Miracle Kratom Review

Miracle Kratom Review 2021 – Best Read For New Buyers

Most people see Kratom as a miracle herb and that’s not surprising as users report peace of mind and bodily improvements while using it. Many today are now turning to kratom vendors like Miracle Kratom for their regular supply of this ethnobotanical.

However, not all Kratom will give you the desired experience, especially if you’re using powder gotten from unreliable vendors. That’s why it is important to choose vendors that give you excellent service and provide high-quality Kratom.

If you’ve heard about Miracle Kratom, then you’re probably trying to find out all you can about them. So this guide will be reviewing this vendor that promises to give the best Kratom distributing service for users. Let’s see if they truly are worth a trial.

About Miracle Kratom

Miracle Kratom is an online kratom vendor that also has a physical walk-in store. They are located in Columbus, Ohio, and happen to be a popular vendor around the area. This company also has another branch in Kentucky.

Users love to shop in their local store both for convenience and affordability. Asides from being popular within their locality, their online store is also accessible and brings you a step closer to getting high-quality Kratom. Since its debut, this company has drawn a lot of customers to themselves. The notion that their kratom is sourced through ethical means so it maintains its organic nature and high quality draws customers to the vendor.

Miracle Kratom Products

Miracle Kratom may erroneously be lumped together with other smoke shops, seeing as they have walk-in stores. But they’re way different from smoke shops because they sell high-quality, reasonably-priced Kratom.

Also, the company is totally focused on Kratom varieties. Asides from sourcing and selling kratom, this vendor has played a major role in the growth of the kratom industry in the US because they’re frequent donors to the American Kratom Association (AKA).

Back to their products. Miracle Kratom has a wide range of Kratom powder types. Their stores have over 40 Kratom strains available. Their popular strains include Bentuangie kratom, Green Jong Kong Kratom, Red Horn kratom, and White Thai.

Bentuangie Kratom

Bentuangie Kratom is sought by most users for its aroma. People are drawn to it because the scent is potent. It’s also good for making incense and delivers a calming effect. According to users, It can be used when drinking your favorite tea and also can help you relieve stress in a warm bath.

Green Jongkong Kratom

There isn’t much to be said about the effects of this strain but customers have experienced some interesting outcomes while using it. Some users of the strain regard it as a good mood booster and a strain you can use if you’re going through a bad day. Some also mention that it could even enhance cognitive abilities. This is to say they believe users will have an active and productive brain from using this strain.

This could be potentially useful when you’re trying to brainstorm. And there are claims of it being a great relaxant. Although this is not the feeling most people get from using it, you could be lucky to experience the relaxation it brings.

Red Horn

Another name for this strain of Kratom is “tri Horned” or “Spiked Leaf”. This name comes from the way the tips are jagged like that of Maeng Da kratom. But the lower part of the Red Horn leaf looks a little like the Red Vein strain.

Red Horn has been admired by most because of claims of it being a pain reliever. Many people who use alternative medicine swear that the Red Borneo probably does it better but that Red Horn can also provide the same experience. This is especially when trying to prevent increased tolerance to the strain you normally use. Some others who have ditched the Red Borneo for the Red Horn say it works better. Red Horn is also said to be beneficial for people with mild depression and a low mood.

White Vein Thai

This strain of Kratom is known by kratom users for the alkaloids it contains. These alkaloids are said to provide energy and little euphoria. White Vein Thai is also said to be the most stimulating white strain of all-white kratom strains. But then users say it does not have as many pain-relieving properties as the reds.

In a nutshell…

You’ll likely see every kind of Kratom strain you’re looking for in the Miracle Kratom store. This company is so transparent that their site does not carry shady reviews as most new vendors do. There are a lot of real testimonials about their kratom powder from customers on their Facebook page.

This company asserts that all their Kratom strains have undergone testing for purity and contaminants. However, they would have been better off showing the analysis of their products as it is difficult to believe such claims without evidence.

Miracle Kratom Prices and Payment Options

Some new vendors love to rip their customers apart with high prices. However, Miracle Kratom sells kratom powder within a fair price range. For instance, in their store, $8 gets you 1 oz worth of Red Indo Kratom, and $160 can get you an entire kilogram. Their pricing system is one more reason why they should not be likened to the average smoke shop. That’s because they don’t sell at exorbitant rates as regular smoke shops do. Both newbies and experienced Kratom users can easily have this seller on their list of top Kratom vendors, considering their prices and quality.

What about Miracle Kratom Coupon Codes?

Currently, this vendor does not have any available online discount codes. However, you would probably not even feel the need for the extra incentive judging by how affordably-priced their products are.

What about Payment Options?

All buyers can pay for their shipment through a Debit card or credit card and this is very much convenient.

Shipping and Delivery

Miracle Kratom ships all orders through USPS priority mail. But keep in mind that, during checkout, the customer is required to pay $7.50. One great thing about their deliveries is that your packages are designed to be discreet. The details on the box and the return address will not expose the contents inside the box. Every order placed with the company gets processed for delivery between 24 to 48 hours after placement. Customers also get a tracking number to follow up on their package.

Many vendors do not accept special customer requests like shipping to a PO box but you can do all of that with Miracle Kratom. However, there is no mention on the site of whether customers who buy in bulk get to have their orders shipped for free. If you have any inquiries about their wholesale benefits, you’ll need to message them.

Just like other vendors, miracle Kratom is limited to certain states. While orders are processed almost immediately after validation, expect to receive them between Mondays to Fridays. Orders that come during the weekend will have to wait until Monday before it gets attended to.

The tracking number sent to customers helps to ensure that they can contact USPS to get their packages. USPS bears the burden of all losses or damages that might occur during delivery.

Customer Service and Support

Because Miracle Kratom is not the sole Kratom shop in Columbus, customers within the area often compare them with their competitors. One such competitor is Releaf Kratom. But Miracle Kratom fares better because of their great customer service, as well as the general high quality of their kratom.

Customers get professional answers to their problems or inquiries. Miracle Kratom also shows gratitude to their customers, especially those that buy in bulk. The more you buy when ordering a shipment, the lower you get to pay. So take your chance and get in touch via their contact info to request a customized quote if you’re making large orders.

This vendor also offers customers the opportunity to make donations to the American Kratom Association (AKA). They ensure that every donation is sent appropriately and have been transparent in that regard. From what we know, their customers are always proud of their services because they’re almost always accessible. You can reach the customer service between 11 AM and 7 PM while local customers can make queries at their walk-in stores. Unlike other vendors, their customer staff works on weekends too. On Saturdays, they are available from 11 AM to 6 PM and on Sundays from 11 AM to 4 PM.

Reach them via their email address or call the contact number provided on their website. You can even choose to use the “Contact Us” section by filling the provided form to which you should get a reply within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews – What Are Other Buyers Saying About Them?

This Kratom vendor seems to be on the lips of quite a lot of users who are impressed by the varieties of strains offered and the affordable prices.

One customer said in a review that after finding out about Miracle Kratom three years back, he’s realized that they have the best varieties he’s ever seen and that their customer service is top-notch.

Another customer mentioned that their staff has been excellent and passionate about treating the customers right. This user went on to reiterate that they are the real deal.

What We Like About Miracle Kratom

One important factor to consider before choosing a vendor is quality. A good Kratom vendor that has a close relationship with local farmers always has access to fresh Kratom powder. Miracle Kratom connects to the farmers that supply their batches from Indonesia. According to claims, they’ve physically accessed their farms to determine if their products pass through ethical processes as well.

This vendor seems passionate about maintaining relationships with reliable farmers to ensure they have access to and sell only top-quality Kratom. Miracle Kratom also carries out all the necessary techniques and methods that are required to be able to provide authentic and pure Kratom.

In all, when you choose miracle Kratom, be sure of getting quality stuff from a company that ensures that its farmers follow strict processes. Also, unlike other local shops and head shops, Miracle Kratom is consistent with its choice of suppliers and prioritizes customer satisfaction over saving costs.

Repeat buyers at miracle Kratom get mind-blowing deals from time to time too and are even treated to giveaways. This vendor also has a reputation for its amazing customer service that you can verify from Google reviews. We also like the fact that they allow buyers of bulk products to beat down the price of the product and get it for less.

Any Possible Downsides?

Although Miracle Kratom is known for its variety of kratom strains which can be gotten at affordable prices, there are still some reservations about the vendor.

First, this vendor only stocks Kratom powders. There is no other kind of Kratom variety available. This means customers who prefer capsules or other variants may not be able to make purchases from them. Also, despite their prices being described as fair, you’ll still find vendors with cheaper prices. But then fair is relative, right?

Another thing that Miracle Kratom may have to work on is to display their lab test results. Despite claims of their Kratom being pure and free from contamination, it will give their customers more peace of mind to see evidence of that displayed on their website.

Should You Patronize Miracle Kratom?

Since many people have good reviews about Miracle Kratom, it’s okay to patronize them as your alternative vendor. But then, some people have chosen them as their number one kratom vendor and that is perfectly fine.

While they really need to be clear on the lab results of their Kratom and also explain if their strains are in line with GMP regulations, remaining consistent with their product offering and service style will help them ride the waves to fame in the kratom industry.

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