Green Sumatra Kratom Powder


What you have here is one of the most balanced Kratom strains. Green Sumatra Kratom comes with everything you expect from an alkaloid packed strain gotten from average-size leaves. At QKratom, we bring you green vein Sumatra gotten from Sumatra island and not so different from other related strains like green Borneo and Green Bali. Our Kratom powder is:

  • Shipped in airtight packaging
  • Free of filler, chemicals, or additives
  • Sourced using Fair Trade practices
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If you really consider it, Green Sumatra Kratom may qualify as the most unstated among the different variants and strains of Mitragyna Speciosa byproducts. We say this because many users feel it is just like Green Bali while others say it tends towards the Green Borneo spectrum. But the truth remains that it is not like any of the others but remains unique.

Green Sumatra Kratom has the right alkaloid profile which makes it a well-rounded Kratom strain. When it comes to aroma, this Kratom strain also comes out on top with most users preferring it over white Sumatra Kratom. This has become one of the reasons for Green Sumatra’s growing popularity among users in the Kratom community.

Responsibly-Sourced Green Sumatra Kratom

If you’re wondering where we get our Green Sumatra Kratom from, you should know that it comes from the beautiful Sumatra in Indonesia. To be honest, what you find on most online stores being paraded as green vein Sumatra doesn’t really come from the true source.

Mitragyna speciosa trees from which Green Sumatra is sourced doesn’t only grow in the Sumatra region. There are other places all over Indonesia where you can find these trees, including large and small islands. So, when trying to decide what brand to buy from, verify that their Green Sumatra Kratom comes from the right source.

We work with experienced farmers in Sumatra that create the Green Sumatra Kratom powder by harvesting the leaves at the right growth stage before transforming them into finely ground powder. The green vein leaves are not as old as the white or red vein leaves and also have slightly different makeup.

If you want access to authentic, premium-grade Green Sumatra Kratom powder, shop at QKratom. We are a trusted brand and we transport all our Kratom products in airtight packaging to ensure that they stay fresh and retain their quality.

Make the Right Choice and Experience the QKratom Difference

The energized strain, Green Sumatra Kratom, puts in a relaxed performance and that’s one of the reasons that Kratom consumers are drawn to this unique Mitragyna speciosa strain. It also boasts a very distinct alkaloid profile, transforming it into a charming gem.

At QKratom, we are different, period! Apart from offering high-quality Kratom powders, we also create a stellar experience for our buyers through our customer-oriented solutions. When you buy Green Sumatra Kratom powder from us, you are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Get in touch with our customer care team if you have any questions and we are ready to deliver your orders as soon as possible, straight to your doorstep.


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