Moon Kratom Review

Moon Kratom Review 2021

Locating the right vendor is crucial in making your kratom experience as enjoyable, safe, and effective as possible, especially in states or countries where it is profoundly regulated, and genuine vendors are hard to come by. Kratom is still a drug. A contaminated or poor-quality batch can always be unsafe to use, particularly if it has been secretly blended in something cheaper to add quantity. So You need to be careful in selecting the right kratom source.

Let’s learn more about Moon Kratom review.

What is Moon Kratom?

There is nothing astronomical about the Texas-based vendor, as the name suggests. Moon Kratom was set up in 2015 in Austin and has grown in popularity among most radical users. Some of them have highly criticized the vendor for under-pricing their products while others praise them for world-class Kratom.

The company’s website clarifies that it is their mission to provide the best customer experience and build trustworthy relationships.

In our review, we will look at both sides of the said coin, the Moon Kratom.

Moon Kratom Products

A Kratom vendor is only as good as the products on their list, and Moon Kratom excels in that department. Its product catalogue indeed features a reasonable array of specific Kratom products and varieties, but it’s not haphazardly flooded with different bundles and sub-types.

It is easier for customers to quickly browse through the entire stock displayed on the website pages. Unfortunately, their product images are not accompanied by product descriptions. New users might find this challenging.

Additionally, their products are sorted in various sizes, 500 grams, 200 grams, and 100-gram packets.

Moon Kratom Powders

The vendor brags of a rich collection of kratom powders are directly sourced from the Asian islands of Indonesia, Borneo, and Thailand. The powder strains include;

  • Yellow Thai
  • Maeng Da
  • White Borneo
  • Red Bali
  • Red Indonesian

Powders are essentially the primary form of consuming kratom as they can be taken in a variety of ways.

Moon Kratom Liquid Extract

As you might already know, extracts are more potent than powders hence more costly. However, with Moon Kratom’s long list of extracts, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here are some critical liquid extract kratom strains featured on their products list.

  • Green Indonesian extract
  • Maeng Da Extract
  • Yellow Indonesian Extracts

It’s also clear that Moon Kratom vendors focus on Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Green Indonesian as their most desired products. Still, it’s hard to rule out the general popularity of the products mentioned above. The vendor’s main selling point is that their Kratom is fresh and organic.

Authenticity of Moon Kratom’s Products

As earlier mentioned, the kratom market is full of counterfeit and contaminated kratom products from unlicensed producers and unverified vendors. This review checks three critical aspects of the industry to determine if Moon Kratom sells legit stuff.


Firstly, we look at their product’s origin and determine that their produce is sourced from South East Asia in partnership with registered kratom producers in the region. Southeast Asian countries of Borneo, Indonesia, and Vietnam are the leading producers of kratom as the plant naturally thrives in their subtropical climate and rich volcanic soils.

Native farmers cultivate the plant naturally free of inorganic farm chemicals such as fertilizers and herbicides.

Laboratory Tested

The company also has proof of laboratory results for each package they import. The report gives the chemical composition of the products indicating it is free of heavy metals and microbes, such as Salmonella, a topic of concern in the United States.

Contaminated kratom contains heavy metals such as mercury and lead, which are carcinogenic.

Customer Reviews

Moon Kratom has emerged as top kratom vendors for the time they’ve been around. Customers drawn from different parts of the world have given positive reviews about one of the greatest vendors of the rapidly growing product. That only goes further to show the authenticity of their supplies.

Prices At Moon Kratom

Kratom prices vary significantly from one vendor to another, and it has always been used as an indication of product legitimacy. Well, cheaper products are more likely to be contaminated or of low quality.

On the other hand, overpriced products scare away customers. Nonetheless, higher costs don’t always translate to better outcomes; it’s another scam technique to look out for in the Kratom market.

Moon Kratom vendors seem to have mastered this aspect of business as their prices are slightly lower than average, mainly due to the bulk packages they sell on their inventory. However, they offer a more comprehensive range of measurements for their liquid tinctures than is available for the powder hence a more comprehensive liquid kratom price range.

Perhaps a unique aspect of Moon Kratom’s price list is its constant price for all Kratom varieties. Many sites price various strains differently, but moon Kratom prices them equally, and in case of changes, they are minor.

An extract of 7 ml. cost only $7 while 100 grams of powder goes for $25 – $ 29, which might appear as conspicuously low.

With these lower prices, Moon Kratom manages to stay ahead of its competitors while maintaining the consumers’ trust that their quality is perfect.

Moon kratom Coupon Code

Lastly, Moon Kratom offers a discount coupon code, which can be found on their Facebook page. The coupon offer varies depending on the product on offer. Usually, it ranges between 10% to 20% off, which is a terrific rate, adding that their product prices are already low.

Online Shopping At Moon Kratom

Moon Kratom has a unique standard online system. However, the most outstanding feature is that the cart allows you to hold products for future purchases rather than emptying the cart on check-out. This is a perfect addition for those who easily forget the type of Kratom they are using or wanted to buy.

Additionally, navigating the site is straightforward, with all information available on the first page. The site’s design looks basic at first glance, but it delivers an exceptional user experience. They only have a single inbuilt pop-up ad that only advertises their products and the easy to access pages displaying their products.

The search bar reduces the hustle of browsing through products if you already know what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, the site has limited to no product description, just the product image, and the price. This might be difficult for new Kratom users who can’t differentiate between a red and green Kratom.

Moon Kratom Shipping

Many Kratom vendors offer free shipping services to entice new customers, but a reputable vendor of Moon Kratom’s caliber doesn’t need such enticements.

The company doesn’t have a flat rate shipping fee, but the fee depends on your location. This is great since you almost always pay less than what you would have paid were it a flat rate. However, it also means that larger orders will cost you more although the company tries to package your order in the smallest package possible.

Their orders are shipped on the day of purchase and take between 3 to 4 days to arrive, but it all depends on your location. Of course, if you are in Texas or it’s environs, it takes a shorter time.

Return Policy

Moon Kratom only allows the return of damaged and unopened products. If you damage the product yourself, you are not eligible to return it.

They charge a $4.5 return fee, which may vary depending on the situation. The company terms opened products as unsafe and cannot accept a return of the same.

Pros and Cons of Moon Kratom Vendor


  • Responsive site: The vendor’s site is easy to use and pages load product images and descriptions fast.
  • Quality approved products: Moon Kratom provides lab results for each of the product on their website
  • Affordable prices: Nothing beats quality approved products at affordable prices. Moon Kratom is a real jackpot.
  • Fast and reliable shipping: Same day shipping and two-day deliveries are some of the top features of moon kratom
  • Clear purchase process: There is no second-guessing as the whole shopping process is laid out on the website home page.


  • Unverified site: Despite being classy and responsive, the site is still not verified by the DEA and FDA.
  • Adjustable shipping rates: There is no flat rate shipping as seen in most other vendors. Moon Kratom fee is adjusted depending on the cargo size.
  • Products lack product descriptions: The website has cool images that lack descriptions. This might be a challenge for someone who is not familiar with the products.


Moon Kratom is a legitimate vendor in every way except some of its site’s features, mainly the accounting system, reviews section, and product descriptions. Other than that, opinions are generally good.

They seem to have a good reputation online, with only a few negative reviews from different users who’ve struggled to get the desired effects from some of their purchases and Kratom varieties.

Overall, they seem like a perfect online Kratom store, although you should confirm and know what alternatives are before you make a decision. If you’re entirely green to using Kratom, you should know which types are the best for you since certain strains are more longer-lasting and influential than others.

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