Phytoextractum Review

Phytoextractum Review 2021 – Are They Legit?

This Phytoextractum review packs a lot of information, so stick around. Kratom has been around for a while but its global recognition didn’t come until around the early 2000s. From then onwards, this organic jewel has become easily accessible. There are now so many distributors operating as online Kratom vendors.

It is easy to buy Kratom online from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is create and validate your order. From that point, your vendor sends it to your address within a specified time. And now that we have so many dealers of this substance, the prices have also become more competitive. So that means buyers like yourself have so much to benefit from.

However, there is a need to be careful when deciding what Kratom vendor to buy from. That’s because not every seller treats the health and safety of their customers as important. You have so many Kratom sellers online who supply adulterated products. They also fail to test their products to ensure they are free of impurities.

Among the different Kratom vendors online, one that has caught our attention is Phytoextractum. We took an interest in this Kratom vendor because of how much we noticed customers talking about them. On different online forums and communities, you’ll find Phytoextractum in many conversations about Kratom. They also have many positive reviews which seemed like a good sign.

So we decided to analyze the company to tell you whether or not Phytoextractum is legit. This should help you make a buying decision.

Who exactly is Phytoextractum?

Operating for more than a decade, Phytoextractum isn’t new to the Kratom market. As of now, they rank amongst the very best Kratom vendors in the world.

That’s probably because they have continued to get their Kratom products directly from the source. Phytoextractum also works with farmers who are committed to applying the best farming practices. Such cultivation methods ensure that they get potent and safe Kratom at all times.

We also noticed that the Phytoextractum has policies that are very strict when it comes to quality assurance. This is how top Kratom vendors make sure that they get and supply only uncompromised Kratom varieties. By applying these strict measures, they can guarantee that their Kratom strains will always be of the highest quality.

Despite basing its activities in the United States, Phytoextractum also delivers Kratom to different countries around the world. No matter where you are, all indicators show that Phytoextractum can be trusted to supply potent botanicals.

Constant Updates to the Phytoextractum Kratom Catalog

What’s impressive about Phytoextractum is how they have successfully built a 100% organic solution for herbs and medicines. But that doesn’t come as a surprise, being that they are a leader in the industry.

Yet, what has impressed the most is how often they update their product catalog. A long-term study of the website shows that they continue to add new options regularly. So you will always find new Kratom strains, as well as other botanicals.

Phytoextractum has a wide range of Kratom products, including powders and capsules. You can also buy extracts, oils, tinctures, etc. And if you love to buy Kratom in bulk, you can also get it from them.

By constantly updating its product catalog, Phytoextractum builds customer trust. That’s because they offer a wide range of buying choices so you don’t have to feel limited whenever you visit their website. It’s almost certain that you will find something new and exciting each time you return to Phytoextractum’s Kratom page.

Kratom Powders offered by Phytoextractum – Quality Check

To ensure that customers get products that are pure and safe, Phytoextractum has a strict testing process. They work with third-party labs that collect batch samples for testing. They also have other measures in place regarding storing and handling Kratom products in safe houses. That way, it’s hard to find a batch supplied by Phytoextractum that has been contaminated or compromised.

Phytoextractum is GMP-compliant while also being an affiliate of the American Herbal Products Association. The employ stringent sanitation procedures and keep their facility free from pathogens through adequate environmental controls

One challenge that website visitors may encounter is the somewhat jumbled-up product listing. The only system of categorization is the grouping of products into classes. These Kratom classes include books, tea accessories, top sellers, capsules, extract, and powder.

There is no system in place to group Kratom based on vein colors or strains. For sure, such classification would make it more convenient for customers to find their preferred Kratom strain faster. That being said, some top-selling Kratom strains of Phytoextractum include:

  • Bali Kratom
  • Red Sumatra Kratom
  • White Sumatra Kratom
  • Yellow Thai
  • Red Thai
  • Green Thai Kratom
  • Red Maeng Da Thai
  • Yellow Borneo
  • Red Borneo
  • White Borneo
  • Green Malaysian
  • Red dragon
  • Super Indo
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da Thai

Other Kratom Varieties

A quick look around other sections of the website will take you to Phytoextractum’s Kratom extracts. Some of these extracts include Indo Phytoextractum Extract, UEI tea capsules, and Full Spectrum Kratom Extract. You’ll also find others like ISOL-8, Gold Reserve Tea Capsules, Gold Elite, and Gold Reserve.

If you are the kind of consumer who likes to do it yourself, Phytoextractum has a provision for you. There is a collection of accessories on the website to help you process Kratom tea and Kratom capsules by yourself. Some of these accessories include capsule machines, gelatin & veggie capsules, teapots, strainers, and tea bags. You can also go for the muslin herb bags, tea infuser bottles, tea ball infusers, and measuring spoons among others.

Keep in mind that there are different sizes for the capsule machines and empty capsules. This means you won’t have an issue when it comes to your preferred dosages.

The Pricing Structure at Phytoextractum

There may be cheaper Kratom vendors online. But the prices at Phytoextractum are very much affordable. This vendor has a pretty competitive pricing system for Kratom strains. And that is a good thing, considering high-volume Kratom sellers always offer competitive prices.

You might have to pay more for the exclusive Kratom strains. But that isn’t a surprise since such strains are usually difficult to get. But with the help of coupons and promos, you most times end up paying far less than you bargained for. They’ve also got a refund or return policy which we think is very fair. All these provisions are sufficient enough to boost any potential customer’s confidence.

In general, the prices offered by Phytoextractum are okay. And their Kratom powder is worth paying for since the quality is guaranteed. With just $9.88, you can buy 28g worth of Red Maeng Da Thai. $7.88 should get you Bali Kratom leaf and $8.96 is enough to buy you retail Green Malay. As you can see, the strains are as expensive as you may have thought.

When it comes to Kratom capsules from Phytoextractum, expect to spend a bit more. Right now, OG Bali Kratom seems to be the cheapest at a minimum price of $14.20/ounce. To buy an ounce of White Maeng Da Kratom or the red color vein, you have to pay around $17.95 and $20.41, respectively.

The highest-priced variety of Kratom is Phytoextractum’s Kratom extracts. A massive $42.99 gets you about 5g worth of Gold Elite Kratom Extract. But not all extracts from this vendor are that expensive. Buyers can still get the same amount of Full Spectrum Kratom Extract and ISOL-8 for $19.99 and $19.95, respectively.

Payment methods at Phytoextractum Kratom

Phytoextractum offers a wide range of payment methods which makes it very easy for customers to do business with them. Should you find that a payment method is not convenient, you can simply switch to another. That’s because you have several different options to decide how you want to buy Kratom online.

Money Order, eCheck, COD, and Bitcoin are some of the available payment options. The best part is you can make these payments from the comfort of your home. You will only have to visit the bank if you decide to use Money Order to validate your purchase.

You can also make payments using a direct bank deposit. This is best for customers that have fears related to online payments and insecurity. But rest assured that Phytoextractum has all security loopholes covered. That’s because there is an encryption method that protects the SSL ordering procedure.

You can sit back, relax, select a preferred strain from the website, and make your payment comfortably. Many customers like to pay via credit cards but it’s up to you to decide what payment option is best for you.

Phytoextractum Promo & Coupon Codes

You won’t find that many Kratom vendors who offer coupon and promo codes. And even if you do, we doubt that these discounts come as often as those from Phytoextractum. We believe this is one business strategy that they use to attract more customers online. Using discounts like these attracts customers who are out to find the most competitive prices before ordering.

On Phytoextractum, you can get up to a 5-10% discount or even more just by subscribing to their newsletters. You also enjoy clearance sales, special bundle promotions, closeout sales, free shipping, etc.

Phytoextractum has also become popular for giving out exclusive coupons on social media. So try following their social accounts. This should keep you in the know so you can grab exclusive deals whenever they pop up.

Shipping, Return Policy, & Customer Protection

Phytoextractum also offers same-day delivery. But that is only possible if you validate your order on or before 2 p.m. PST on Mondays through Fridays (or by noon for orders placed on Saturdays). There are no caps or hidden fees when Phytoextractum ships products to you.

They offer USPS First Class shipping at no cost. But to speed up your delivery, a one-time payment of $4.99 will be needed. This should qualify you to have your products sent via Expedited USPS Priority Mail. Once your order exceeds $75, you qualify to receive your shipment via Free Priority Mail. Only Ups shipments are available for COD and there is also Collect on Delivery for free.

Customers also enjoy a 30-day guarantee when they buy products. And only items that haven’t been opened will be accepted for returns. But you must notify them within the 30-day timeline. They will then investigate before approving your store credit or exchange. Keep in mind that any costs incurred for returned shipments are to be borne by the customer.

What’s the overall customer service like?

You already know that there are vendors who do not take the customer journey seriously. It’s more like a hit or miss thing in the Kratom industry. This isn’t just about Kratom vendors alone. It’s something you notice in the entire organic medicine supplement sector.

Fortunately, some sellers put customer experience first. From all indications, Phytoextractum communicates well with customers but does so on different levels. There could be improvements which we hope to see in the future. For instance, communication via email customer service isn’t that robust.

The company tends to take days to reply to customers’ queries sent via email. But the service starts to improve as soon as you place and validate your order. Communication then becomes faster and smoother at that point. Hopefully, in the future, Phytoextractum will do some more streamlining to ensure customers get faster responses.

Final Thoughts

By now, you’ve already seen that Phytoextractum has been in the Kratom industry for more than 10 years. They haven’t backed down on the quality of products that they supply to customers around the world.

Amongst other Kratom vendors online, Phytoextractum remains a go-to online shop. They work with independent labs to ensure that their products are tested and pure. They are also GMP-compliant and affiliated with the American Herbal Products Association.

This Kratom vendor is surely the real deal and you’ll get value for your money. If you need a reliable source that you can trust, then look no further than Phytoextractum.

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