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Red Dragon Kratom Review

Red dragon kratom is a relatively new strain in the market. Despite this, red dragon kratom is getting great acceptance among kratom users due to its potency. It originates from Thailand in Southeast Asia, where veteran farmers handpick the leaves from the kratom plant and turn it into powder and extract. It thrives the field full of resources to provide a high-quality product.

What is Red Dragon Kratom

Red dragon kratom works as a strong version of caffeine, which gives immediate and consistent effects. This strain has a dark red texture than other red kratom strains. The color is due to its genetic composition and drying technique. The red dragon strain derives its name from its color, which is red. It has a similar appearance to red Thai kratom. It is also considered the most intense of all dragon kratom.

Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen tree found in Thailand and other tropical areas. Traditionally, people in Southeast Asia chewed kratom leaves and brewed tea to fight fatigue and increase productivity. It was also used during religious festivals. Now kratom has gained popularity and has spread in almost all corners of the world.

Ecological Conditions for Growing Red Dragon Kratom

Many people have made kratom a part of their lives. Due to the quest and high demand for kratom, they want a more personal way of attaining kratom. If you are thinking of growing your kratom, you should understand its ecological requirements.

  • Soil: mitragyna speciosa thrives in rainforest soils rich in nutrients and, more importantly, nitrogen. The soil should be moderately acidic with a PH of 5.5 to 6.5. You will need to monitor your soil PH regularly.
  • Temperature: kratom does not do well when the temperature goes below 60F, and a temperature below 50F can kill the plant. You can use a greenhouse to sustain the temperatures if you plan to grow your plant out of its native region.
  • Water: kratom plant requires a lot of regular watering; however, you should be careful not to flood the area. If your plant is not growing in a humid controlled area, remember to spray it regularly.
  • Light: kratom plant requires a lot of light. If the plant does not get enough light, it can wither and die. Outdoors you will need to grow your plant where it can get direct sunlight. If you are growing it indoors, you will need plenty of lambs to keep the room well lit.
  • Space: kratom tree requires a lot of space to grow. If you provide your plant with sufficient space, it will grow into a tall and wide plant with many leaves.

What makes Red Dragon Kratom Special?

Red dragon kratom is an exclusive type of kratom prepared from a special type of mitragyna speciosa plant. The tree thrives in the deepest regions of the jungle in Malaysia and Thailand. Only mature leaves are picked to make red dragon kratom. The soil and other climatic conditions play an important role in producing red dragon kratom. These factors also help in boosting their biochemical compounds.

Red dragon kratom, also known as a superior red dragon, contains 100 alkaloids, 25% active and effective. Mitragynine and 7- hydroxymitragynine are the main biochemical’s that make red dragon kratom more powerful. However, the components are present in all kratom strains, but each strain contains a different concentration, and the red dragon is among the most concentrated type. It also contains high levels of 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, which makes it more potent. You will experience the effects of red dragon kratom 10-20 minutes after taking. The effects last longer, which is 5-6 hours. Due to its potency, you should use red dragon kratom in low quantities to avoid addiction and dependency in the long run.

Price of Red Dragon Kratom

Kratom price may vary from one vendor t another or from one form to another. For instance, some vendors sell 28g of red dragon kratom at $11 and a package of 112g at $39. Red dragon capsules are not very common but can be found. Many sellers sell thirty capsules for $15 and 80 capsules for $ 40.

Factors to consider when Buying Red Dragon Kratom

Since kratom is gaining popularity, the number of kratom users has also increased drastically. To satisfy the ever-growing demand, the number of kratom vendors has also increased. Many sellers claim to sell the best quality kratom, although many of these vendors don’t deliver up to standard. To get the best results, you must buy the high quality and authentic red dragon kratom from the best and certified vendors. So, before you settle for a vendor, you should conduct thorough research to establish their credibility.

  • Quality of Red Dragon Kratom: The way a vendor market their red dragon kratom is a clear indication of the level of confidence in their kratom. If a vendor is selling their kratom at a very low price, you can be sure they are selling low-quality kratom. It would help if you also avoided vendors marketing kratom as an opium alternative since most sell altered, tainted kratom.
  • Packaging: Another thing you can look at before buying kratom is the packaging. Poor packaging may sometimes indicate poor quality. A vendor that respects and understands the product will take their time and do proper and attractive packaging. Poorly packaged kratom can also attract molds, which could be unsafe for your health.
  • Shipping: Shipping speed is another factor you should consider before settling for any seller. You don’t want your kratom spending a week on the delivery truck, gathering dust, and other impurities. Buy your red dragon kratom from a seller offering fast and reliable delivery.
  • Experience: How long has the seller been in business? You may need to settle with more experienced vendors. Some vendors cannot answer basic questions about the strains they are selling. However, if you are buying from a veteran, they can offer you some guidance about kratom.

Where do I Buy Red Dragon Kratom?

Local Gas Station

Mini shops at the gas station are another avenue for red dragon kratom. However, when buying from the gas station, beware of vendors selling contaminated kratom. Most of these stores don’t sell safe kratom stores since they are not driven by consumer health but profit.


Many Local bars in cities stock kratom besides selling other products like alcohol and other drinks. Most of them sell red dragon kratom inform of hot drinks brewed with kratom even if it is not advisable to mix kratom with alcohol; some bars mix kratom with alcohol.

Smoke Shop

Most of the smoke shops are known for selling high-quality kratom. However, it would help if you researched to establish the authenticity of the seller.

Vape Shop

The Vape shop is another place you can find the red dragon kratom. However, most of these shops run illegally. So it is important to understand the legality of the shop.

Online Shops to Buy Red Dragon Kratom

There are thousands of vendors selling red dragon kratom online. Buying kratom online could be the easiest method of buying kratom but might not be the most authentic. Online vendors allow you to order your kratom and have it delivered at your doorstep. It is hard to determine the quality of the red dragon kratom you buy online until you taste it. However, you can minimize the chances of receiving low-quality products by researching the vendor and asking for reviews from previous buyers.

Problems you may experience when buying Red Dragon Kratom

Quality Issues

Some of the kratom vendors do not focus on the quality and safety of the consumers. You are likely to encounter vendors selling low-quality red dragon kratom that does not give satisfactory results. It is important to ensure that you buy your red dragon kratom from certified vendors. It would help if you also avoided vendors with poorly packaged kratom. Poor packaging could attract molds and other contaminants.

Legal High

Most head shops and local outlets may sell a variety of kratom products labeled ‘legal high.’ These include a mixture of marijuana, salvia, and kratom; this product falls at the law’s unclear position. Generally, these shops are visited by authorities; due to these risks, these products are overpriced. Also, buying a red dragon kratom mixed with other drugs can cause undesirable results.

Expired Kratom Products

Another dangerous risk is associated with buying kratom locally. Most local shops stock kratom in bulk without considering their expiry date and their consequences to their consumers. Make sure you check the expiry date before making your purchase.

Ignorance of the Red Dragon Kratom Sellers

Many sellers don’t understand a lot about red dragon kratom and are likely to mislead you. It would be best to carry out your research before visiting the shop to ensure that you understand what you are buying. Have some basic knowledge about red dragon kratom before making your purchase.

Red dragon kratom is popular for its potency. It could be available in a shop near you. Like other kratom strains, red dragon kratom has many effects on your body, and frequent use can lead to undesirable effects.

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