their customers once they exceed a certain quantity. But LI Herbals require their customers to pay for their shipping. The cost of shipping feels exorbitant and the fact that shipping doesn’t take place on weekends is another factor that may turn customers away.

The cost of shipping usually varies and this depends on the item or items ordered, as well as the shipping option required. The weight of the item picked is also checked to determine the shipping cost.

If LI Herbals resumes business, we believe it’ll be in their best interests to upgrade the processes involved in making orders, shipping, and delivery. Keep in mind that this may not be your kratom vendor if you seek to buy bulk kratom online. This usually happens when the quantity of the Kratom goes as much as 3 kilos.

In general, the users of the products from LI Herbals usually complain about their shipping issues. It will do the vendor a whole lot of good to address the issues the users encounter while their products are being shipped. The whole shipping process should be looked into to lower the costs.

What are the Key Issues of Concern With LI Herbals?

LI Herbals does not give a refund. And users of their products usually say that the company finds it hard to see the reviews and feedback from users. A company with a defunct website will hardly get the review and feedback they need from their customers.

The shipping cost of this company is too high. As mentioned above, it should be looked into. There are too many issues this vendor needs to work on so long as shipping is concerned.

Users no longer find the company to be as attractive as it used to be. They’ve run out of popular products, and the cheap products they used to be known for having are hardly available.

The vendor needs to work on their branding, website, shipping, and do a general touch up so the company can become recognized again. It seems to have faded away.

The website needs to answer the everyday questions buyers ask about the vendor and products. The source of the products should also be revealed so that people will know what exactly they are consuming.

This vendor can be said to be a good dealer of teas. Herbal and organic teas where this vendor seems to excel. But when it comes to kratom, a lot is left to be desired.

Is LI Herbals Tea Company Worth Patronizing?

The information given above suffices while answering this question. This kratom vendor deals mostly with herbal teas. As of now, many complaints are not heard about their teas. Maybe they are worth checking out if you are a fan of teas. But if you need a reliable online Kratom vendor to get your supply, it’d be best to check other trustworthy companies out.

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