Magnum Opus Botanicals Review

Magnum Opus Botanicals Review- Why This Vendor Stands Out

When buying kratom, a lot of customers are often wary of extracts. That’s because, despite being known for increased potency, some extracts are sold by head shop vendors who are not transparent with the makeup of their extracts.

But for Magnum Opus Botanicals, the story is different. This Kratom vendor is a brand that paints a clear picture of the process its extracts undergo and the constituents of every drop. Here, we bring you information concerning the important details and why this vendor stands out.

Getting To Know Magnum Opus Botanicals

Magnus Opus is located in Denison, Texas. Since its inception, it has been run by a family that has put in the work necessary to set the company on a path to success. They have a website that is informative and easy to navigate and this vendor also mentions the name of its CEO and owner, unlike most vendors. This speaks a lot regarding their level of transparency.

They seem to have built a good reputation as a result of their open-book style of operation and the clarity of information they share. Magnum Opus continues to rake in more positive reviews, and from what we see, that’s down to the quality of their Kratom strains and efficiency of service.

What Products Can You Buy From Magnum Opus Botanicals?

Magnum Opus Kratom has four product divisions. These are Liquid Kratom Extracts, pure Kratom Alkaloid Extract, Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da leaf, and their skincare products. 

There are three veins of the pure Kratom (red, green, and white) all weighing either 1g or 5g. These are the same strains available in liquid but they only differ in size. Their Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da comes in three strengths: 10%, 20%, and 30%, both in capsule or powder forms.

Besides having to ingest their Kratom, they offer their patrons a chance to use it for their skincare products by selling kratom-infused artisan soaps, bath bombs, and salves. Quite some offer, right?

On their website, they state that the formula for creating their tinctures involves using 30% Ethanol to dissolve Kratom alkaloids. Now, when it comes to powders, check out the following varieties available in their collection:

  • Gold Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • MO Remix
  • Red Bent
  • Red Sandal
  • Stem and vein
  • White Borneo
  • White Sandal

Besides the strains on sale, Magnum Opus Botanicals offers customers a chance to sample their products using the sample pack. The sample pack is a combination of different strains. We always advise newbies to try out samples before indulging in Kratom powder and capsules full-time. 

What are the Prices Like? 

Being a top-rated kratom brand, we have reason to believe that the pricing structure is somewhat over the top. Check this out:

  • They charge $35 for one gram of the Pure Kratom Alkaloid Extract.
  • An ounce of the liquid Kratom extracts is sold for $39. 
  • The price range for the Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da begins from $14 to $39 for 10 percent to 30 percent content. 
  • They sell 5g of the 10 percent powder at $19.50 while the 30 percent of the same quantity goes for $52.50.
  • Anyone interested in their skincare products must pay $25 for one ounce of the infused skin salve, $3 for a 2-ounce ball of bath bombs, and $8 for their soaps.

That’s about it when it comes to how they price their goods. But since you’re getting excellent stuff according to customer opinions, it could be worth your while.

When it comes to payments, we think they are quite flexible as you can pay via various methods. This vendor accepts payments made using:

  • Money order
  • Cash on delivery
  • Check
  • LLC accepts cash

Magnum Opus Botanicals Coupon Codes

Some buyers desire to patronize this vendor but find it quite challenging because of the cost of their products. If that describes your situation, there could be a way out for you. Besides the normal discounts you enjoy from placing bulk orders, this company allows customers to take part in a loyalty program where every interaction and transaction gives them points. You can then spend these points on redeeming your favorite products. 

When you spend one dollar, you earn one point. After the accumulation of the points earned, customers can use them to make purchases in the future. 

They also give bonuses for referrals. Yes, another way to earn points is by referring your friends to their website. Every friend who buys from them gets you extra points. There is also an extra point to be won on birthdays. 

How do they ship out orders?

Magnum Opus does not charge shipping fees but they do something different. This vendor does charge processing fees and that’s a bit unusual as we don’t get to see it happen so often. The processing fees are meant to cover the packaging of the ordered items. This seems to nullify the need to charge shipping fees.

Wait! Do they conduct Lab Tests on their Kratom?

Magnum Opus Botanicals does not just claim to sell quality kratom. They provide evidence to that effect. All their Kratom strains are displayed for sale only after they have undergone the necessary lab tests. Their lab tests are not shrouded in secrecy; instead, they share them on their website to prove the safety and purity of their Kratom.

Magnum Opus Reputation – Why They’ve Become a Household Brand

The prices of this vendor’s products seem to be on the high side, quite far from the reach of the average buyer. Still, they maintain a good reputation in the industry. Their commitment towards being a trustworthy vendor is evident in how they dispense information to their buyers, ensuring that people are fully aware of the choices they’re making.

Besides transparency, their popularity is largely associated with the high-quality kratom strains and varieties that they sell. This company shares the formulations of their kratom strains to ensure that you are aware of the potency of whatever variant of Kratom you decide to use.

What should customers expect while dealing with Magnus Opus?

As a stellar vendor, this brand also ensures that consumer grievances are properly attended to. The customer service agents are always on the ground to make complaints and suggestions or provide extra information to their clients. 

They provide two separate email addresses for their clients to reach them for either sales or support. There is also a contact form available for those who want a faster response. You’ll also find a shared Facebook link on the website taking the customer to their social media page. Wholesale and bulk buyers have an exclusive section of the website themselves to ensure that their issues get resolved quickly.

Rounding Up

Magnum Opus Botanicals is that vendor that you’ve probably always dreamed of. The kind of seller that supplies potent Kratom while being dedicated to providing you with a stellar experience. Knowing how transparent they are with their products is just another reason to patronize them. 

Although their prices seem to be quite steep, if you can afford it, then there should be nothing stopping you from buying potent kratom from this vendor.

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