Red Bali Kratom Review – Everything There is to Know

Red Bali kratom is harvested from leaves of mitragyna speciosa, which is related to coffee trees. Asian people used the leaves as a stimulant, while others used it as a substitute for heroin. They believed that kratom leaves give them strength and the ability to work for long hours.

The tree grows up to 25 meters tall with elliptical leaves with a heart-shaped base and a hairy lower side. The leaves grow big enough to cover an average man’s palm. They produce psychoactive opioid agents that mimic opiates and opioids. They have a fast growth rate, a factor that makes red Bali kratom cheap and popular. It is grown in fertile areas to produce high yield and quality kratom at a low price.

Origin of Red Bali Kratom

The origin of the red Bali kratom is not exact yet. However, the red Bali in the market today is mostly harvested in Malaysia and Indonesia. Many sources claim that red Bali was first grown in Bali because of its name, although the name could originate from the port used to ship the red Bali strain. The confusion could also be a result of Borneo stems, which are partially owned by Indonesia. Red Bali kratom is a mixture of Sumatra and Borneo hybrid.

Difference between Red Bali and other Kratom Strains

Kratom is categorized according to the area it is grown and the color of the veins. According to their leaf vein color, Bali kratom comes in three main strains: red, green, and white. Unlike other types, the red Bali has large leaves than other typical plants. The red Bali also offers immediate and consistent effects compared to different slower strains in kicking into the system. It has a very high potency, that’s why experts suggest minimal usage.

Cost of Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali kratom is relatively cheap compared to other strains, thanks to its large leaves. Select red Bali kratom is the best type in terms of the alkaloid content, which retails between $12 and $13 per ounce. The standard is not very different from the premium/select. They only differ in the method used in grinding the leaves into powder. The standard product involves gridding of leaves and stems while the premium products eliminate the branches since they are not rich in alkaloids. The classic choice goes for approximately $8 per ounce. Red Bali is cheaper, especially when bought in bulky; you are likely to buy 1 kg at $300.

Administration Methods of Red Bali Kratom


Brewing kratom tea is the most traditional method of taking kratom leaves. Before the leaves are processed and packed for export, they are dried; some people hand crushes and use it in their tea. This method helps the users avoid the leaves bitter taste since you can use ingredients to enhance the flavor and aroma. It is also the right way of limiting the quantity of kratom you ingest into your stomach.

Loose Leaf

Some people will enjoy chewing the leaf whole. The leaf does not leave any residues on your teeth, so if you feel the need to chew something, you can chew your red Bali kratom leaves raw and whole.

Red Bali Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is the most common and efficient method of taking red Bali kratom. Here kratom leaves are dried, crushed, and packed in capsules. Kratom powder can be used in foods or brewed in tea since it is easy mixing it with other ingredients. To make it tasty, you also can add it to your smoothies, yogurt, or salads. In many cases, kratom powder is cheaper than other forms; it is also easy to consume and not bulky.


Kratom tablets are known to be less addictive as compared to other forms. Since the pills are made by exerting high pressure on the kratom powder, some addictive agents are not present.


Kratom gum is common among discrete users. Some people will prefer the gums, especially when traveling, to keep them alert throughout the journey. However, all gums are addictive, and red ball kratom is not exceptional.

Red Bali Kratom Extracts

You can choose to make red Bali kratom liquid extract. Kratom extract is ideal for those who require a convenient and recreational intake. Liquid extraction enhances water, ethanol, and carbon dioxide presence to create a more concentrated concoction. You can also blend it with other ingredients to give a pleasant flavor and aroma.


Red Bali Kratom tinctures have a high potency as compared to its powder. Since the liquid is concentrated, just a millimeter can contain high alkaloid content than other kratom forms. Red Bali kratom tinctures tend to act faster than powder kratom or raw leaves.

Alkaloid Content of Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali kratom contains different types of alkaloids. However, each kratom leaf’s alkaloids differ depending on geographical location, time of harvest, and the length of dry or the rainy period. The red Bali contains over 30 alkaloids:


Mitragynine covers the primary alkaloid content in the red Bali kratom. It covers 65% of the total alkaloid in the kratom leaf, and it’s responsible for the majority of the effects of the red Bali kratom.


The second dominant alkaloid content in the leaf occupies around 8.6 to 9% of the total leaf alkaloid content.


Speciogynine is the third most potent alkaloid found in red Bali kratom. Its total content ranges between 6.6 and 7% of the total alkaloid in the kratom leaf.

7-hydroxy mitragynine

It occupies at least 2% of the total alkaloid content. Together with mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine helps in almost all the significant effects of red Bali kratom.


Mitraphylline is one of the minor alkaloid content in red Bali kratom. It contains up to 1% of the total kratom leaf alkaloid content playing a key antioxidant role.


It also takes 1% of the total leaf alkaloid content.

Other Alkaloids

Speciophylline, isomitrafoline, isopteropodine, isospeciofoline, mitrafoline, mitragynine speciofoline are also some of the micro but important contents found in red Bali kratom.

The skilled kratom farmers grow it in high humid, fertile volcanic soils. They allow it to stay on the farm throughout the hot tropical periods to increase the 7-hydro mitragynine level.

It also undergoes a unique fermentation process using heat and water to increase 7-hydro mitragynine concentration further, which also enhances the concentration of mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, a pungent alkaloid. The red Bali kratom undergoes fermentation to increase its effectiveness and give it an appealing red look.7-hydromitragynine. Hydroxymitragynine is a significant substance in the red Bali strain.

Mitragynine is the most potent alkaloid, and it appears in large quantities as well. It affects different receptors in the body, such as the brain and the spine. They also produce haploid effects on other organs, intestines, and male genitals. It also increases the level of mitragynine in your leaves; you should harvest your trees more frequently. The leaves harvested immediately after the rains return, especially after a long sunny season has high Mitragine content. The plants produce more Mitragine to prevent animals from eating them, but if not harvested frequently, they do not make much Mitragine.

Testing Red Bali Kratom in the body

Testing the presence of kratom in the body is not easy. But using some sophisticated tests, such a 10-panel kratom test, can detect kratom in the urine even after seven days. However, other methods, such as hair follicles, blood tests, and saliva tests, are used. Seeing kratom in the system depends on various issues such as:


Mitragynine is fat-soluble; it will dissolve fast in individuals with massive bodies compared to those with less fat.
Quantity of the drugs
Red Bali kratom is a dose dependant drug; the number of narcotics one uses will determine the amount of time it will stay in the system.

Other Drugs

Using multiple drugs can lower the elimination rate of kratom in the body. For instance, if you combine kratom and alcohol, it means the liver will have to metabolize alcohol than any other drug.

Healthy Condition

Metabolism in a healthy human body is faster than that of persons with a medical problem.


Older persons tend to have a low metabolism rate than younger individuals.

Is red Bali Kratom addictive?

Every strain of kratom is addictive, as found in with native Asian countries. Many countries in southern Asia have restricted the use of kratom due to its increased abuse.

Some of the addictive effects associated with kratom abuse include withdrawal and drug-seeking habits. Although kratom is derived from plants, it is not entirely safe and natural. Just like other botanicals such as tobacco, cocaine, and heroin, kratom contains some harmful substances.

If you decide to use red Bali kratom for any reason, do it with caution. Carry out a thorough research on the possible outcome and the right quantity you should take. If you are not satisfied, you can proceed and ask the expert. Remember, kratom can be health hazardous as well as beneficial to your health.

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