Releaf Kratom Review

Releaf Kratom Review 2021

If you’re searching for information about Releaf Kratom, we’ve got you covered. This herb is fast becoming popular amongst the western community. Today, many users have literally fallen in love with Kratom and explore it in different ways.

Although it has not been legalized throughout the country by the Federal authorities, its distribution and use are still legal in many areas of the US. The increase in demand for Kratom products has equally led to a rise in the number of vendors. So getting your regular supply of kratom doesn’t have to be such a difficult task so long as you do your due diligence.

In light of this, we bring you a review of one such vendor known as Releaf Kratom. Without further ado, let’s dive in and tell you all you need to know.

Who is Releaf Kratom?

Releaf Kratom is a vendor that operates straight out of Columbus, Ohio. Their reputation seems to come from the quality of their Kratom powder, quick turnaround, and ability to maintain excellent customer service. Those are the three standout features that we’ve noticed so far.

This online vendor operates fully 24 hours a day and does this to ensure that consumers shop when it is best convenient for them. And with the efforts that they’ve channeled into customer service, they’ve become a force to reckon with when it comes to collecting only the best strains.

One good thing about this vendor that we see from their “About Us” section is their connection with nature. They have high regard for ancient cultures and traditions, respecting the visions, art, and synergy our predecessors had with nature. Releaf Kratom also respects the extensive knowledge that many farmers in Southeast Asia have about ancient plants.

So this company believes that, for mankind to evolve in the right direction, our relationship with nature has a crucial role to play. The importance of herbs like Kratom to human culture, tech, medicine, wellness, and personal growth cannot be overemphasized.

Unfortunately, technology and civilization have both caused a strain in the relationship man has with his immediate environment. And the only way to get rid of such tension is to realign with nature. There is no better way to do this than by incorporating plants and herbs into our daily lives. The logic being that, when man reconnects with nature, we discover more about our reality.

This reconnection process is what Releaf Kratom seeks to facilitate by any means possible. So ever since they discovered this fantastic plant, Kratom, they have continuously strived to ensure that everyone who cares gets a taste of its goodness.

What Strains Can Be Found At Releaf Kratom?

Releaf Kratom has vending machines that make it convenient for buyers to make a quick stop and get their supply rather than wait for days to get their packages delivered. But this is something only the local residents can benefit from because customers from farther distances can’t have access to the machines. Yet, it still makes sense and you don’t find vendors with vending machines every other day.

Releaf Kratom’s product catalog features the following popular strains:

It’ll also interest you to know that they offer Kratom Extracts.

Yes, they have done a good job in organizing their products into categories to make it easier for people to shop. However, one problem here is that most of these categories do not have any products listed under them.

This is probably because they tend to run out of stock often but they’d have to work on making adjustments in the nearest future concerning that aspect of their business.

Regarding product quality, this vendor claims to offer only authentic kratom and says it takes pride in giving its customers only the best products. Yet, they have very little or no proof to back up such claims. Releaf Kratom has not made mention of the standards with which they determine product authenticity. They also do not make results of product testing available on their website for the public to see.

The only proof of quality available, which by the way is not solid enough, happens to be customer feedback. Consumers who have patronized them in the past claim to have had a satisfying experience.

Product Prices

The website doesn’t show the prices of products so it would be a bit difficult to tell how affordable or expensive they are. But according to some communities, most strains are sold for around $10 per 30 grams of kratom.

They also sell in larger quantities: 60g, 100g, as well as 50g, 500g, and 1kg. And most strains wouldn’t cost you more than $100 to get yourself a kilo.

Delivery Information

At Releaf Kratom, if you want your orders to be shipped the same day, you must place them before 1:00 PM on a weekday. If you were not able to place an order before this time, it will have to be sent out the next day. This also includes Saturdays.

All orders made at Releaf Kratom are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. This channel of shipping usually takes 2-3 days to get the package to you.

You are entitled to free shipping if you place an order that exceeds $50. But should your order fall below this threshold, shipping services attract a charge of $6.00.

This vendor ensures that all of its products en route can be tracked by customers. The tracking numbers are sent to customers so that they too can keep an eye on their orders.

Return and Refund Policy

Releaf Kratom believes that they are in business because of the loyalty of their customers and therefore see their satisfaction as something that should be prioritized. Hence, they created a policy for returns and refunds.

So if you order a product and yet are unsatisfied when it gets delivered, you can initiate a process to get a replacement. All you need to do is contact the company and make your issues known to them. You can contact them via phone or preferably by sending an email.

Sometimes, a shipment may get tagged as undeliverable and returned for certain reasons. If this happens, the vendor will reship the package. If such a package gets returned a second time, the order will get canceled.

You will then be offered a full refund excluding the cost of shipping. Before submitting an order form, ensure that every detail has been entered correctly. Releaf Kratom is not to be held responsible for mistakes made on your end.

Packages are normally insured with USPS. This insurance covers all losses and damages. Hence, customers will get reimbursement for damages and losses caused by USPS if they opt for the insurance package.

Releaf Kratom won’t make deliveries to locations in Wisconsin, Indiana, Vermont, or Tennessee. So customers who live in these areas are expected to come to pick up their deliveries at the store.

Is This Vendor Worth It?

Although Releaf Kratom isn’t the best Kratom vendor around, they still shouldn’t be considered the worst. Besides, customer reviews suggest that they supply quality products at a good price. They offer same-day shipping as well and make provisions for you to return any unsatisfactory products. More interestingly, every one of their shipments gets tracked.

The biggest downside that this vendor seems to have is their web design and product list. They have very few products in stock. If you’re not in Ohio and want a vendor you can count on, you should probably look elsewhere.

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