We Looked Into Stan David Botanicals and Here’s What We Found

Meet Stan David Botanicals, a herbal and organics company that deals in varieties of tea and herbs that are perfectly harvested and prepared for your pleasure consumption. This is a Kratom outlet that has its base of operation in Virginia, United States of America.

Stan David Botanicals Review

Now the vendor has an online shopping store where it sources for and makes available top-quality tea and Kratom products so that customers can readily access and purchase whichever products they like without having to search for too long.

The fast-growing enterprise has succeeded in building quite an outstanding reputation based on the opinions of various Kratom users since its inception in 2016. This company has different types of products that range from extracts and exotic teas to enhanced strains. And they also have a good social media manager from what we see because they are doing quite a good job online.

Analyzing the Stan David Botanicals Product Collection

The founder of this great firm, Mr. David Pierce, believes that you need to properly listen to customers to understand what they want. Now that’s because, most of the time, customers seem to be confused or unable to identify what they truly want. In such a scenario, they may likely settle for whatever is presented their way.

To change that, this vendor made sure to stock so many strains to give everyone a chance at finding what they really want. So a quick look through their product catalog shows different strains and veins of kratom in different categories. Let’s outline some of them below:

Yellow VeinsGreen VeinsWhite veinsRed VeinsOthers
Yellow Vietnam
Yellow Sunday
Yellow Gold
Yellow Borneo
Green Thai 
Green Sumatra
Green Borneo
Green Bali
Green Vietnam
Green Sumatra
Green Malay
Green Maeng Da
Green Horn
Green crushed leaf
White Magic
White Maeng Da
White Kali
White Borneo
White Silver Queen
White Premium
White Kapuas
White Sumatra
White Riau
Red crushed leaf
Red Bali
Red sudden
Red X
Red Horn
Red Malay
Red Maeng Da
Red Kali
Red Chocolate
Red Bali
Enhanced Red Maeng Da
Red Borneo
Green Shrek
Kratex tea
American white
Elephant tea

They also have other products like Brown international coffee, extracts, and enhanced strains in their store and have the means to source even more products for their customers if they get out of stock. The Red X products are seen as one of their best so far. One of its major advantages is that it is said to have a longer-lasting potency than most other strains.

What is the Pricing Like?

Stan David Botanicals sells its products at low-cost rates to make sure that everyone partakes in this world of goodness. You can get an ounce of Kratom powder for as low as $5 and 8 ounces for about $35.

The packs containing 16 ounces of Kratom powder are sold for $55 and the Kratom kilo sells averagely for $110, which is among the lowest you can purchase a kilogram of Kratom Powder in the region. Their 50× Red Maeng Da extract can be bought for $30 and is about 10 grams. The vendor also offers K-concentrate at $30 for 10 packs of the product which is normally sold at $4 per concentrate.

On their different social media platforms, several coupons can be won. Some coupons give discounts as high as 15% off the original price of your order.

There are different modes of payment, ranging from checks and cards to other channels. 

How Do They Ship and Deliver Kratom Products?

Stan David Botanicals claims to get their products directly from Southeast Asia, but we don’t know from where exactly they do so. They can ship their Kratom products to any location of your choice as long as it is not listed among places where the herb is considered illegal.

Before the shipping process gets underway, there must be a confirmation of your order, triggered after verifying the payment. The time taken for order verification is dependent on the method of payment and it is not included in the shipping time. The normal shipping days are from Monday through Friday. All orders made on weekends will get shipped on the next working day.

Due to legal restrictions, Kratom products can not be shipped to the following locations. Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C, Wisconsin, Jerseyville IL, City of Oceanside, Ontario, City of San Diego, Sarasota County, and Union County, and a few other places.

Have Customers Spotted Any Red Flags?

Emanating from their online platforms, customers and users have spoken highly of the vendor’s ability to supply genuine products at a very affordable price. Some customers admit that Yellow Vietnam and Yellow Gold were outstanding for them. That is to say, these strains delivered all the effects that they anticipated and more.

A user has described the Yellow Vietnam and Yellow Gold effects as mellow, chill, and wonderful due to their relaxing properties. The Super Dupa Green has captured the attention of some buyers who feel it delivers some sort of funny feeling while being effective. All products from this vendor have been applauded by a lot of customers from what we can see. 

Now when it comes to customer service, they seem to be doing quite well. How they treat customers has always been outstanding and they don’t seem to be backing down any time soon. Inquiries and requests get attended to swiftly to make sure you get your product as soon as possible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of San David Botanicals Kratom

Based on what we know and what customers have to say, we’ll outline some pros and cons below:


  • They have a reasonable pricing structure.
  • The vendor has a wide variety of Kratom strains and organic herbs.
  • e-checks are now being accepting by this vendor.
  • Their products are of high quality according to reviews.
  • The customer service is top-notch.


  • There’s no proof of product testing.
  • According to customers, their web pages may need some upgrades.
  • They do not guarantee transparency.
  • They have no page for frequently asked questions.

What We Think About Stan David Botanicals

It is common knowledge that before any vendor is seen as a go-to brand for Kratom, many factors need to be considered. Reviews like this one help you with actionable information that you can put to good use when choosing a Kratom vendor.

Stan David Botanicals offers you fine Kratom products that still exude the aura of freshness. The prices at Stan David Botanicals are remarkably affordable. They provide you with high-quality Kratom products at affordable prices. Their low price range does not stop them from giving amazing discounts and coupons that allow customers who buy in bulk to get more for their money.

While there’s no proof that this vendor actually tests its products, the reviews from previous buyers show that they offer quality. So if that isn’t much of a problem when choosing a vendor, then you can shop from Stan David.

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