Mitragaia Kratom Vendor Review

MitraGaia Kratom Vendor Review 2021

Over the years, Kratom has continued to gain popularity. It was first used in Asia for many generations but now is widely used across America and all over the world.

Kratom consists of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine plus numerous other compounds. It tends to affect the body in certain ways that users find desirable. It can also improve your mood and boost your energy.

These and many more are the reasons why consumers keep seeking the services of Kratom Vendors. MitraGaia is one such online kratom vendor that has become renowned in the industry. So let’s get to know them and see what kind of reputation they have.

An Overview of MitraGaia

Previously, MitraGaia was recognized as Gaia Kratom. Then, it was a small company that dealt with the distribution and marketing of Kratom. As time went by, the company soon began to expand, thanks to the partnership they formed with consumers, local farmers, and patrons.

They went into business with different farmers from all over Indonesia. This collaboration with local cultivators enabled them to have access to sustainable sources of Kratom. The company is well recognized for its strict adherence to production, testing, and shipping standards.

Here at MitraGaia, you get the opportunity to buy Kratom powder according to your requirements and desires. Various high-quality kratom strains are available at very affordable prices. MitraGaia has been a member of AHPA for many years and also a member of the American Kratom Association with GMP certification.

There are lots of reasons that consumers patronize MitraGaia over and over again. Most of these reasons have been mentioned above. Also, this vendor offers a large variety of products. They make every need of the consumer accessible. Whatever you want, you’ll most likely find it there at MitraGaia.

Besides, this vendor makes sure that its products undergo a series of tests to eliminate every substance that might be detrimental to the health of a consumer. Once the product has been tested and certified to be okay, it is then sent to the store.

Kratom Strains Available at MitraGaia

With so many strains of Kratom available on the market, you must do some proper research before deciding what strain would work for you. Choosing the kratom strain shouldn’t be a quick and shabby process. Some of these products may produce different results, depending on the chemistry of the consumer. So you need to be careful and always study product specifications before use. Some of the popular strains of Kratom available at MitraGaia include:

Bali Kratom

It is said that Bali is ideal for boosting energy and may help to manage pain. It works slightly differently than every other known traditional kratom. So if you’re looking for some extra energy to do work, this strain can help.

Maeng Da Kratom

This strain is popular for its versatility. It has similar characteristics to Bali and comes with some extras. Because it has a unique alkaloid combination, it is known to be energizing. Users also believe that it has some pain-relieving properties.


Kali is capable of causing you to feel drowsy. And that’s why the consumers of this strain are particularly interested in its relaxing qualities. According to reviews and testimonials, it has more classic red strain effects when compared to Bali and other red strains.

White Vein Thai

Of all other strains of Kratom, White Vein Thai is probably the most stimulating. However, it may have lesser pain-relieving qualities. For consumers looking for stimulation, this strain is still a good one.

Malaysian Kratom

Super Green Malaysian (SGM) uniquely combines potential pain-relieving properties with euphoria enhancement. It is highly concentrated in alkaloids and therefore may have a very long-lasting effect.

Indo Kratom

This is a milder strain. If you are looking for mild pain relief or something to help you relax a little, then Indo is the strain for you. In green Indo, a mixture of various alkaloids can cause a longer-lasting milder effect. This mixture is however not as concentrated as in SGM.

MitraGaia’s Kratom Pricing – Are They Expensive?

Compared to other vendors in the industry such as SaveOnKratom, MitraGaia kratom varieties are relatively more affordable. With SaveOnKratom, you can obtain 1oz of Kratom for $9.49. But with MitraGaia, 1oz of kratom is sold for $5.00.

Also, MitraGaia allows you to save more when you buy bulk kratom powder. For instance, If you order for 1 kilo, rather than paying $120, you get to pay just $75. Packs for sampling are also available at MitraGaia.

Kratom powders are always more affordable than capsules. You can get a kilo of Kratom capsules for $150. The same price goes for a 2000-ct pack as well. Remember, these capsules never come in small packs so you might not have the option of testing it out even if you want to.

There are also various opportunities for obtaining discounts. For instance, the MitraGaia Rewards program offers you up to 5% savings on each complete order.

MitraGaia’s Payment Options and Customer Service

MitraGaia has made available various strains of kratom for its consumers. In this same way, they have also made available a range of payment options to ensure convenience. Payments for Kratom purchased can be made using a platinum credit card or any other major credit card. Consumers can also make payments through the use of digital currency.

Another method is also acceptable for users to make payments in crypto. The good news is that paying with coins will perk the client with up to a 20% discount. The Token system is also an acceptable means of payment.

MitraGaia is very aware of the fact that for a vendor to succeed, it needs a large number of customers. To acquire and maintain this large number of clients, they have learned to prioritize the needs of the customers by giving them first-class treatment.

Their staff offers help and guidance in every matter relating to purchase. They patiently tend to your questions and give useful advice to consumers who have a hard time trying to make a choice. MitraGaia’s team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the field. Another added advantage is that customer support is almost always available with a quick response.

MitraGaia’s Shipping and Refund Policy

The shipping prices here are very affordable. If you purchase bulk kratom, you get them shipped for free. At MitraGaia, delivery is always fast and precise. Goods may be sent out on the same day an order was made or the next day. It all depends on when the customer makes their order.

Also, they ensure that goods arrive at the right place and time by using a meticulous sorting process. According to reviews from various consumers, MitraGaia is one of the fastest companies when it comes to delivering orders. They send kratom shipments via USPS.

The company offers a one-month refund policy for its customers. This means that if you buy a pack of Kratom and later decide against using that product, you are free to return it within one month of purchase. However, you may not be able to return the product if it exceeds one month of purchase.

Gaia Kratom Coupons, Deals, and Discounts

In addition to affordable prices, Gaia kratom also offers impressive discounts and deals. Making purchases with cryptocurrencies will place you at an advantage of 20% discount for each product.

Buying from MitraGaia will also earn you focus points. These focus points can accumulate over time and be converted into cash. This cash can be used to make more purchases or withdrawn at a specified time.

Things To Consider Before Buying Kratom From MitraGaia

Before buying Kratom from MitraGaia or any other Vendor, there are certain factors you must consider. These considerations will enable you to make informed decisions.

1. Customer Feedback

Experience is indeed the best teacher but we don’t have to experience everything before we learn, right? This is why sourcing for customer reviews is one of the first steps to take whenever you want to try out a kratom vendor. This way, you learn all you need to know even without experiencing them first hand.

So before purchasing any Kratom product from MitraGaia or any other kratom vendor for that matter, visit a review site. Hear what other consumers have to say. If they say good things about the vendor, then it means it’s okay for you to buy.

2. Consider Wholesale/Bulk purchasing

Some vendors such as MitraGaia offer free shipping for bulk purchases. Some even sell at discounted prices if you buy large quantities. If other members of your family or your friends are regular consumers of Kratom, consider making wholesale purchases. This way, you pay less and get more benefits.

3. Look for the Vendor License

Is the vendor you are trying to patronize qualified to be in this business? This is one vital question you must have at the back of your mind. Seeing a company’s license is always a reliable way of determining if a vendor is trustworthy or not. Make purchases only from companies that have been accredited.

4. Be cautious of quality and pricing

Just because a vendor is accredited doesn’t mean they will sell quality products. Sometimes, companies cut down their prices very low to get rid of old or inferior products. So if the price tags on any website are too good to be true, then it probably is. Since it’s normal for you to be enticed at very cheap prices, you shouldn’t go for extremely cheap products. Go for quality first…

5. Find a Vendor that stocks a wide range of Kratom strains

There are many Kratom online vendors around. One way of deciding the credibility of a vendor is to check if it has various strains in its store. When a store is always equipped with various strains, it is a clear indication that the vendor is knowledgeable. You will always get what you want in such stores.

6. Do not go against the law

Although Kratom has not been included under the list of controlled substances, it is still controversial. This is why different countries and states have different laws regarding it. Make sure you are aware of what the law in your state has to say about Kratom before purchasing it.

Final Thoughts About MitraGaia

Having seen all the benefits of MitraGaia, including affordability and availability of variety, you wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that it is worth buying from this vendor. Additionally, they offer juicy discounts and deals. So if you are looking for a company to purchase Kratom products, you should try out MitraGaia.

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