PA Botanicals Review

PA Botanicals Review

Who is PA Botanicals?

PA Botanicals offers a wide variety of products from mitragyna speciosa. It is a family-owned shop located in Pennsylvania, and it has been operating for several years. Their central vision is to provide the world with high-quality kratom, which is lab-verified. Over the years, they have gathered a good following among kratom enthusiasts.

What Makes PA Botanicals Unique

Lab Results

The main factor to consider when choosing a vendor is their concern for providing quality kratom. The right vendor should have their lab results for each product and should display it on their website. For PA, the tests are conducted by an independent third-party, and the results are displayed on their website. This means you can trust their authenticity and believe they are legit.


Apart from PA providing high-quality kratom and the most vigorous verified products, PA Botanicals gets thousands of positive reviews that can look back on. From Reddit to Google reviews, everyone has something positive to say about the vendor. A positive review like these helps in building trust among consumers and also helps in attracting more consumers. Besides their kratom quality, many reviewers were also impressed by their prices and convenience in shipping.

Delivery Time

After ordering your kratom from PA, the longest time it can take to arrive at your doorstep in 3 days. They also keep you update with emails from the time you order until your product is delivered. Another added advantage is that they offer tracking code to all their customers to be aware of how far their product is so you can know at what time it will be at your doorstep. We can conclude that PA botanicals are among the most efficient vendors. However, there are several states where kratom is illegal. PA does not try to sneak the product, so before ordering for kratom from PA botanicals, try to understand its legality in your region.

They offer different shipping options depending on the quantity and the urgency at which the product is required. For orders below $149.99 costs around $3.99 for 10 oz of kratom. For products costing above $149.99, shipping is offered for free. Shipping can also be done via USPS at the cost of only $6.99. However, if you need your product urgently can be shipped by priority express at $29.99.

Customer Service

PA has amazing customer service that is always fast in answering phone calls and emails, especially on working days. They are still very helpful and have high knowledge and understanding of the products they are selling. They will always make sure that you are happy and satisfied with their services, and in case you have a problem with any of their services, they offer detailed explanations that will leave you satisfied. You can search for customer feedback on YouTube or on the Reddit platform to understand what they offer and what other consumers feel about the services. The consensus among all their customers is that PA Botanicals has excellent customer service that should score nine stars.

User-Friendly Site

PA has a simple but appealing approach for those buying kratom online. Their site is so easy to navigate, and all their products come with pictures, descriptions, and customer reviews to help you decide whether it is ideal for you. They offer amazing discounts and coupons to their consumers; they also give affiliate advantages, so the more you shop, the more you stand a chance to win.

PA Botanicals Products

PA Botanicals started as purely a kratom vendor; however, they have lately expanded into three major categories. All three categories have an independent certificate after undergoing vigorous standard tests. This assures the consumers that regardless of which product you choose, you will get high-quality products.

They sell different kratom strains in different forms; that is, kratom powder, capsules, and extracts.

The Kratom Crushed Leaves

Crushed leaves are most efficient if you like brewing your kratom tea. The crushed leaves include the leaf veins and the stems. Its efficiency and ease of use have made this product more popular than the rest of the products.

Veins and Stems

Before grinding kratom leaves, the vendor removes the stems and the veins and is processed separately. The main reason for removing the veins and stems is to make sure that they attain fine powder after grinding. The stems and the veins are also rich in alkaloids and are processed and sold to those who prefer them.

Kratom Powder

This is the alternative to kratom crushed leaves. The powder is always fine with an appealing aroma. It is extracted from crushed leaves, but it is thoroughly ground to make it more potent since the alkaloid content is distributed.

Kratom Capsules

PA Botanicals has a unique way of packaging their capsules to give its consumers the best. Capsules are easier to use and easy to transport from one place to another.


Their tinctures come with droppers to make it application easier. It is one of the most popular products among all the products sold by PA Botanicals.


Kratom resin from PA is rich in alkaloids, high quality, and very strong. It comes in a small amount but contains a large concentration of all the important alkaloids, making it the most powerful and active.

Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts from PA are made by qualified and experienced personnel to ensure that they give you the best. The most common extract from PA is Maeng Da extract, which is known for its potency.

Apart from selling kratom, PA Botanicals also offer CBD, which is available in different forms made of 100% pure CBD isolate. Another common product available includes KAVA, which is available in either raw powder or informs of candy bars. AKUAMMA is another common product that is offered by PA Botanicals.

Prices at PA Botanicals

This is the part that has made PA botanicals even more popular. Every consumer needs a vendor who is offering high-quality products at low prices and exactly what PA does. They have crazy discounts from both buying their products and also on shipping services.

A military discount is another offer you can enjoy, especially if you are a regular customer. Their coupon codes are crazy and can save you up to 30% of the total cost. Their reward program ensures that the customers save some points for every dollar they spend. They also offer unbeatable deals to new customers, which can help save up to 20% of the total cost.

  • The ultra Maeng Da kratom powder $2.99
  • Enhanced kratom powder $ 12-14
  • Bali kratom powder $2.99
  • All American kratom blend $2.99
  • The ultimate kratom sampler 18 strains $124.99
  • Other products sold for $2.99 include White Gold, Vietnam kratom powder, White Indo, and White Kaupaus.

You can pay for the products using different methods depending on the one convenient for you:

  • E-check
  • Bank Transfer
  • Master cards/ Debit card
  • Money gram
  • Money orders
  • Wal Mart to Wal Mart purchase
  • Cashier’s check

Refund Policy

PA botanicals offer kratom at an affordable price, and their customer service is always on point. They appear to be a safe and trustworthy vendor. They have amazing client’s reviews and years of experience, and enough contact information.

For newcomers, PA botanicals assure their money back in case you are not satisfied with their services. This helps them in building trust among the customers. However, they also want to secure and protect every dollar why they ensure minimal refund by offering good services that make them come back for more. The policy involves these conditions:

In case your package is open and at least 90% of the content is missing, the company will offer a 100% refund.
If your package is not conserved and sealed, you get 100% money back or store –credit return.

How to Order Kratom PA Botanicals

Ordering products from PA is pretty straightforward. All you need is to visit their website. If you are buying online, it is even more comfortable. You can contact customer service if you are new and need to understand placing an order. You will see different products on their website, and below the product picture, they have indicated the prices and product description to help you make your decision. You can click on the product, then the quantity you need, and finally, you can choose your preferred mode of payment. After payment, you will wait, and your product will be delivered at your doorstep.

How Ethical is PA Botanicals?

They sell exceptionally high-quality products, and they source from the most trusted farmers in Southeast Asia. They choose the best leaves and have their products through thorough lab testing before they are released into the market.

It is always safe to carry out your research concerning different vendors before buying kratom from them. There are other things you will need to consider before making your purchase. First, look for the vendor’s website and ensure that their product lab results are available. Another important part that can guide you when buying kratom is the vendor’s reputation. If all the feedbacks are negative, that is a red flag, and you should avoid such vendors.

PA Botanical is the best vendor. It gives you fantastic discounts and offers that are super exciting to their customers. They are also known for offering high-quality products that are free from any contaminants. Their prices are affordable and also offer fast and reliable shipping. They also keep all the information you give to them safe and confidential.

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