Mood and Mind Review

Mood and Mind Kratom Review – What You Need To Know

If you’re planning to buy kratom powder from Mood and Mind Kratom, you’re not alone and this review should help you. Nowadays, more people are turning away from synthetic pills. That’s because they are on a search for natural solutions to their health issues. As it appears, the reason for the search is probably because they have realized that the excessive intake of synthetic drugs is a whole different problem on its own.

Unlike synthetic drugs, the use of natural herbs seems to have little to no downsides. No matter how much you use it, organic substance intake doesn’t promote an accumulation of harmful toxins in the body. Although many controversies exist concerning the sale and distribution of Kratom, the industry has continued to grow bigger and many are on the lookout for reliable vendors.

The use of Kratom is particularly common among Americans who claim that it has various medicinal and psychological benefits. In this review, we are going to bring to your notice all that this reputable vendor, Mood and Mind Kratom, has to offer. So stick around and let’s dive in.

Mood and Mind Kratom: Who Are They?

This company was built on the simple ideology that for us to think well, feel good, and live a fulfilled life, nature has everything we need to achieve that. And as humans move towards a natural route to wellness, Mood and Mind is more than willing to help propel everyone through the journey.

Mood and Mind kratom was established in 2008 by two youngsters named Jen and Paul Sturgis. These two have been best friends since way back in college. When they decided to establish this company, it was based on the same love and excitement they shared.

Like every other small business, Mood and Mind started their business with very few resources and a dream to grow into a thriving business. Today, they have developed into what can be described as a huge success story. They operate from their headquarters in Pisgah National Forest, sourcing for and distributing Kratom products for customers all over the country.

Before any of those popular kratom strains became a part of Mood & Mind’s collection, Jen and Paul had great belief in them. The strains must have at one time or the other proven beneficial to them. So even before they set out to build their company, these two had been kratom lovers. And that is why they probably knew just what to invest in when the time came. For instance, for many years, they have been regular buyers of kratom powder from popular Kratom vendors, sourcing for the best products.

When they started their own company, Stevia powder was one of the products they invested in. During this time, they realized that every Stevia powder contains an amount of filler, it was impossible to find a pure Stevia brand. Before long, they achieved their dream of being amongst the first vendors to sell pure Stevia extract with zero fillers.

After twelve years in the business and Mood and Mind still maintains its position as a reputable manufacturer and distributor of natural herbs. According to consumers, the regular consumption of these herbs promotes human health both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Although this company also sells great organic varieties manufactured by other companies, a higher percentage of what they sell comes from their brand. These products are normally produced onsite at their manufacturing facility.

Did You Know?

Jen and Paul were previously employees in Disney Orlando at one time. It was at that time that they learned that great customer service is the soul of every business. So when they started their Kratom business, they decided it was a good idea to introduce the same customer-oriented model into their business.

They aimed to make Mood and Mind a fun place to shop at and make this online store every customer’s no. 1 choice and keep them coming back for more. So, customers can feel free to get in touch with them at any time.

Mood and Mind Organic Product Line

You’ll find as many as 50 different varieties of kratom in this store. There’s even the opportunity to combine up to 3 kratom strains. Basically, the store offers you kratom powder strains like Green Maeng Da, Golden Bali, Elephant Green, Red Borneo, Green Malay, Bali kratom, Dark Sumatran, and more.

There are also crushed leaves and kratom capsules available in a wide range of strains like Thai Enhanced, Green Malay, Bali kratom, Private Reserve Maeng Da, etc.

Over the years, this vendor has continually supplied its customers with a lot of special and exclusive blends. The special blends include Premium Maeng Da and Blue Lotus 50:1 Extract Powder which have become many customers’ favorites.

They also have Red Vein Super Grade Herb in stock. According to consumers, this product is one of the most amazing Kratom flavors available. Mood and Mind Tea is also making waves in the market. More interestingly, this tea is packaged in customizable gift sets. You can always choose any strain you desire and have it prepared exclusively for you.

Another product available on their website is the Mood and Mind Kava powder. According to consumers, this Kava Powder is highly restorative and they say it is one of those products that has a high rate of repeat buyers.

Another equally powerful product is Mood and Mind Kanna. Purchasing this will entitle you to a free Mood & Mind Blue Lotus sample.

Other products available at Mood and Mind include:

  • Maca Root powder
  • Yerba Mate
  • Chuchuhuasi
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules
  • Oregano Organic Essential Oil
  • Mushroom Magic Blend
  • Polygala Tenuifolia Extract Powder
  • Awake Caramel Chocolate Energy Bar
  • Cherry BO2MB Brain Boosting Energy Drink
  • Awake Milk Chocolate Energy Bar
  • Bliss Out Mood Enhancing Capsules
  • Sleepyhead Nighttime Capsules
  • Awake Dark Chocolate Energy Bar
  • Chaga Mushroom Powder
  • Tension Care Organic Liquid
  • Rhodiola Capsules
  • Fo-Ti Root Powder
  • Panax Ginseng Powder
  • Devil’s Claw Root
  • Happy Glow Cocoa with Blue Lotus Extract

What It Will Cost You

One of the most important reasons why this vendor continues to attract kratomites all over the country is because of their affordable prices. But keep in mind that the cost required usually depends on your choice of strain, variety, and format.

Expect to pay anywhere from $19.99 to $199.99 when you buy 30g-1Kg worth of kratom powder.

For an ounce of the crushed leaf, the price usually begins at $10.99. As the quantity rises, you’ll have to pay more and 8 ounces sells for around $81.95.

When it comes to capsules, there’s a $10.95-323.95 range for 1 ounce to 1 kilo worth of any strain.

You can also buy gift sets, mixed packs, and sample packages. But the prices usually begin at $16.95.

It will cost you only $2.98 to purchase 28 grams of Maca Root 4:1 Extract Powder. For the capsules, 30 counts of 500mg are sold for $12.95.

Just like with most other vendors, buying in bulk helps you to save costs and maximize profit. When you spend up to $200 or more, their special coupon code entitles you to a discount of $20.

Shipping Policy (International Shipments Included)

At Mood and Mind, you find that they offer same-day shipping. But this of course is specifically for all orders made before 3:30 PM EST. If your orders are made later than that time, expect to have your shipment sent out the next day. They work regular time from Mondays to Fridays and only for a few hours on Saturdays and Sundays if they have to.

This vendor offers shipping services both in the US and across the borders to almost anywhere in the world. Shipping could be via USPS and UPS which might also be through First-class Mail, Priority Mail, or Express Mail.

Note that orders shipped on Saturday may require a couple of extra days to arrive. Also, they do not offer shipping services on holidays like Christmas and New year. So if your order is made on such days, it will be processed the next working day once the holidays are over.

What about shipping delays?

Well, if for any illogical reason, the arrival of your shipment takes longer than expected, the company will refund every penny you paid to have your kratom powder or capsules shipped. However, this is only applicable to customers living in the United States.

Shipping fees for Express and Priority Mail options come at a flat-rate. Most orders are usually small enough to fit into a flat rate shipping container. But if the package is bulky (very unlikely), then the items will be divided and shipped separately using the most affordable shipping method available.

What about international shipments?

As earlier mentioned, Mood and Mind Kratom ships kratom powder internationally. But buyers who live outside the country need to keep in mind that shipping would normally take longer periods. Plus you have to deal with international rules and regulations, as well as Customs procedures and clearance before being granted access to your shipment.

Depending on the rules and regulations obtainable in every country, it may so happen that Customs destroys a package. In rare circumstances, they may have it sent back to the company. On such occasions, Mood and Mind will not be held liable for any losses nor will they be expected to pay for the return shipping fees.

If an international shipment does not arrive at its destination as at when due, it could also be that the package has been confiscated by the country’s Customs Service. If such an item eventually gets destroyed by the custom, Mood and Mind will neither pay for the damages nor replace them.

So customers should get fully orientated with the legal status of Kratom in their country of residence before buying kratom on this vendor’s website. If kratom is known to be banned in your country, it will not be shipped to your location.

Privacy and Security

This vendor is committed to ensuring that their customers’ privacy stays protected. As such, they employ very high levels of data security and they happen to be a verified PCI COMPLIANT by TRUSTWAVE. Trustwave is a tech company that specializes in monitoring and securing online payments.

Being PCI compliant means that Mood and Mind’s payment system is highly secured. In fact, it is in compliance with the industry’s high-security standards. Credit card details are encrypted and protected using a secure socket layer (SSL). SSL transfers a customer’s card details directly into the company’s bank vault card processor where it is kept until it is needed in the future.

Mind and Mood Kratom would never make a customer’s details accessible to the general public. Any information provided to the company remains with them and will be used only to make transactions more convenient for you.

How About Its Return Policy?

The Mood and Mind likes to attend to its customers in a professional manner, making sure that every customer is happy and satisfied. It will interest you to know that this vendor accepts returned items. So if for any reason, you are not satisfied with either the kratom shipment or service you receive, you are free to return the item and request a replacement or a refund. However, this is only applicable for unopened items.

Refunds or replacements will not be possible once you have opened or used part of the product. It will also not be possible if you have trashed the product instead of sending it back to the company for a thorough inspection. Should you need to return any item or package, always reach out to the company first to lay an official complaint.

Do We Recommend Mood and Mind Kratom?

From what we’ve seen, at Mood and Mind, customer satisfaction is always a top priority. They want all their customers to leave happy and remain eager to come back and buy more kratom powder varieties. Of course, that is the bedrock on which the company is built.

If you think this company does not meet your expectations in any way, you can always visit, send an email, or give them a call. Feel free to lay complaints and they will find every possible way to assist you.

With all that has been said about this vendor, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mood and Mind is one of the top-rated kratom vendors out there. They provide kratom strain for customers all over the world and have gained positive reviews from many buyers. The company also sells at reasonable prices, shipping both nationally and internationally. Feel free to check them out and order away.

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