Matrix Kratom Review

Matrix Kratom Review: The Headshop Brand From Las Vegas

If you’re buying Kratom powder from headshops, then you must know that you are putting your health at risk. Head shops offer a plethora of products like Kratom powder, cannabidiol, etc., and a wide range of different accessories. In general, they have no specialty and are not really big on quality.

Did you hear about Matrix Kratom recently? Are you trying to find more information about them? It’s even more difficult because they lack an official website, mostly selling their products to customers via different headshops. 

Are you contemplating buying products from Matrix Kratom? If you are, then this review will give you actionable information to help you make a buying decision.

Matrix Kratom’s State of Affairs

From what we know, Matrix Kratom was created by a not-so-popular brand based out of Las Vegas. They are mostly a Headshop brand and lack sufficient information online to help customers know who they are.

As always, we advise Kratomites to consider buying their supplies from online vendors. That’s because such stores have a high level of accountability, with most offering a satisfaction guarantee and refund policy. This is unlike what you get at headshops and gas stations. 

Many consumers have spoken up about this and you will find their complaints about this brand on review sites. Yet, you could also come across some buyers who use products from Matrix Kratom on a regular. So it can be quite tricky to tell if they should be trusted to deliver quality. 

Matrix Kratom Product Line-Up

When compared to the more popular Kratom sellers online, the product lineup of Matrix Kratom isn’t broad. They only sell a few strains, including Green Vein, White Vein, and Red Vein Thai Kratom powder. These strains are available in 20g, 50g, and 200g quantities.

You’ll also find the same strains available in Kratom capsules and sold as 20ct and 50ct packs. For this category, they added an extra strain known as Maeng Da. 

But it doesn’t end here as Matrix Kratom also sells Red Vein Liquid Tincture. 

What Are Their Prices Like?

If you’re looking for the market price, you won’t find any. That’s because Matrix Kratom isn’t a standard seller but just a headshop brand. So the prices differ based on what vendor you are buying from. However, expect to pay $10 for the 20-gram pack, $16 for the 50-gram pack, and $60 for the 200-gram pack. 

When it comes to Kratom capsules, you’ll have to pay around $8 for the 20ct pack and $16 for the 50ct pack. But that’s not all, as Matrix Kratom’s Red Vein Liquid Tincture (7ml) should cost you around $18.

Keep in mind that the above prices are just the average and should give you an idea of what to expect. There’s little research to prove that their products are as powerful as they claim. But since you are paying ridiculously cheap prices, it’s best to not expect so much from their Kratom in terms of potency. 

When it comes to coupon codes and discounts, it’s difficult to find one in a headshop. That’s because this brand doesn’t have an online presence that could make it easier to source for their promotional offers. So it’s all about what vendor you buy from. If you want to try their Kratom, look for a headshop that has the best price.

What Do Customers Think About Matrix Kratom?

From our knowledge, the public opinion of Matrix Kratom tends to fluctuate. But one trend we noticed is that most buyers refer to their Kratom as gas station quality. That’s to say it falls way below the standard of authentic Kratom powder. Some customers have also spoken out about not feeling the desired effects that they wished for.

But that doesn’t mean everyone thinks badly of this brand. Some buyers feel that Matrix Kratom does a good job even if it doesn’t measure up to the biggest brands in the industry. 

We, however, found a thread where some previous buyers discussed their experiences and opinions concerning products from this seller. One buyer wanted to know how all that felt after using their Kratom. He said he had already gotten 12 capsules combined of Red and Green Vein Thai. The replies he got from other buyers showed that Matrix Kratom delivered disappointing results and left much to be desired.

Customer Support

As earlier mentioned, you can only get your hands on the product if you visit head shops and gas stations. Getting adequate communication and customer assistance from such places can be very difficult. And there’s no way to get in touch with the brand directly because they don’t have an official online store or social media handle. It may only be possible to call out the brand if you encounter very serious issues that can only be resolved by filing a lawsuit. Other than that, it’s next to impossible to try to get a hold of these guys.

The Bottom Line

First things first, we will never advise you to buy Kratom from gas stations or headshops. That’s because such places are notorious for selling very low-quality products. You also won’t have access to excellent customer support and there’s no satisfaction guarantee. With these shops unable to vouch for their products or account for the true source of their Kratom, using their stuff puts your health at risk.

From our review and findings, Matrix Kratom is simply a shady brand. If you decide to buy their products, lower your expectations. Just see it as a game of chance because you get to pay ridiculously low prices for Kratom that you can’t verify. It could all turn out well or quickly go south. 

As of now, we haven’t seen or heard of any incidents involving customers experiencing serious side effects. What we know is that many buyers have complained about their expectations not being met. But should you find the low prices attractive enough to make you indulge, then you can try it out.

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