Royal Kratom Review

Read This Royal Kratom Review Before Buying in 2021

The demand for kratom is on the rise across US cities. More rookies are getting initiated into the industry while veteran users continue to seek more. And if you fit into any of these groups, you’ll admit that this has caused some sort of rush, leading to the establishment of numerous Kratom vendors like Royal Kratom.

With new vendors popping up here and there every year, it becomes difficult to tell which is genuine. But consumers are becoming more knowledgeable. Many of them now go out of their way to seek highly reputable companies because they want nothing short of the best quality kratom powder.

Royal Kratom is one such vendor that is well-known in the industry. Want to know more about them? Then keep reading as we provide you with detailed information about this vendor.

Royal Kratom: Who They Are?

Royal Kratom is an online Kratom vendor that operates from California and brings consumers the highest quality kratom strains. Just by logging onto the company’s website, the average consumer will feel a sense of satisfaction. That is because their web design, built with excellent aesthetics, feels attractive. It is relatively easy to navigate the store, and users, including newbies, shouldn’t have a difficult time finding their way around.

The site also provides information about the price of products, shipping policy, contact details,
and other vital data. These are hallmarks of a vendor that’s in for real business.

What Kratom Strains Do They Offer?

Royal Kratom has an extensive list of Kratom strains. That alone is a big plus for the company, considering that they haven’t even been around for that long. Their comprehensive product list attracts many buyers to them. Whatever the color or variant of Kratom you desire, you will likely find it here at Royal Kratom.

Below is a breakdown of Kratom capsules, Kratom extracts, and kratom powder available at Royal Kratom.

Kratom Powder

Today, many Kratom users prefer to use Kratom powder because it is the most popular and probably the most affordable of the varieties. That’s why Royal Kratom deemed it fit to supply their customers with more types of Kratom powder. Some of the Kratom powder strains they provide include:

  • Royal Kratom Powder
  • Bali Kratom Powder
  • Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  • White Vein
  • Vietnam
  • Rainbow
  • Thai kratom powder
  • Green Vein
  • Red Vein

Kratom Capsules

You’ll most likely feel that Royal Kratom only has a lot of kratom powders in stock. But when you get to the capsules, you then realize that they have much more. Kratom capsules are pre-made, and you can easily commute with them in your purse or your backpack. Hence, most people who are always on the move seem to prefer this Kratom variant. The most sought-after capsules strains on their website include:

  • Thai kratom capsules
  • Gold capsules
  • Vietnam Kratom XL Capsules
  • Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

Apart from those mentioned above, other Kratom capsules readily available on their website include

  • Rainbow Capsules
  • Bali Capsules
  • Red vein
  • White Vein
  • Silver Capsules
  • Green Vein

Kratom Extracts/Tinctures

Royal Kratom understands the value of customer satisfaction. That is why they have gone the extra mile to make Kratom Extracts available for users who prefer them. It could come in the form of kratom tinctures. And that isn’t something you see in the store of every other regular vendor, which is yet another reason why Royal Kratom may have an elite seller rating. The most common products offered in this category include:

  • Royal Kratom Extract
  • Bali Tincture
  • Maeng Da Tincture
  • Diamond Kratom Extract

What Will It Cost You?

Go over online reviews concerning Royal Kratom, and you’d probably meet a bunch of unsatisfied customers complaining about the prices. They say that this vendor’s products are usually pricey. But keep in mind that getting quality stuff always comes at a cost.

So if you are willing to enjoy the premium quality offered by Royal Kratom, you should also be willing to pay top bucks. Although they are a bit more expensive than most vendors around, we still consider them affordable. And patronizing them won’t leave you bankrupt.

You can get a kilo of Vietnam Kratom powder for about $191.95. Half a kilo of Green Vein kratom powder costs $107.95, and expect to get 250 grams of Bali Kratom for $53.95.

If you think these prices are beyond your budget, you can go for more affordable but lesser quantities. A 75g shipment of Bali Kratom powder should cost you just $20.95. You can also get 75g of Maeng Da Kratom Powder for the same price.

Shipping Information

For orders above $75.00, customers can qualify for free ground shipping. But this offer applies to residents within the US. And for orders below $75.00, the company charges a flat rate of $8.99. Shipment arrival takes close to 7 working days for ground shipping.

Royal Kratom offers shipping services throughout the U.S, excluding Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin. This exception applies because those states have laws against the sale and distribution of kratom products in those areas.

Can You Return Kratom? Will You Get a Refund?

Since they have the interest of customers at heart, Royal Kratom makes sure to keep their customers happy at all times. They’ve pulled this off with great success by offering customers the opportunity to return any product they are not satisfied with.

Customers must keep in mind the need to check their shipment thoroughly to make sure it suffered no damage en route. In the case of any issues arising, all you need to do is contact the company and lay your complaints. This vendor will then work out a way to get the product replaced.

However, this complaint must reach Royal Kratom within 72 hours of delivery. You must also attach a snapshot as proof alongside detailed information, all within this timeframe.

Every product comes with a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. So if for any reason you don’t find your shipment satisfactory after you’ve bought it, feel free to return it. The company will grant you a full refund if your return comes through within 30 days.

If you need to get in touch with Royal Kratom for any reason, check below to see their contact details:

  • Address – PO BOX 1067, Carlsbad, CA 92018
  • Telephone – (760) 602-1094
  • Email –

Is Royal Kratom Worth it?

Yes, this vendor is a good bet for your money. Even though many might consider them a little more expensive, they offer premium quality. Additionally, their shipping services are flexible, and they have a 30-day payback guarantee. If this company’s price is within your budget, then you should consider trying them out.

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