Oregon Kratom Review

Oregon Kratom Review – Strains, Bulk Kratom, Policies, Pros, and Cons

Kratom users have to make tough choices when it comes to buying Kratom from vendors like Oregon Kratom. And that’s why you realize the importance of reviews like this one, especially as there are a lot of vendors selling the herb both offline and online.

While some kratom vendors only have online stores, others have both walk-in stores and online stores. So customers are usually plagued with the problem of not knowing which vendor is genuine enough for them to invest their money. This is often because the large influx of vendors into the kratom market has made it difficult for the buyers to detect shady scammers.

We’ll never stop encouraging you to do your due diligence and read guides before you settle on doing business with any of them. So, in this review, we’ll highlight the features of Oregon Kratom to help you decide whether to buy kratom from them or not.

Getting To Know Oregon Kratom

Oregon Kratom is a company based out of Oregon as is evident from the name. The owner of the company, Zac, is all about running the business on the foundation of simplicity. So it’s pretty straightforward as the company’s website displays different Kratom varieties that customers can choose from. You also have the luxury of picking either the Kratom capsule or powder variant.

When you check out the “About Us” section of the company, it’s mentioned that they sell Kratom strains just the same way they receive them from the manufacturers. That’s to say they don’t include any additives or use any procedures that limit the potency of their strains. This enables their users to enjoy the full benefits of high-quality Kratom and the different effects that come from the various strains.

Oregon Kratom Product Line

Oregon Kratom has a simple selling strategy. They sell only the most basic strains of Kratom and categorize their products into Red, White, and Green Kratom. This makes it easy for you to find whatever strain you want, You’ll find every one of the major strains like Bali, Maeng Da, Kapuas Hulu, Malay, and Sumatra Kratom.

These strains are available in powder, gel capsules, and extracts. Let’s talk about them for a bit.

Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom is a strain named after an island. Users mention that they experience energy boosts and pain relief from using this strain. A lot of them say it is helpful for when they need to relax.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is an extremely potent kratom strain. Customers prefer it because of its touted ability to relieve pain. But it is seen to be different from other pharma energy boosters as there seem to be no adverse sides to using it. Its high potency was the main intent for creating it. It is said to have similar qualities to the Bali Kratom by combining its energy-enhancing and pain-relieving properties.

Hulu Kapuas Kratom

Hulu Kapuas is a Kratom strain named after the Hulu forests. This strain is said to combine the properties of normal red kratom strains with white-vein Kratom. Users gush over the stimulating and relaxing effects this variant possesses.

Green Malay Kratom

Customers prefer the green strains because they are a more balanced combination of euphoria, energy boosts, and pain relief. The Green Malay strain is no different from other Greens. In fact, it has the reputation of being more potent and long-lasting than others. Green strains are great for beginners too as it offers the best of both white-vein and red-vein worlds.

Sumatra Kratom

Usually, Kratom is known for its potency that keeps you feeling its effects for a couple of hours. And with more potent strains, the effects last even much longer. While other kratoms maintain an average of 3 hours, the Red Vein Sumatra variant is said to last for more hours. Users report a feeling of energy that comes naturally. It is often recommended for those who are battling anxiety and stress.

Oregon Kratom Bulk Package, Discounts, and Coupons

While Oregon Kratom may not be the cheapest Kratom company out there, they are still not the most expensive in the industry. We believe they offer fair prices and you can still save extra bucks if you buy kratom in bulk from them.

This is good news for people who buy to resell. Oregon Kratom sells really large quantities of Kratom powder up to 500kgs. You can save as much as 40% when you buy 1000 kgs (1 ton) of either Green, Red, or White strains.

Oregon Kratom has always been known for offering coupons and discounts too. This goes further to reduce the costs of their already affordable kratom. Their discounts give you about 15-25% off of your purchase based on the quantity of Kratom you buy. Some customers have even mentioned that they have gotten discounts of up to 20% off using the company’s coupons. The best discounts that one can get from this vendor is for those who buy kratom in bulk as they’re usually treated to around 40% off in discounts.

Shipping and Delivery To Customers

The majority of Kratom vendors use USPS and Oregon Kratom doesn’t operate any differently. Customers with orders worth $40 and more are entitled to free shipping, as long as they’re within the US.

USPS is cheaper and charges according to the location of the Customer and the size of the package. Because USPS offers Priority Mail shipping, the delivery time often depends on when the order is placed, although customers receive their packages within two days of placing their orders.

There is even a special kind of packaging that Oregon offers. It allows customers to ship their products discreetly. This means that the package will appear without anything details relating it to Kratom.

Customer Support and Return Policy

Since the inception of their business, this vendor has gotten more positive results as a result of their high-quality Kratom and amazing customer support. Buyers who don’t find their Kratom capsules or products impressive enough can contact the company owner. Those who have had problems with their orders in the past were able to get solutions after contacting Zac, the owner of Oregon Kratom.

However, despite accepting product returns, Oregon Kratom will not accept products that have been opened but exceptions are usually made for special cases. The norm is that if your product package is still sealed, Oregon Kratom will refund you or change your order.

What Customers Are Saying

Oregon Kratom’s rise to fame can also be attributed in part to the kind of positive comments previous buyers make about them. You’ll find reviews from some of their customers on Reddit Kratom forums. Yes, they’ve been able to get praises and respect from people who have patronized them.

One user mentions that their packaging is awesome. Another user in one of the forums stated that the owner, Zac, is the best because he put in a lot of effort to make sure that any issue they had with their orders was rectified. Generally, most of their users feel they’re above average and better than most vendors. Some even mentioned how great it felt to combine their products.

Pros and Cons of Oregon Kratom

Oregon Kratom is one of the vendors that have clear customer service details and encourage their customers to call them for issues. They give discounts and promos. They are also available on social media. There being a reliable source for regular strains shows how much they love to keep it simple.

But what could be better? Well, this vendor has not made any updates to its collection in recent times, leading prospective customers to assume they’re not in service or that they may have become unserious.

Oregon Kratom – Location-Based Tips For New Buyers

What should you consider before buying Kratom in Oregon? While you may not always want to buy your Kratom from Oregon Kratom, there are still other vendors to patronize. However, try considering these important things before you proceed.

1. Smoke Shops

Your first impression of a smoke shop would probably be that they’re the right people to get your Kratom from. After all, it’s easily accessible and you get your supply immediately. But you need to understand that their Kratom prices are higher than what you will get if you import them yourself. Another reason that people stay away from smoke shops is because of complaints from other users about the low-quality kratom they sell most of the time.

Be sure that the shop you’re buying from sources their products from the right source. We’d advise that you don’t buy from a smoke shop but find a reliable kratom vendor online. While some companies offer low prices to attract customers, most of them end up selling low-quality kratom.

2. Legality Issues

Another thing to understand is that, because of the uncertain state of its legality in some areas, Kratom is often banned in some locations and it can be difficult to ship to some areas. Before you go ahead to buy, make sure you understand everything about the regulations in your area so you don’t get caught up in a feud with the authorities.

3. Source and Processing Conditions

The production of Kratom is another thing to consider. There is really no easy method of knowing how your preferred seller sources their kratom powder. This means that you might be getting low-quality kratom if you’re not careful. Also, some companies process and package their Kratom in unhygienic conditions. This is the case for producers that are more concerned with financial gains than actually satisfying their customers. They end up creating products that are highly contaminated. Contaminated and impure Kratom causes a lot of harm to the users instead of the benefits that potent kratom is touted for.

Finally, let’s talk about maintaining the legality of Kratom in the US. Many people use Kratom in the US and testify to its validity in their daily health struggles. A lot of these users reside in Oregon and have enjoyed the seemingly good sides offered by the different strains of the herb. Today, kratom has become a part of their lives.

However, some users of Kratom in some parts of the US have to deal with the legal situation surrounding the sale and purchase of Mitragyna speciosa. There have been a lot of bills passed to enforce a ban on Kratom activities in Oregon. But The American Kratom Association (AKA) and other Kratom supporters are working tirelessly to see to it that Mitragyna Speciosa becomes legal in Oregon and the entire US.

Both Kratom sellers and users have to take up responsibilities to ensure Kratom remains legal. How can Kratom users ensure continued legality?

4. Be careful when using Kratom

Kratom users should use only moderate servings of Kratom to prevent ingesting more than their bodies can take. Taking too much of the herb may cause serious problems for the body.

5. Don’t combine Kratom powder with other psychoactive drugs or alcohol

Kratom should not be used in combination with other pharmaceutical drugs or depressants. These substances can lead to harmful body effects and may consequently land you in the ER. When users consistently land in the hospital because of drug use, it scares the legislative. More people may decide to vote in favor of the ban because they believe it is a threat to health, especially as more research is still needed to verify the benefits of kratom.

6. Participate in signing petitions in favor of Kratom

The Oregon Kratom community needs more volunteers to sign petitions that will continue to keep Mitragyna legal in the state. Sign as much as you can whenever you can. You can also become a fund donor to organizations that are pushing for this ethnobotanical to remain legal. These organizations are doing their part in ensuring that Mitragyna Speciosa is allowed in Oregon and some other states in the US. Public support and funds are what keeps them going. They sure will benefit a lot from the combined efforts of users who support them with their finances.

Is Oregon Kratom a good Vendor?

This vendor is reliable and trusted. Judging from the kind of reviews they have amassed these past years, it is obvious that they have continued to sell high-quality Kratom at affordable prices. That’s why their customers remain impressed by their services.

Oregon Kratom is also different from some vendors because they test all their products before shipping them out. Also, they make the results of their quality control public to their customers which can be accessed by viewing the products. Their kratom will most likely be worth every penny spent.

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