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Precious Mitre Kratom Review 2021 – Is it a Good Vendor?

We already know that Kratom is getting increasingly popular in the western world. As a result, there’s been an increase in the number of Kratom vendors in the industry and Precious Mitre is one of them. That’s why we decided to do this Precious Mitre Kratom review.

Precious Mitre can be found operating from California’s Bay area. It is a popular and renowned Kratom vendor in the industry that claims to sell high-quality pure Kratom powder. However, there are many stores out there that also make similar claims so if you’ll want to purchase from them, you will need to go through this review to know how good their Kratom is.

What is Precious Mitre?

Precious Mitre has been around since 2015 and the inspiration for their business name was gotten from a Dutch plant expert Pieter Willem Korthals who compared the shape of the Kratom plant to a Bishop’s mitre.

The company has a slogan that says “lead you to better health”. But the Food and Drug Administration has not proven their claims. So should you just dismiss them as mere talk? Let’s tell you what to expect and we’ll see if they are reliable.

Precious Mitre’s Kratom Products

Legitimate Kratom companies often have many Kratom products in their store. Since there are different strains of Kratom with each of them having their uses, only committed vendors will take the extra step of stocking different products to meet their users’ needs. Precious Mitre does quite a good job in terms of the products they offer. Here are some of the products you can find in their collection:

Trifecta Blend

This is not an exact Kratom strain but a combination of different strains. It is made up of the S, V, and plain leaves. Companies make blends when they want to create a single product that provides the effects of several strains. Apart from the unusual great taste, it is also a very potent product.

Users who use Trifecta Blend claim that it makes them remain in high spirits for a long time. They also say that when it is taken at higher doses, it works as a strong sedative. These two reasons may mean that a lot of people who battle with psychological problems could find it useful.

White Vietnam Kratom

Many Kratom users tend to seek this strain most. This is due to the intense purification process that healthy Kratom leaves have to undergo before a potent version of it is gotten. Due to the extraction process, the effects kick in instantly once consumed. Lots of users who choose white Vietnam do so because they want a substance that will improve their mental and physical energy levels. It improves mood too and people battling with depression have mentioned how effective it is for them.

Mitre Magic

This product is a blend of white and green kratom strains. Precious Mitre creates this one for people who want to improve their confidence especially before they go to a social event. Users claim that it improves their energy, mood, and makes them more motivated.

But since it has been said to be great for people who seek higher energy levels, it may not be the best choice for users who have anxiety issues. That’s because it may cause their symptoms to become worse. And due to its potency, consuming high amounts can make a user hyperactive.

Green Malay Kratom

This Green Malay strain is chosen by kratom users because it is a potent strain that offers the best of both worlds and boosts energy. Local farmers who grow the speciosa plant in their native countries are often seen chewing the leaves while they carry out their daily activities. Green Malay is said to provide euphoria and alleviate moods. It may also help you to do many tasks and can be great for people battling with fatigue, lethargy, or losing motivation.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Although people know yellow Vietnam as a mild form of Kratom, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a weak variety. People use Yellow Vietnam to reduce their anxiety and calm the hyperstimulation. People who use it as a sedative should do so with care.

Judging from these products listed, one can see that Precious Mitre has enough products that will make individuals lean towards trying out Kratom. When you consider the fact that the company even puts in extra effort to create Kratom blends that will be great for their customers, you’d even be happier to patronize them.

Quality of Precious Mitre Products

While it’s great that they have an amazing product line, it won’t be nice if the quality of their products is subpar. Product quality should be your concern when looking to buy Kratom online. And there are ways to determine if a vendor’s products are of high quality without using it.

Vendors that sell quality Kratom will provide certificates of analysis and/or other test results. A certificate of analysis is a lab report they get from an independent testing party that states the composition quality and purity of the Kratom product. A vendor that provides such reports has shown that they trust their products and so they bring hard proof.

You can also find out about product quality by viewing reviews from other users in different forums.

If you go searching in some online forums, you’ll find out that many Kratom users have good things to say about the quality of Precious Mitre Kratom.

What the Precious Mitre website feels like

When you get on their site, that’s where you get to see the strains that they offer, including Trifecta, S and V, Blend and White, Green, and more. Their blends are gotten from combining plain Mitragyna leaves with Sand V leaves. This blend has a great taste and is also among the high-quality blends you can find.

Users do not have trouble paying for the Kratom products because word of mouth advertising has spread regarding their mood-boosting qualities and other attributes. The Sand V and Mitragyna blend is a strong sedative and can make users enter a blissful state within just forty-five minutes after consuming it.

Their website is fair enough to navigate and you don’t have to struggle so much when moving from page to page. They ensure their products are well arranged to make it easy for customers to find their desired strains. Users who visit the site do not have trouble picking the right size and pack of strain because this vendor has made it easy for them.

In fact, some people regard this vendor’s store as a candy shop where you can get a lot of Kratom varieties. Isn’t that amazing and one of the qualities of good vendors?

Customer Service – How do they treat buyers?

One other way to know a serious and trustworthy vendor is by the customer service they render. Customer service is an essential part of the Kratom industry because many customers may not know how to express themselves. Some others may just be trying it out for the first time and will need a lot of assistance.

A reliable vendor understands this part and knows that they have to be extra and do more to provide education for their clients. And they must do so without minding whether they’ll go through with the purchase or not.

This is a plus for Precious Mitre as they’ve succeeded in using their customer support to build a strong reputation. User reviews mention that they always provide fast responses to complaints or queries from their customers.

What are the prices like? Any Coupons, Discounts, and Offers?

Once you have been able to observe several Kratom vendors known for providing their Kratom, the next step is to sieve through them according to their prices.

This vendor has one of the most reasonable prices in the kratom industry. That’s true, especially since we already know that they sell high-quality kratom. In their stores, you can buy a kilo of precious Mitre Kratom for as low as $70 and it is greatly affordable.

Many customers also like to buy from vendors that give offers from time to time. Precious Mitre does that often. They provide discounts and coupons to their repeat customers and this is one reason for their popularity. Sometimes, they carry out flash sales and give a discount of up to 20% to their buyers. Customers who want to buy large quantities of Kratom from them find this discount offer to be quite mouthwatering.

Shipping and Return Policy at Precious Mitre

Every potential customer has a shipping option tailored to their needs. They use a variety of shipping offers like APO (army post office), DPO (diplomatic office), FPO (fleet post office) services, and more.

Due to this, anybody (even military personnel that are active and on duty) can order Kratom powder and get it safely. Their packaging is top-notch as they place the Kratom deliveries in airtight packages to even increase its protection.

Precious Mitre provides its customers with a return policy. This means if you do not like the product you got, you can return it as long as you do not open it. Also, you must make the return within 30 days of purchasing.

Customer Reviews and Vendor Reputation

The reputation of this vendor in the Kratom industry is good. Their customers seem to like them because they offer high-quality Kratom and great prices. There’s also the mention of effective deliveries, great return and exchange policy, as well as friendly customer service.

The products that they offer their customers also play a large role in making them popular. And because of how dedicated they are to their customers, they continue to grow and expand. Right now, they remain one of the top-rated brands out there.

All the perks they offer their customers have added to their positive image and good reputation in the industry. Precious Mitre understands that they must maintain and operate at a certain standard if they must retain their customers. This is one of the reasons for having a wide product line – to appeal to different kinds of customers.

Is Precious Mitre a good Kratom Vendor?

When you compare their activities with that of other vendors in the industry, you’ll come to see that they are one of the trustworthy kratom brands out there. Precious Mitre provides unique blended strains which set them apart from other vendors.

And if the effects you so desire cannot be gotten from using one single Kratom strain, then their blends should be enough to do the job. This vendor is one of your best bets around the industry if you want value for your money.

As a user, you need high-quality kratom that sells at reasonable prices, and this is your winning ticket to those too. Trust Precious Mitre to be open about your transactions with them and also provide excellent customer service while at it.

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