Sabai Kratom Review: Features, Products, and Coupon Codes

Ever thought of the reason why consumers have a preference for some kratom vendors over others? Well, it’s either because their products are of better quality. Or it could be that they have prices that are more affordable. And if the customer service is top-notch, you’re in for a treat.

Every kratom vendor has its own benefits and peculiarities. For this review, we’ll discuss Sabai Kratom.

Sabai Kratom Highlights

  • Sells at reasonable prices
  • Offers a wide variety of kratom strains, including specialty blend
  • Fast shipping services and great customer service
  • Accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal
  • Has provisions for bulk purchases
  • Facilities are not GMP certified
  • Don’t appear on Reddit
  • Don’t accept cryptocurrencies

About Sabai Kratom

Sabai Kratom is a Northern Ireland-based vendor that started in 2017 as a small company going from scratch and soon working its way up to the top. The secret of their success lies in the fact that they continually review their processes and prioritize the needs of their customers over profits.

Its mission is simple and clear: to constantly supply its customers with the best quality kratom. Within a short period, this vendor has acquired a great wealth of experience from their partners in the U.S. 

Their partners had been in business long before them and were, therefore, able to provide them with the needed insight that would guarantee success. One peculiar thing about this vendor is that they never go for kratom harvested by plantation-based farmers. Instead, they go for those harvested in the wild. 

For many years, they have relied on the services of trusted Indonesian farmers for the supply of fresh kratom. And since then, they haven’t relented on their efforts to provide their customers with fresh and pure kratom. Their products are sanitary and laboratory certified. Even after the first test, the strains are double-checked again at their laboratory and further screened for undetected contaminants, harmful chemicals, and pathogens.

Sometime in 2019, SR claimed that Antonio “Tino” Compau was not transparent enough. He further stated that the test results provided could not be verified. This was because Mr. Compau preferred interior lab testing to third-party lab testing. 

However, Sabai Kratom isn’t the first to adopt this method of testing. This process is quite popular in the industrial hemp sector where tests get carried out on hemp plants and strains. 

To prove that the accusations against them were false, they not only tested in-house but also submitted the full results to ARL for verification. Details of the lab results were also discussed on the Speciosa Republic. All these efforts were invested to prove that this vendor is committed to transparency and has the interests of its customers at heart.

The Product Collection and Prices At Sabai Kratom

Currently, this vendor offers over 20 different strains of kratom, including individual strains and specialty blends. They include:

GreensRedsSuper strainsWhitesYellow strainsOthers
Green JongkongRed GoldSuper IndoWhite HuluYellow Maeng DaElephant Jong Kong
Green HuluRed BaliSerenity BlendWhite ElephantYellow VietnamArizona Snow
Green MalayRed ReliefSuper white White Maeng DaYellow Hulu KapuasTed Vietnam
Green HornRed BentuangieSuper Borneo White BorneoIndo Kong
Green Maeng DaRed ThaiSuper RedMandy’s Miracle
Red DragonJenn’s Juice
Red Jong KongThe Twins
Red Maeng Da
Kratom Strains Available at Sabai Kratom

The price of each strain starts from as low as $6.99 per ounce but can get higher, depending on the quantity you’re buying. Check out the other ranges below:

  • 100 grams sells for around $19.97
  • 500 grams for $59.97 
  • One kilo goes for $109.97 

Although this may not be the cheapest you will find around, the prices are still reasonable, especially for an online vendor that’s based abroad

They also sell encapsulated kratom, with prices ranging from $14.00 to $120.00. A 50-count bottle of 15 mg is sold for $14.99. The 100 count package goes for $27.99, while their 500-count sells for $119.99.

What Are People Saying?

Although this vendor started on the wrong foot with the allegations leveled against them, today they have made a name for themselves. Sabai Kratom is yet to register a strong presence on platforms like Reddit. However, they have racked up so many likes and positive messages on Facebook. 

Most users who have done business with this seller always have something nice to say about them. According to reviews, customers maintain that the quality of their kratom strains is very okay. Another intriguing aspect is that they have extensive knowledge of Kratom and are available to answer any questions you may have about it.

Payment Methods and Coupon Codes

To make payments for purchases made, you can either use credit cards or PayPal. The use of digital currency, Zelle, and Bitcoin is not available at the moment, but you’ll have to get in touch with them if you’re looking to explore any other method not mentioned here.

They have deals available to every user of Sabai Kratom that signs up with a valid email address. This coupon entitles you to a 10% discount on your orders at checkout. All you need to do is input the promo code that was given to you earlier.

Sabai Kratom Shipping and Refunds

This vendor is known for excellent customer service. They understand that their customers are the bedrock of their business without which they wouldn’t have any brand in the first place. 

We’ve seen customers say favorable things about their products and services, both online and offline. Shipping with Sabai Kratom appears to be quite fast and free of hiccups. All orders are eligible to receive free shipping so long as you buy goods in excess of $90. It usually takes 1-5 working days, depending on your proximity to their base location. If your package stays en route longer than it is meant to stay, you can contact the company to make inquiries. Staff response time is almost immediate as well. 

When it comes to replacements and refunds, Sabai kratom has a policy in place that permits the return of any deliveries which a customer seems to be unsatisfied with. You’ll get a free replacement in most cases. The company is also willing to offer a partial full refund as an alternative, so long as the package still remains unopened. However, all requests to have your product returned, replaced, or refunded must be made and completed within 30 days.

Contact Details

Address 1: Sabai Sabai Botanicals Ltd, Room Sf2 11-14 Newry St, Warrenpoint, Newry., Co. Down, Northern Ireland, Bt34 3jz.
Address 2: North 4th Street Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
The vendor normally operates on Mondays through Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM.
Phone : +1 (888) 563-6733
Email Address:
Eu Phone Number: +442031290614

Bottom Line

Sabai Kratom is one of the kratom vendors that has made a name for itself. They promise to supply their customers with the best quality at an affordable price and they have kept to their promise. Whether you are a newbie or you have been in the kratom business for a long time, Sabai Kratom can be counted on to not disappoint.

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