OPMS Kratom Silver Review

OPMS Kratom Silver Review: Who Really Is This Kratom Vendor?

There are two main categories of products associated with Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. Also referred to as OPMS, this company mainly stocks Kratom Gold and Kratom Silver.

They mention that their Silver range is a 1x extract which may not be so great for people who consume Mitragyna speciosa very often. However, before we discuss the qualities of the Kratom Silver, let us digress briefly into the basics and get you up to speed with OPMS kratom Silver.

What OPMS represents

OPMS, short for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, is a popular brand that started operations in 2005. The company is a subsidiary of Choice Organics located in Los Angeles, California. Not only that, you can find the brand in every other state that allows legal Kratom use. This company deals with all kinds of herbal products but they specialize in Kratom.

You can make your purchase by visiting their website or checking them out at any health and wellness store around you. You’ll likely find them in your locality because they’re one of the vendors that operate locally. Their most popular kratom variants are OPMS Kratom Gold and OPMS Kratom Silver.

OPMS Kratom Silver

Contrary to what you may be thinking, OPMS Kratom Silver is not just one product but a range of products. There are different varieties under the product line and they have different strains, including:

  1. Maeng Da Silver
  2. Thai Silver
  3. Malay Silver

In addition to the variety, OPMS also makes their Kratom Silver products available to their customers both in powder and capsule form. They even say that they have tested all their batches in labs that are certified by the FDA. The vendor also states that their products comply with GMP requirements.

This strain of Kratom is available either in capsule form or as an alcohol solution. The process by which it is manufactured ensures that the plant yields three-quarters of alkaloids. Because of the process of extraction of this Kratom Silver, it is much more costly than regular Kratom. And you may be thinking it’s just an expensive product without any form of potency which is wrong.

It’s quite effective, but you will have to mind how you use it. Beginners will need to be careful and maintain lower but incremental usage. You don’t have to take many capsules unless you are already acquainted with Kratom capsules. Now let’s talk about the various kinds of Kratom Silver.

1. OPMS Kratom Silver Maeng Da

Many users also love this extract. It is grown from ancient grafting and, as a result, has an extremely high alkaloid content in comparison with other Kratom strains. It also boosts cognitive abilities and there’s no way you’re getting tired while using this strain. You can also use this strain if you need something euphoric to boost your spirits.

2. OPMS Kratom Silver Thai

This strain is highly effective. Users claim that they get a high energy boost and memory enhancement when they use this strain. In fact, they claim it improves the mood and this makes it a great option for users battling with depression. It is also known to be a great relaxant and can easily replace coffee. Consuming this strain can sort out all your energy needs for the day. Not only that, but your attention levels also get spiked. It increases cognitive abilities.

3. OPMS Silver Malay

This Silver strain is often recommended for rookies. The effects remain for about eight hours after use. Users who battle with anxiety and insomnia are known to benefit from using this strain. It reduces pain and causes an energy boost that lets you go about activities with ease. Who would even guess that people have also used it to manage diarrhea?

Comparing Extracts and Non Extracts

When it comes to this strain of Kratom, users are often in the battle of comparing to know which is better between extracts and non-extracts. Some say that extracts are more potent but that is not true because the alkaloid levels are supposed to be the same no matter the form the Kratom takes.

Kratom users often misinterpret the potency of certain strains due to the misinformation they get from overzealous vendors. The only time that two forms of a Kratom strain will have different potency levels is if one of them is enhanced with other substances. If any vendor touts any as being more effective than the other, then you may need to ditch such a vendor because there’s no way you can trust that their Kratom is of high-quality and pure.

What to Expect from the OPMS Kratom Silver

First things first, don’t just go and purchase the Silver Kratom without understanding that it is stronger than the usual Kratom strains. This means that it has stronger effects on the body. The composition is a mix of ordinary leaves and some extract.

Users of the OPMS Silver admit that they are often stimulated and are in a state of euphoria when they consume it in smaller servings. But when they take higher servings, they end up getting sedated. Mitragynine is known for being able to stimulate your body’s receptors. However, the specific action depends on the amount you consume.

Many people have claimed that the OPMS Silver is great for the brain. The effects that many people crave like euphoria and sedation have been said to be good for people who deal with insomnia and anxiety. For some people, they prefer to use the OPMS Silver Kratom for their sleeping problems rather than using sleeping pills. The effects do not manifest in all individuals in the same manner so it will be better not to compare so much.

There’s no universally regulated dosage for consuming this strain of kratom. We doubt there’s any dosage for other strains too. The amount you consume depends on your body size, chemistry, and history of drug use. Not to forget that the effects you desire also play a big role. For your own sake, it will be better to start from small quantities, understand how your body gets affected, and then move on to much stronger intakes.

The cost of OPMS Kratom Silver

Although OPMS Kratom has a suggested retail price, their retailers are at liberty to set their product price to whatever they want. This means that depending on the retailer you buy from, the cost will be a little higher or significantly higher than the following prices:

  • Silver Kratom Maeng Da Capsules – Costs about $6.49-$23.99 for about 16-120 count.
  • Silver Kratom Malay Capsules – Prices range from $6.99 to $24.9 for 16-120 capsules.
  • Silver Kratom Thai Capsules – For the usual 16-120 count, you’ll pay $.99 – $22.99.

Apart from the OPMS Gold extract, this company deals in Liquid kratom products. Most kratom extracts being sold by other vendors are also packaged in liquid. You can buy OPMS liquid kratom for about $17.99. But there are other products that you can get for $12.99 up to $49.99. The difference between them is that other Kratom vendors make their drugs with a potency higher than 1x.

On social media groups and discussions, many users state their observation as they do not believe the Silver kratom is an extract or has the 1x time strength. Some say that the effects of consuming them are not different from how they feel when they use ordinary leaves.

Is OPMS Silver Kratom as great as users claim?

It is important to note first that OPMS Kratom is a vendor that has paid its dues in the Kratom industry. It has successfully built a good reputation that people now associate with the company over time. It has a different form of quality extract that is amazing and gives the user a surge of feelings.

Many clients that have used this Silver Kratom report that it relieves them from pain in a way that beats regular Kratom. It improves the way the user feels and this may just be because there is so much alkaloid contained in the substance.

Of course, This is because it was extracted using high pressure and cold water and not with substances like alcohol. When you first consume the OPMS Kratom Silver, you have to wait for about five to ten minutes before you start to feel the effects. And once it kicks in, expect to feel the effects for a couple of hours, according to what many users have said.

Another thing this company is known for is extracting 7-hydroxymitragynine. The reason that Kratom may be used to relieve pain is because of this compound. The effect also includes sending users into a euphoric state. Even though it is known to be costly, people find it to be quite worth it.

Many Kratom users have showered praises and positive reviews on this stain. The company also has a money-back guarantee, so if you’re skeptical, you can still buy it. And if you don’t like it, you can message the company to get a refund.

Where to get OPMS Silver Kratom Capsules

You can easily find this product around you because this vendor OPMS is quite popular. A simple visit to your local herbal drug shop should get you access. Sometimes you can see it in a smoke shop or gas stations. Some other online vendors also sell it, including Buy OPMS Kratom, Salvia Extracts, and Buy Kratom Extracts.

The difference between OPMS Gold and OPMS Silver

The company makes OPMS Gold only in the extract. It is obtained from the leaf of the green vein Maeng Da. However, OPMS does not state on their website how potent the Gold extract is. Nobody knows if it’s 1x, 2x, 3x, or more. But based on what most Reddit kratom users have shared, they find the effects to be stronger than that of Silver.

To make users clear on the two products, the Silver capsules have three gold leaves and the gold capsules have three purple leaves. But some people do not still get it. However, because people are always trying to copy the products and sell fake, they change their packaging often. This means you should confirm on the website before you buy.

Why buying kratom online is the best option

It is not so easy to understand how the Kratom trade works because the Federal authorities do not regulate it. If you try to search for kratom offline, you may have issues with the quality, especially as some smoke shops and headshops can’t be trusted to provide credible kratom.

However, you can get top-quality Kratom online. All it takes is just for you to make some transactions from the comfort of your home. Buying Kratom online is better because it’s easier for you to verify the vendor and see what other buyers have to say about them. This is more difficult when buying from local sellers. They might end up selling bad Kratom and you won’t be able to vet the products they sell.

Is OPMS Silver Kratom Worth It?

Don’t just jump right in and buy this strain of Kratom. When you consider that you will need about 8 to 15 capsules for an amazing experience, you may want to find another alternative, especially as it is expensive. These factors and the fear that there may be additives are the reason why most users don’t try it out.

Other than that, OPMS are quite the household name in the industry. So if you don’t mind, you can check out this strain and see if the positive reviews are actually anything to go by.

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