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Major Kratom Review | Products, Quality & Services

Who is Major Kratom?

Major Kratom is among the most legit kratom vendors in the US. They started selling mitragyna speciosa in 2010. They were initially located in Vermont, but they later relocated after receiving a message that the state would ban selling, possession, and use of kratom products. Since then, Major Kratom has not disclosed where they relocated to. On their website, Major Kratom indicates that they were nominated for the best Kratom by a connoisseur in 2011.

Products Offered at Major Kratom

Major Kratom offers a variety of products and other unique kratom strains. Things become more apparent when you realize most of their labels in their products do not match their descriptions. However, they have new products added to the list regularly, indicating that they are still in service.

Major Kratom sells over 30 products, and most of them are in powder form. These products include green Thai, Hongkong Green, premium green, majors Maeng Da, Red Bang Baru, Red Horn, Red Borneo, etc.

Cost of Kratom at Major Kratom

Major Kratom sells plenty of varieties of kratom strains and blends. Most of their products cost $ 8.99 to $11.99 for a 25g package. Higher quantities such as 250g retail at 83.99. They also pack 400g, which is known not to have high demand, mostly out of stock. Their prices are generally low; that why some people have doubted their quality and credibility.

Major Kratom Quality

Determining the legitimate sources of the kratom strain of Major Kratom can be challenging. Their website states that most of their strains are grown and harvested from the richest soils and have a high alkaloid concentration. It seems quite contracting since their packaging does not give much confidence to consumers willing to do business with Major Kratom.

They also do not make claims about their products’ quality and do not indicate whether their Kratom has undergone thorough tests. And the last thing any consumer wants is to ingest Kratom that does not indicate that it is 100% pure and indicate its source.

What Has Made Major Kratom Thrive in a Competitive Kratom Market?

Affordable Prices

Major Kratom offers high-quality Kratom at affordable prices. If you compare Major Kratom and other online vendors, you realize that their prices are meager. Their kratom products’ affordability is one of the significant factors that have kept them in business for more than a decade. However, some critique has been criticizing their high quantity kratom and low prices. They claim that Kratom that has undergone all the safety procedures should cost more.

Quick Delivery

You do not want to wait for weeks waiting for your Kratom after order. Major Kratom offers fast and reliable delivery; that is, you can get your Kratom the same day you place your order. If you buy your Kratom on holiday, you will need to wait until the next working day to have it delivered. However, you should be ready to experience some delays since some are inventible, but it should not prolong so much. The good thing is that even after a little delay; your Kratom will not be spoilt since it is packed in airtight containers.

They also offer free shipping within the locality, and you can receive your order the same day, especially if you did not order during the holiday. This is the main factor that contributed to significant Kratom being nominated among the best kratom vendors. They also have international delivery services for consumers buying from outside the US.

Excellent Sales Team

When you send an email or make a phone call at Major Kratom, you are assured of instant answers. The sales team understands and values the needs of all the consumers. If you buy something that is not available, you get a 100% refund. Also, if you are not satisfied with the services, you can give them a chance to better their services or take your money back; such liberty makes it easy to buy from significant Kratom.

As a consumer, you are allowed to share with the team your views through their email. If you are not comfortable sending emails, you can use live chats on the website. You should not be worried about rudeness and bullying since the team is professional and competent.

In case you need any clarification, their customer service is speedy and will answer in a friendly way. Their staff is much concerned about maintaining a good brand reputation by providing feedback and answering your queries on various issues.

They are very convenient.

Once you visit the website, it is easy to load and access without wasting time and MBS. The website has high-quality images which does not take much time to load. You will access the site easily, and allows you to move from one step to another.

Have a Well-organized Website

When buying Kratom online, you need to know everything concerning their product. You cannot order something you are not sure of its source, quality, and prices. Such information can only be accessed from the vendor’s website. Their website is well organized and managed. Through it, you will get information about the available products and anything about the strain. With all this information available, you can make informed decisions. The website is also interactive, such that you can be linked to placing your order in the portal. Feedback is also allowed on the website.

Offer High-quality Kratom

The quality and purity of Kratom is every consumer’s concern. Major Kratom has proven to have the ability to provide high-quality Kratom in ideal conditions. They sell Kratom harvested from the most fertile regions, which portrays a high concentration of essential alkaloids. If you visit their website, you will get all the necessary information concerning various kratom strains available in the store. You will be told the origin of the strain, the procession process, and the kratom price. Many consumers who have purchased from major Kratom have given pleasant feedback about Kratom services and Kratom quality.

Offer A Wide Variety of Kratom Strains

Major Kratom stocks different strains of Kratom that you can choose. If you do not find your strain of interest from the store, it means you may not find the strain easily. In terms of variety, Major Kratom is among the best stocking vendor. This is one of the significant advantages of shopping at significant Kratom over other vendors. Here you can get all strains in both powder and capsules to form.

Proper Product Description

Every product sold by Major Kratom has a detailed description just after their photos. The product description is a complete buyer guide that enables the consumer to understand their product. The description involves the origin of the product, its alkaloid content, dosage, and the ideal persons to use it. It also involves a necessary warning to the consumers to ensure they make an informed decision.

How to Order Kratom from Major Kratom

If you decided to buy from Major Kratom, you would do so in straightforward steps. Major Kratom has many communication channels. You can order your Kratom by visiting their website and ordering from there. You can simply access the website by searching for to access the website. You will be required to fill the purchase form and make the necessary payments. There is a live chat option on the website that you can use to follow up on your order’s progress.

You can also use their email, or make a direct call through 1 802 988 0506. With these contacts, you can order your Kratom or ask any question concerning their services. Alternatively, if you reside in Lebanon, you can visit their store located in West Lebanon. You will always respond, especially if you contact them within their regular working hours from 9 am to 5 pm.

Unique Products at Major Kratom

Major Kratom seems to understand the exact needs of its customers. They tend to offer services that will keep the consumers coming back for more.

Black Category

The black label category is one of the primary premium kratom offered by Major Kratom. It is not a standard product in the market. That way, you find it more expensive than other products. All the products in this give strong and unique results to the consumers.

Big Bags Kratom

This category gives the consumer advantage of volume. It is sold in a 400g packet on wholesale price, which is cheaper than retail sales.

Most Features Category

Most features category involves the most recent products in stock. These products are made using rip kratom leaves and then are blended by experts to give a high-quality powder.

Sale Category

This category is made of products on sale. This is the most preferred by consumers since they get high-quality Kratom at a low cost.

Green vein

All products under the green vein category are made from green-veined kratom leaves. They are known for their ability to blend and bring about balanced results. They are moderately potent, and many people do not like strains that are very strong or very weak.

Spec B Category

This is the most fantastic category provided by Major Kratom, which has enabled the brand to rank among other vendors. This product includes a combination of all kratom strains. They are considered to be the most potent products in the market.

Major Kratom, for over a decade, has been known for providing high-quality Kratom. However, there are so many grey areas concerning the current status of the vendor. Initially, they regularly update their website, but lately, they have not been so active.

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