Privacy Policy

We are happy that you have decided to become a member of our community and want to partner with us at qKratom “us”, “we, “our”). It is our utmost commitment to keep your personal information safe and secure and ensure that you have privacy rights. Should you want to find out more about our practices and Policy or express concerns concerning your personal information, please get in touch with us at

By visiting our official website,, and gaining access to our services, you entrust your personal information with us. qKratom considers privacy to be very sensitive and treats it seriously. We have created this privacy policy to help you understand in very clear terms the kind of information we collect and how such information is used. We will also explain to you what your rights are concerning such information. Since this is very important, we implore you to set some time out to read the entire policy and do so carefully.

This privacy policy covers every piece of information we collect using our website, including all related events, marketing, sales, and services (all of which are collectively referred to as the “Services” in this privacy policy).

After reading all the terms set out in this privacy policy, should you disagree with any of them, you are required to quit using this website or our services, and please exit at once.

This privacy policy is created to assist you in making informed decisions regarding what personal information you share with us. Please read it carefully.


Disclosing your personal information to qKratom

When you register on our website as a way of expressing your interest in our products and services, to acquire more information regarding our activities, to participate in any activities, or as a way of establishing contact with us, qKratom only collects any personal information that you provide voluntarily to us.

The interactive context between you and qKratom and its services determines the personal information that we collect. The collected information also depends on what features you use and what choices you make. All forms of personal information collected may include but not limited to –

  • Credentials

    All forms of security information used to authenticate and access accounts, including password hints and actual passwords, are collected by QKratom.

  • Personal Information Publicly Available

    qKratom collects email addresses, nicknames, last names, maiden names, first names, and all other forms of related data.

  • Payment Data

    qKratom collects all the essential information needed to process any payments that you make to validate your purchases including security codes and numbers associated with your instrument of payment (such as credit cards). Every data related to payment is held securely by _____. Here’s a link to their Privacy Terms.

You must provide only complete, accurate, and credible personal information and are expected to send us a formal notification should you make any changes to the information provided to us.

Automatically collected information

On visiting, using, and navigating our website and services, qKratom will collect some information from you automatically. All information automatically collected does not in any way expose personal identities such as your contact information or name but might comprise information like data related to your use of our website and the specific times, location, country, name of the device, referring URLs, language preferences, operating system, usage information, device information, and other related technical information. We will need these primary pieces of information to keep the operation and security of our website and services in check and for the purpose of internal analysis and reports.

Similar to how a lot of businesses operate, qKratom also collects information using similar technologies and cookies.

qKratom also collects protocols and tools, including all forms of related data such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address.


All forms of personal information that we collect using our services are utilized for a wide range of business purposes that we shall explain below. Your personal information is processed for these purposes based on the genuine business interests of qKratom so as to enable us to establish a contract with you based on your agreement, as well as to comply with all legally-binding expectations. For all the purposes that we explain below, we will point out the grounds on which we process specific information.

All forms of information received or collected are used for:

  • Promotional and Marketing Correspondence

    On the basis of marketing, qKratom and its third party affiliates or partners may utilize all forms of personal information that we collect from you so long as it aligns with your marketing choices. You have the right to stop or terminate the receipt of marketing emails from us whenever you wish to.

  • Creation of Accounts and Login Facilitation

    When you decide to connect your account with qKratom to other third-party accounts like social media profiles or Google, the information that we collect on your behalf from any of the third parties is used for account creation facilitation, as well as to facilitate the login process, to enable us to perform the contract.

  • Other Business Reasons

    The information that qKratom collects from you may be utilized for a wide range of other business reasons, including improving your experience, improving our marketing, evaluating and enhancing our products and services, determining how effective our promotional campaigns are, identifying trends of use, and performing data analysis. All forms of information collected may be utilized and stored in anonymized and aggregated forms to ensure that they do not contain any personal information and to prevent them from being linked to any individual end-user. On no account shall qKratom make use of any personal information that identifies you without obtaining your permission.


The information that we collect may be processed or shared on legal grounds as follows:

  • Consent

    Only when you grant your consent that your personal information be used in certain situations or for specified purposes may qKratom process your data.

  • Vital Interests

    The personal information that qKratom collects from you may be disclosed at our discretion if we are sure that it can, beyond a reasonable doubt, help in the investigation of, prevention of, or action against possible policy violations, circumstances that have to do with illegal activities and potential harm to the safety of individuals, suspected fraud, or as possible evidence should we become involved in litigation.

  • Contract Performance

    Your personal information may be processed by qKratom if it is necessary to fulfill certain contractual terms after you enter into a contract with us.

  • Legitimate Interests

    Only when it is logically compulsory for the achievement of any business interests of ours that are considered legitimate may qKratom process your data.

  • Legal Obligations

    The personal information collected from you may be disclosed if qKratom is asked to do so legally as a way of replying to a subpoena or court order, or in compliance with the legal process, court order, judicial proceedings, requests from government or governmental agencies, or applicable law (which also includes a response to public authorities as a necessary requirement for law enforcement or national security).

The following situations may also prompt qKratom to proceed with sharing your personal information or processing your data in more specific terms:

  • Third-Party Advertisers

    Whenever you visit our website or access our services, qKratom may serve you ads by using third-party advertising brands. The information that we collect regarding when and how you visit our website, as well as other sites found in the cookies together with other forms of tracking technologies, may be used to send you ads that might interest you concerning different goods and services.

  • Business Transfers

    When it involves negotiating and finalizing business-related transfers such as another company acquiring some parts or the entirety of our business, financing, selling certain company assets, or mergers, qKratom may proceed in sharing or transferring your information.


qKratom uses cookies, as well as other tracking technologies in the form of pixels and web beacons, for accessing and storing information. Refer to our cookies policy below to see more about how such tracking technologies are used and your options when it comes to refusing certain cookies.


Google Maps APIs are in use on our website, mobile app, or Facebook app. If you want to learn more about the Terms of Service of Google Maps APIs, click here. If you want to learn more about the Privacy Policy of Google, click here.

When you use our implementation of Google Maps API, you indicate your agreement that the terms of service of Google are binding on you. You also give us your permission regarding caching or retrieving your location and have the right to revoke your permission at any point in time if you so wish.


In line with the purposes clearly stated out in our privacy policy, qKratom shall only store any personal information that we collect for the duration deemed necessary to fulfill them. qKratom will only hold on to that information longer than the period stated above if the law requires or permits us to do so for reasons related to legal, accounting, or tax obligations.

On no grounds will qKratom store the personal information that we collect for a duration longer than the time your account is still active with us as stated in our privacy policy.

Your personal information will be erased or anonymized by qKratom during periods where no legitimate business that prompts the need for us to process your data is ongoing. In situations where deleting or anonymizing your data is impossible, like in cases where our backup archives contain your personal information, qKratom will ensure that such information is stored securely and kept isolated from any form of processing pending when it can delete the information.


We know the risks associated with holding or processing your personal information. We have put in place the required organizational and technical security protocols all of which are created for the protection of the security of all forms of personal information collected. But we want you to keep in mind that absolute security cannot be guaranteed when it comes to the internet.

However, rest assured that qKratom will draw upon all of its resources and will do everything in its power to keep you safe concerning the protection of your personal information and how such information is transmitted between various channels of our services. Transferring or transmitting such information will still remain at your own risk, so we implore you to take adequate measures to guarantee that you access our services only in an environment that is safe and secure.


On no account will qKratom request data or information from minors or proceed with sending marketing-related information to them knowingly (by minors, we refer to children that are under the legal age of 18).

If you access and use our website or services, you acknowledge that you are not a minor and have attained the legal age of 18 and above. You also acknowledge that the minor using our website or services is dependent on you as their guardian or parent and that they have your express permission to do so.

In the event we can unknowingly collect information from a minor, qKratom will take prompt action to get such an account deactivated and put in place measures to have any of such related data that exists on our backup records deleted. Should it by any means come to your notice that we did, in fact, collect data from a minor, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email and we will take necessary action.


If you access our website and services, reside in the European Economic Area, and believe that qKratom has illegally collected your personal data and processed it, you can make a formal complaint to the supervisory authority of data protection in your local area as that is your right. Click here to access the contact information of the supervisory authority in your area.

Account Information

Anyone who accesses our website and services and wishes to review the personal information provided in their account, change such information, or simply have their account terminated can at any time login, go to the settings area, and have their account updated.

When you send a request for qKratom to have your account terminated, we shall proceed with deactivating or deleting your account from our databases, including all related information provided. But keep in mind that QKratom may retain some of such information for various reasons such as legal requirement compliance, enforcing our terms and conditions, assisting with investigations, troubleshooting issues that can arise, and/or fraud prevention.

Email Marketing

With respect to email marketing from qKratom and deciding whether or not to opt-out, you have the right whenever you want to unsubscribe from our list. Every email that you receive from qKratom contains a link that allows you to unsubscribe if you choose to. You can simply click the unsubscribe link or get in touch with us using our contact form. On receiving your request to unsubscribe from our email marketing list, qKratom will honor such a request by removing you and you will no longer receive marketing-related emails from us.

But take note that qKratom will continue to forward emails related to our services which are deemed compulsory for using and administering your account. If you would still like to opt-out, update your preferences in the settings section of your account.

Cookies and Related Technologies

We know that cookies are accepted by default on a plethora of web browsers. Based on your preferences, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want your browser to reject such cookies and to remove them entirely through the browser settings. However, when you set your browser to reject cookies or remove them entirely, some features of our website and services could become affected.


If your personal information is accessed, collected, used, disclosed, or disposed of without appropriate authorization, a privacy breach has occurred. As soon as qKratom has sufficient reason to believe that you could possibly face some harm, we will notify you about a data breach. To illustrate this even further, when a breach of data occurs, it could lead to different levels of harm, including physical well-being or mental harm, as well as serious financial harm.

If in any situation we become notified that a data security breach has occurred, leading to unauthorized access to your personal information and the disclosure or use of such personal information, qKratom will at once launch an investigation into the issue and bring it to the notice of appropriate supervisory authorities within and not later than three (3) days following our awareness of the situation. We will only act differently if we determine that the data breach concerning your personal information will likely not put you at risk or infringe on your rights and freedom.


The Do-Not-Track feature (also DNT) or a similar feature can be found in some mobile apps and operating systems, as well as a plethora of web browsers, that enable you to prevent the monitoring and collection of your browsing activities online by activating it in your privacy preference settings. The implementation of DNT signals isn’t yet standardized because of a lack of uniform technology designed to do so.

With this in mind, even if you use the DNT signals from your browser or other forms of technology that communicate your decision to keep your online activity from being tracked, qKratom does not respond to such signals at present. As soon as uniform online tracking standards are formulated and adopted, all of which we are mandated to comply with in the future, rest assured that we will revise our privacy policy to notify you about such a practice.


If you currently reside in Illinois, there are specific rights that are related to how your personal information can be accessed. According to the law, anyone who accesses and uses our website has the right to request information concerning different aspects of their personal information and obtain such data once every 12 months at no cost to them. This will include any category of their personal information which qKratom has shared with third parties for the purpose of direct marketing, as well as a list containing the contact information of every third party with whom such information was shared in the year that immediately precedes the current year. All those who reside in Illinois and want to submit similar requests can get in touch with us by writing to us.

Any minor who resides in Illinois and has created and registered an account with qKratom can request for us to remove any unwanted data posted publicly on our website. Get in touch with qKratom using the contact details available below to officially submit a request for data removal. You are required to provide an official statement to show that you are a resident of Illinois together with the email address linked to your account. While qKratom will take necessary measures to ensure that such information is no longer displayed publicly, bear in mind that we may not remove it from our systems comprehensively or entirely.


At certain points in time, we will make updates to our Privacy Policy. We will indicate and update the date of revision to help you identify when updates are made. Once the updated version is made accessible, it automatically becomes effective. We may send you direct notifications or post official notices of change to inform you whenever our privacy policy undergoes any material changes. It is in your best interest to regularly check this privacy policy section and review it so you can stay informed of the measures and protocols in place to keep your personal information safe at all times.


After reviewing this policy, you might have comments or questions and we encourage you to forward them to us. You can either send us an email at or use the contact address below to reach us by post:

3526 Oak Avenue
IL 60048


Some countries have regulations that give you the legal right to ask us for access to any form of personal data collected. You also have the right to make changes to such data or, in certain situations, delete such information entirely. If you would like to send us a request concerning reviewing, updating, or deleting your personal information, kindly click here to use our request form and expect a response from qKratom within 30 days.