Life Force Kratom Review

Life Force Kratom Review: An In-depth Analysis

When you buy Kratom powder, how can you be sure about the quality? Despite all efforts to control the act, there still are many scammers in the industry that may slow down your attempts in choosing a Kratom vendor.

Our Life Force Kratom review introduces you to a company that has grown to keep up with their customers’ needs. They have slowly built a name for themselves in the industry as one of the vendors that supply high-quality Kratom at great prices.

Life Force Kratom Overview

Although they have made claims of being the best Kratom vendor on the block, it is important to check them and ensure they are not just making bogus claims before you patronize them. This review is all about the kratom products of Life Force Kratom. We seek to help you understand their brand better. That way, you can know whether you are dealing with the right kratom vendor or not.

Life Force Kratom Products Collection – What They Sell

Life Force Kratom has a variety of strains based on the color of the Kratom leaf veins. Apart from the Kratom strains, they stock ginger herb, also known as Zingiber, which is a Kratom alternative. Their Kratom is packaged in powder form and this vendor makes it clear to all and sundry that their products have not yet been verified by the FDA.

Check out the strains of kratom powder they sell:

White Vein Kratom

People believe that this strain boosts energy and relieves stress. It is made up of varieties like White Jongkong, White Elephant, White Malay, White Kapuas.

Green Vein Kratom

The strains in this group are also thought to soothe pain and increase energy. They include Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Dark Green, Green Bali, etc.

Yellow Vein kratom

This strain is said to have the same effects as the White Vein. It comprises Yellow Borneo, Yellow Kapuas, Yellow Sulawesi, and Yellow Jongkong.

Red Vein kratom

A lot of alkaloids are associated with this strain. Users say it helps them reduce pain and stress. Some of the products in this strain include Red Bentuangie, Red Bali, Red Malay, Red Gold, Red Elephant.

Cost of Life Force Kratom Powder and Products

Of course, anybody buying Kratom powder would want to get the best price without compromising on quality. But it is not always that simple with Kratom. That is partly because it is not a regulated substance and so nobody can control the price. This also means that you cannot use price as a factor to determine whether a vendor can be trusted or not.

Pricing can only be used as a tool to vet vendors only after you’re sure of the quality of Kratom they sell. Life Force Kratom has their Kratom price pegged to not go beyond the market average. If you compare reviews from Kratom customers, you’ll discover that Kratom stores often providing good Kratom may have prices that go father above or below the average market prices

Their prices are reasonable and range from $11.50 to $45.10. The products come in various sizes like 50g, 125g, and 250g And they only make their products available in grams and not kilos.

Although not totally a bad idea, it means you’ll have to go through the inconvenience of sending them a mail when you need larger amounts. Their prices are fixed, depending on the quantity of the Kratom and the strain. The cheapest strains are more common, and rare strains cost more.

Life Force adds samples to your purchase. Customers are expected to test the samples to know what the actual product looks like. This means all customers can verify the product in their package for free before using it. This is done to save both customers and vendors a lot of stress that may come with being dissatisfied after opening the main package.

That means they’re able to gather both productivity and efficiency under their wings. This vendor even goes further to add notes for their clients inside their orders. Clients who receive this often express their excitement and that may explain why they have retained a good number of their customer base.

Do They Sell Quality Kratom?

Quality is important to anybody who buys Kratom from an online vendor and there are ways to determine which vendor sells quality. First, check if their website carries any certificate of analysis. This is a lab report from a trusted third party facility that analyzes a tested substance. It comprises information like purity, composition, and quality.

A genuine vendor will do everything they can to test their products. The customer is not the only person who benefits anyway because it helps the vendors know that they are being supplied quality Kratom.

After testing the product, a vendor should inform their customers of the tests and also let them know they can be shown the certificate of analysis if they want. Some vendors do this, and this has helped to intensify their reputation for being good Kratom vendors.

At this time, Life Force Kratom does not put out any information that indicates whether they test their Kratom or not.
Another way to know if the vendor is good is by reading online reviews from customers. While putting this piece together, we noticed there were mixed reviews about Life Force Kratom. While some people praised them for their services and products, others also called them out for providing unsatisfactory services.

This shows that the company may have some lapses which aren’t altogether inevitable. So you have an equal chance of being either happy or disappointed when you patronize them.

Life Force Kratom Website Design and Consumer Support

An online vendor’s website is one thing that enables smooth interaction with customers and enhances their experience. For this reason, websites should load fast, be user friendly, and be valuable to the customer. The website can either have blog posts and articles that explain certain facts about customers to its visitors.

The Life Force Kratom website is easy to use and that’s something every customer will appreciate. But they do not mention any other information beyond their products. They just fill their website with product information and that’s all about it.

Also, the method of payment which the company chooses can be rather inconvenient for some customers. Their only approved payment methods are money orders, e-check, and cryptocurrency. But from the reviews, this vendor has great customer support.

Every online customer will appreciate good customer service and Life Force Kratom has built a good reputation in that regard. That’s because they respond to messages and emails within 24 hours. If you want quicker replies, then you can reach them via a phone call to speak to a live rep.

What Do Kratom Enthusiasts Think About Them?

With customer service being one of the cherished services that the company gives to its clients, it is safe to say that they are customer-oriented. They respond quickly to queries and complaints. It is probably because they hold their customers in such high esteem that they have been able to grow and maintain their presence in the Kratom industry.

Like we earlier mentioned, there have been mixed reviews on the service rendered by Life Force Kratom. Some customers on Kratom Reddit forums do not have much good to say about them but their Facebook reviews are pretty good. They claim that Life Force Kratom’s product is among the best. Users love their fast service and it is as though they’re smitten by the vendor.

But people on Reddit only argue about the service and the issues they have with quality. Someone even mentioned that they bought four different strains from the vendor and went on to receive little quantity. They also said that the Kratom they bought gave them no relief at all, and it was a heavy disappointment for them.

In all, the Life Force Kratom company has been applauded by some for sticking to the mission and vision of their company. These are people who feel satisfied with the services they got from them and gave positive feedback.

Shipment and Delivery

Apart from the renowned Midas touch with their customers, their shipping plans have also been one of the foundations of their growth. Although there are now a lot of online Kratom vendor companies, Life Force Kratom has endeared its customers with the quality of their shipping. They deliver kratom powder and other varieties to their customers’ locations via USPS. Customers in the US can get their products within 2 to 3 days of making their orders.

Also, there are more perks for customers. If your purchase hits a certain set total, they can make shipping free for you. But clients who reach such a limit are advised to buy shipping insurance. However, the maximum quantity one can buy is 250g.

Discounts and Offers

The Life Force Kratom company rewards its customers with discounts and special offers too. Many of the customers have used the discounts and offers when making orders and most have shared their testimonies. Their more loyal and recognized customers are given coupon codes sometimes.

These customers can either use their codes to make purchases or redeem it. Some people think their payment methods are effective and make both parties have a smooth transaction. Their payment methods allow the vendor to forward the invoice to their clients in real-time and also make sure the products get to the customers once they place their order.

There is also an option to pay in cryptocurrency and money orders for people who prefer those modes of payment. It also seems the vendor is making moves to continue reeling out more payment options to cater to all their customers. Also, one selling point for the company is its website that is easy to navigate. It has a cool interface so customers find it easy to locate the kratom products they desire.

Life Force also ensures that they are on top of their game in website security. They’ve put in place several security measures like the SSL technology so that the customer’s data is secure. The vendor also activated equal data transmission. Their customers can also make IT-related inquiries through the IT support email provided.

Life Force Refund Policy

This vendor also allows customers to exchange or refund products. They are quick and ever ready to refund their clients in the cases of any modified products. Still, they meticulously scrutinize any product that has been returned before approving an exchange or refund. If you want to refund your purchase, then it has to remain in the original package it was sent, and untouched. Life Force also makes sure you are aware that the shipping cost lies on you.

If you want to refund your Life Force Kratom purchase, then you’ll need to send an email to while the item will be delivered to P.O BOX 70878 Dartmouth MA United States 02747. If all goes well, they may process the refund of the product on the same day if it comes in before 2 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. on Saturdays.

Is buying from Life Force Kratom a good idea?

One quality you should always look out for in a Kratom vendor is consistency. There are a lot of rogue vendors in the industry selling low-quality kratom powder. You can easily sniff them out when you follow online reviews by Kratom users.

Still, there are more reputable brands that will deliver high-quality Kratom Powder to you. But, sometimes, their quality can be inconsistent. Sadly this may be the category where Life Force Kratom falls into.

This vendor is great but they still need to work on their reliability if they want to be recognized more. However, you can try them out by first buying a small size package so you can test the waters before knowing whether to stick to them or not.

In all, we recommend Life Force Kratom and believe they are worth a try. Happy shopping!

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