Serenity Botanicals Review

Serenity Botanicals Review: What You Need To Know

In this piece, we want to shine the spotlight on one Kratom vendor, Serenity Botanicals. As more and more people have begun a shift towards herbal and more organic substances like Kratom, the challenge always lies in finding a trusted vendor.

With many different companies claiming to sell the best strains, capsules, and extracts, how do you go about determining who’s authentic or not? This is something that can’t be overlooked because there’s a huge risk that comes with buying low-quality Kratom powder. So you must do your due diligence before settling for a particular vendor.

Thankfully we are here to help. Serenity Botanicals is one such Kratom vendor that many would like to find out more about. So this review provides in-depth knowledge concerning all you need to know about them. Read and digest the sections below.

Serenity Botanicals: Who Are They?

Serenity Botanicals is a herbal store based in Ohio and happens to be a family-owned business. They do not only deal in Kratom products, but also sell Organic Lotions, Essential Oils, Herbal Tea, and CBD products.

Serenity Botanicals was established by Kimberly and Jeff Ford. The idea to set up this store gathered momentum when Kratom helped Jeff break his addiction.

After Jeff underwent knee surgery, he was placed under a bunch of prescription drugs to manage his pain. In time, Jeff got addicted to prescription pills. And even after he was done with his treatment, he still craved the drugs. It was at this time that he discovered Kratom with the assistance of his brother-in-law. According to him, The herb did not only relieve his pain but also helped him cope well with his withdrawal symptoms.

Later on, he let his wife know about his improvements and she started using kratom to subdue her joint pains as a result. Seeing how effective the product was, they decided to bring it to others. By opening this online store, they were able to achieve that vision.

At Serenity Botanicals, the number one priority is customer satisfaction. To achieve this, they understand that there is a need to supply only the highest quality products. And since 2015, this online store has continually provided customers with high-quality products. In February 2020, they moved to the Starland District of downtown Savannah.

What’s the Serenity Botanicals Website Like?

One of the ways of determining if an online vendor is genuine enough is by checking out their website. A website is what a physical store should look like online. Therefore, customers expect to get the same benefits they would get if they were to walk into a physical store.

A reputable online vendor must show a willingness to go out of their way to make a website that’s both informative and easy to navigate. Failure to do so means that customers will have a hard time finding their way around, making them unable to make purchases on the website without assistance.

Serenity Botanicals is one of those vendors whose website design is up to standard. You can easily go through their collection of strains and herbal products. More interestingly, these products are categorized based on effects.

All you need to do is log onto the website and select the right category. You will then be referred to a page with loads of products that fit your query. The website also contains lots of informative info to help educate users on what Kratom is.

What Kratom Strains Do They Offer?

Serenity Botanicals understands that different users have varying preferences. That is why they have provided a variety of Kratom products. So whatever you need, you’re almost certain that you’ll find it here. Some of their Kratom Blends include;

  • Kratom Borneo Blend
  • Kratom Calm Blend
  • Kratom Focus Blend
  • Kratom Cambodian
  • Kratom Maeng Da Blend
  • Kratom Mood Blend
  • Kratom Powder Jar
  • Kratom Sweet Dream
  • Kratom Relief Blend

Apart from Kratom Blends, they also sell other Organic products such as soap, Lotion, Herbal Tea, and Essential Oils.

Serenity Botanicals Pricing System and Payment Options

This is one tricky part concerning the whole process of buying Kratom powder. Customers want to buy only the highest quality strains at very competitive prices. But don’t forget that quality comes with a price. Never go for the cheapest vendor just because you’re looking to save a couple of bucks.

However, Serenity Botanicals strives to make sure that its pricing structure isn’t steep. Their Kratom prices normally range from $2.99 to $124.99. So for as little as $2.99, you can get a sample pack.

Whereas, an ounce of Kratom sells at $6.99, which is a very fair price because the market average is around $8.99. You’ll even find some vendors selling as high as $10.00.

Serenity Botanicals provides different methods of payment. This way, customers can easily shop and pay using the channel that is most convenient for them. Here are the most popular options available for validating your orders:

  • Credit card
  • echecks
  • Zelle
  • Money order
  • Google Pay

Shipping Policy and Return/Refund Procedure

Orders placed before 12 PM EST on Monday -Thursday are normally shipped the next day. If you make an order on a Friday, your order wouldn’t be shipped until Monday the following week.

They don’t ship on weekends and holidays. So if you are going to make an order, you might want to keep that in mind to avoid disappointments.

The cost of shipping is quite affordable. For orders up to 10 oz shipped through First Class, the cost of shipping and handling is around $3.65. Priority Shipping usually gets a bit more expensive (costs around $8.15), with orders shipped through this channel taking around 2-3 days on average to arrive.

Although Serenity Botanicals promises to offer delivery services throughout the U.S, they still keep off from any areas where the sale and distribution of Kratom are considered illegal.

Concerning returns and refunds, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the package received, all you need to do is contact the company to lay a complaint. After your complaints have been addressed, the company will get in touch with you. And if they are satisfied with your reasons, they will either grant you an exchange or a refund depending on the agreement. The only requirement here is that the returned product must contain not less than 95% of its original content.

Making a Decision – Should You Buy Kratom Here?

Kratom is a relatively new product in the Western market and hasn’t even been approved at the Federal level. So it’s very likely that you’ll come across lots of fake or low-quality strains being peddled by shady vendors.

With Serenity Botanicals, however, we believe the quality you get can be vouched for. They not only provide good kratom powder but also have prices that we consider affordable. Although they do not offer same-day shipping services, this seller has a very friendly customer service team.

If you are not in a hurry to get your orders shipped on the same day you validate them, then it’s okay to give Serenity Botanicals a trial. But if you are in urgent need, then you might want to check elsewhere. Cheers!

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