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QKratom will never compromise its strict quality assurance procedures from the point of harvesting Green Borneo Kratom to the point of delivery. That is because we want to ensure you enjoy fresh, authentic, and premium Green Borneo Kratom powder. We promise you that our products are –

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  • Chemical, filler, and additive-free
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Green Borneo Kratom gives you that moderate, yet potent kick. It’s easy to see why it is regarded as a middle of the road, all-in-one strain when you compare it with other strains in the Borneo family – White Borneo and Red Borneo. The cell structure and unique alkaloid content of this Green strain can be traced back to its place of cultivation.

The Mitragyna Speciosa tree is the source of different byproducts but it is easy to tell the difference based on the unique aroma that comes from Borneo’s Kratom leaves. Just like you get with all the known Kratom trees, Borneo is the source of tree distinct leaves – The white, red, and Green vein. All three describe the physical characteristics of the leaves based on the color of veins running through them.

So, Green vein Borneo Kratom leaves possess Green veins. You can only trust a few vendors to supply you with this premium Borneo Kratom powder. We employ strict quality control procedures to verify the quality of our Kratom powder before shipping them out to consumers.

Where is This Strain Grown?

In all of Asia, Borneo has a reputation for being the largest island and it’s also the third-largest in the world. The landmass is so huge that Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia had to divide the ownership of the island, with Indonesia controlling a vast majority.

We source our Green vein Borneo Kratom from the forests of Borneo island, specifically the areas controlled by Indonesia which amounts to about 73%. We work with skilled farmers that have the knowledge of cultivating Mitragyna Speciosa trees passed down from generation to generation. For many centuries, the region’s natives were popular for chewing Kratom leaves even without knowing the individual properties of each leaf.

Today, many consumers prefer to consume Green vein Borneo Kratom in its powder form. That’s because it allows them to enjoy custom-made Kratom tea by measuring out the quantity of Mitragyna Speciosa finely ground powder that’s right for them.

Experience The QKratom Difference

We know that there aren’t many trusted sellers of Kratom powder online. To ensure that our customers shop with no worries whatsoever, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also backed this up with full money-back protection and can facilitate same-day shipping. We have a commitment to earn your trust by offering unrivaled customer care support.

Fill out your cart with your desired quantity and we will get Green Borneo Kratom to your doorstep in no time. We are sure of making you a loyal customer once you experience the QKratom difference.


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