Soul Speciosa Kratom Review

Soul Speciosa Kratom Review 2021 For Kratomites

A lot of vendors like Soul Speciosa claim to sell authentic Kratom powder and are free to fix their market rates and terms. But as a result of a large number of sellers in the market, it is difficult for most Kratom users to find genuine and reliable kratom vendors online.

If that’s your situation right now, not to worry, as this review will help you identify whether Soul Speciosa is a trusted Kratom store or not.

Who Is Soul Speciosa?

Soul Speciosa is now known as Left Coast Kratom. They changed their company name from Soul Speciosa in 2018 as a result of a widespread salmonella outbreak. Asides from that, the company seems to have now grown its reputation for being good vendors.

Soul Speciosa is located in Los Angeles, California. Their kratom is sourced straight from Southeastern Asia and this is because the best quality Kratom is usually obtained from countries in Southeastern Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. As a result of their source location, it is safe to say that Soul Speciosa sells high-quality Kratom since their batches come directly from local farmers without passing through any middleman.

If the online reports are anything to go by, Soul Speciosa Kratom is renowned for always providing fresh Kratom for their customers. This company aims to provide good Kratom at fair prices.

Soul Speciosa Kratom Strains

Unlike some vendors who claim to have certain Kratom strains but cannot deliver them when you go to order, Soul Speciosa delivers on everything it promises. Some other vendors may lie to you to make you visit their website and eventually lead you to choose some other strains other than your preference but this is different with Soul Speciosa.

Besides the regular Kratom powder strains, this vendor has special beginner strains for new Kratom users. This should help to make you gradually adjust to the effects of Kratom and maybe determine what’s best for you. Check out some of the strains they have:

  • Yellow Thai
  • Red Borneo
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Green Vein Thai
  • Super Indo
  • White Sumatra
  • OG Bali Kratom powder
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Borneo

Buying from Soul Speciosa Kratom means you get to choose from many options. Although their customers love all their strains, some of them are more sought after than others. The most famous strain of Kratom in their collection is the extra-charged Maeng Da Thai.

The reason for its popularity is that a lot of users consider it to be the most potent in the entire Kratom market. As a smart vendor, Soul Speciosa has capitalized on the strain’s popularity, ensuring it remains in regular supply even at low prices. Users only need to ingest a small quantity of this strain to get the desired effects.

Asides from having many strains of Kratom in their collection, Soul Speciosa’s strains can be found in different forms. They have kratom powder, capsules and extracts, and teas. Here are some of these variants that you can find in their store:

  • Gold Kratom extract
  • 50x Kratom extract
  • Platinum Kratom extract
  • 10x extract capsules
  • FSE Kratom Capsules
  • Gold Reserve Tea

Product Testing – Does This Vendor Check For Contaminants?

Soul Speciosa sells only products that have been tested for contamination. These screening phases and tests are yet another reason to believe that they sell high-quality Kratom. Testing of Kratom strains is necessary to ensure they are devoid of any heavy metals or other impurities.

High-quality Kratom always delivers much-needed benefits while low-quality kratom only results in health issues. Aside from going through tests, their Kratom strains always undergo a filtration process. It is this commitment to providing quality that sets them apart from other Kratom sellers.

Navigating The Soul Speciosa Website

Due to the name change, their website is now the Left Coast Kratom website and is user-friendly and simple to navigate. This is because the company is interested in making their shoppers comfortable when making their purchases. All you need to do is scroll and you’ll find most of the strains they offer.

They display their products in capsule, powder, and extract forms. The design of the website is aesthetically appealing too. You’ll also find descriptions of the products that guide you as the customer to be able to make more informed choices. Apart from that, you will find a QA option. This provides easy access for the customer to access the vendor for help with any problems they have.

They have been able to gain customers as a result of these options available. Oftentimes, customers get frustrated by the idea of using websites that make things stressful for them. But this Soul Speciosa website provides a feeling of ease for the users. People can message the customer service for assistance either through their phone number or email address.

The website displays discount information and guides on how customers can take part in them. Keep in mind that when it comes to security and privacy, all personal data that you input on the site are kept secure and safe.

Soul Speciosa Pricing and Payment Methods

For a company that sells high-quality Kratom, they pride themselves in selling at affordable prices. If you’re going Kratom shopping, it is important to compare and contrast the prices from different vendors. That’s because a lot of vendors sell overpriced kratom. However, with Soul Speciosa, you do not have to bother about being ripped off because their products are so affordable. So even users who have low budgets can buy.

For as little as $8.49 you can get yourself some Kratom powder from their shop. Customers get 28 grams of powder for less than $10, and 56 grams of powder sells below $17. They charge $9.99 for 28g of special Kratom strains like the Red Dragon. The cheapest Full Spectrum liquid extract has a starting price of $24.95. While 5g of the Ultra enhanced Indo Kratom is sold at $44.99.

From our findings, customers are even treated to a 10% discount on some products. This price may not necessarily be the cheapest in the industry, as there’ll probably be others with lower prices but we believe that this is fair enough. We’ve seen some people mention that their prices are too low for the quality they give. You can make payments using PayPal and credit cards. So apart from giving you affordable, quality Kratom, the payment procedure is also convenient.

When it comes to the price of their products, the only trouble people have is that this vendor does not sell in large quantities. Customers can not buy their bulk kratom in kilos or half kilo measurements. This means you’ll mostly have to buy smaller strains.

When you visit their website, make sure to fill in your email address. This should allow you to get coupons information about any future promos. It also makes you eligible to receive special deals and offers. Soul Speciosa Kratom often gives exclusive deals for customers who are signed up on their email list. So the best thing for you to do if you want to become a regular customer is to join the email club.

What’s The Customer Service Like?

Being a company that provides excellent Kratom at affordable prices, the customer service of this vendor reflects the need to make customers happy. They have amazing representatives who put in the effort needed to solve customers’ problems. The workers at Soul Speciosa are friendly and courteous.

You can access them through their contact address or email. Whichever way you choose, Soul Speciosa’s customer representatives will ensure you sort out any issues you encounter while trying to make purchases from them.

Their customer service is amazing and supportive as we’ve mentioned earlier. There are a lot of customer service contacts provided on the contact form and they must ensure that your products are delivered to you without any issues. They also welcome any suggestions or questions that you might have.

Sometimes users come to buy kratom powder but are unable to decide which strain would work better for them. Their customer service staff ensures that they help you out when deciding. The company does not provide expert medical advice concerning their products but they will guide your decision-making process by giving you every bit of information you need to know about a certain product or strain.

Shipping, Delivery, and Returns Policy

Soul Speciosa is fast when it comes to disbursing clients’ orders. Most orders get dispatched on the same day that they’re placed. This ensures that the kratom strains get to the customers fresh and fast. Asides from getting your orders fast, they also give free shipping to their customers on domestic orders above $99. If you’re shipping internationally, though, you will have to pay some extra bucks as it can be quite expensive. For customers living in the US, Soul Speciosa sends their orders using UPS or USPS.

Soul Speciosa allows their customers to return products within 30 days of delivery so long as they’re not damaged. Usually, the product will arrive in a well-sealed package to prevent any form of contamination in transit or damage to the product. This means if you no longer want your order, you will need to return it in the same condition.

While you can return unwanted products, the company will not accept products with tampered or opened seals. So try to make up your mind before you open your shipment.

Promos and Coupon Codes

Soul Speciosa’s customers have a lot to gain from patronizing this brand. Apart from being treated well, this vendor put together a loyalty program for their esteemed customers.

The program has five levels and it allows you the opportunity to unlock several benefits when you make purchases. If you spend over $500 buying their products, you can get 5% off of your purchase. And customers who follow their social media pages can get an extra 10% off of their purchases.

They reward loyal customers with a chance to participate in promotions every week and earn up to 70% discount from codes. You can even gather extra points when you share the content from their blogs, websites, or video posts.

Highlights of Shopping at Soul Speciosa

Soul Speciosa is not the only customer-friendly, but they also reward their customers for buying kratom powder. This is one of the reasons that their customers derive satisfaction in doing business with them. They receive praises for their consistent quality and most customers mention that they only started to try more of their products after having wonderful experiences the first time.

Soul Speciosa meets every requirement of vendors that you should patronize if you want quality Kratom. They supply high-quality Kratom sourced from Southeast Asia and have a wide kratom powder range. The store also gives discounts and promotional offers, all of which come at affordable prices.

But where does Soul Speciosa have to improve?

Well, it appears that they do not have any of their lab test results displayed on their website. Also, some customers have expressed some displeasure over their return policy. And Although they have a Facebook account, this vendor is not so active on social media.

Is Soul Speciosa Good For Patronage?

This vendor has shown itself to be reliable from all indications. They sell only high-quality Kratom which also happens to be within pocket reach for their customers. Soul Speciosa also makes sure their kratom batches have been tested. Now, this is certain because they have an AKA GMP certificate.

Although they do not display the results of their lab tests on the website, this certificate in a way proves that they probably carry out the tests as they claim.

Soul Speciosa has different kratom strains in different forms to suit a wide range of users. They’re easily the favorite of most Kratom users because of their quality and the effort they make to give their customers an amazing shopping experience.

In all, this vendor has proved beyond doubt that they have what it takes to meet your Kratom needs. Happy shopping!

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