Taunton Bay Soap Company Review

Taunton Bay Soap Company Review 2021

People who live near Sullivan, ME are already aware of Taunton Bay Soap Company. Either they have bought from them, intend to buy, or know someone who buys their Kratom from them.

They can be easily reached and have positive reviews on Google and it is quite understandable if you’re trying to check them out. That’s why we’ve put this comprehensive Taunton Bay Soap Company Review to guide you.

Here, you’ll get to know everything you need to. The information contained in this kratom vendor guide will help you arrive at a good buying decision.

The Taunton Bay Soap Company

This company is strangely unique because it sees everyone that is a part of it as a family. The members of the organization are referred to as “Tribe”. This is a name they use to show endearment to their team members.

Their four-year presence in the Kratom business has provided them with enough reviews to cement their credibility. The co-owners only concern themselves with improving the product for their customers.

There were even efforts from them in reaching out to the government in the state of Maine to make Kratom recognized in the state.

This vendor is known for its effort in helping their host community. People who live in and nearby Maine often receive their orders on the same day or the next if the order came late.

Available Forms of Kratom in Taunton Bay Company Store

Taunton Bay Soap Company does its best within the local communities. Apart from Kratom, this vendor also stocks other products that have also helped maintain their customer base. Some of these products include skin products and Kratom tea.

They sell a wide range of Kratom products and other goods which include Kratom leaves, tea capsules, soaps, lotions, tea leaves, and incense. They also deal in oil, powders, tinctures, elixirs, juice, extracts, incense, lotions, lip balm, and many more. You can browse their site to see their products for yourself.

Kratom Strains

This vendor has about 13 strains of Kratom together with a combination of popular strains and blends. Taunton Bay Soap Company also sells capsules and powder. Some of the normal Kratom strains that they sell are:

Red Maeng Da
Red Bentuangie
Green Malay
Red Bali
White Maeng Da
Green Maeng Da

Kratom Blends

Red Mystery(all red strains)
Red Hulk (red + white)
Chili Mix (red + green)
Starburst (red + yellow)
Synergy (green + yellow + white)
Green Hulk (green + white)
Rainbow (all strains)

You can find these products by visiting the Tea section of the website (click “More” on the menu). Then you choose any of the eight listings for Asian Tea. The Kratom in these listings are grouped by weight, and type of strain. After picking one item to add to your cart, the site allows you to choose from any of the above-listed strains.

Taunton Bay’s customers always brag about how their products are the best in the Kratom industry. To add to that, the company claims that they give the best quality Kratom than anything anybody can find anywhere else. It’s not such a bad idea to take them seriously since their customers are vouching for them.

The Taunton Kratom is grown and harvested in Indonesia and then processed under great conditions in their company.

An Overview of Other Products sold by Taunton Bay Soap

Varieties of Teas

This vendor has several teas in their stock. Because of this, they’ve been able to lure many people to Sullivan, Maine USA. Even now, their popularity stems from the fact that they’re the plug for many Asian teas. However, it is important to note that they have a lot of teas for different kinds of buyers.

Soap Varieties

Apart from Kratom products and teas, this vendor also deals with different types of soap. They claim that the soaps have lots of skin benefits. By selling this soap with the alleged health benefits, a lot of customers from all over the United States have sought the Taunton Bay company out to patronize them. You can get samples of their soaps. The good part is that being beneficial doesn’t make the soaps expensive as they’re quite affordable.


There is even more. The Taunton Bay Soap continues to spread its name by selling lotions. Their lotions and creams are meticulously formulated so that all users get the necessary combination.

Art Pieces

You would think this company will stop at lotions but the Taunton Bay Soap Company also stock art products. They have high-quality art pieces like handmade jewelry, craft items, and many more. They even have T-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts that customers can order.

Special Products

When people ask for the best Kratom capsules in the Taunton Bay Soap Company, customers are quick to mention Green Envy, Chill Mix, and Green Hulk. But it is not the same for teas as Kava and Ashwagandha are known as the best strains.

What About Lab Testing?

The Taunton Bay company has made claims of being dedicated to giving its consumers the best-quality Kratom products. But at this time, they do not have the results of the lab tests conducted on their products, on their website.
Also, they do not mention anything about testing their products on their Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook posts. For this reason, it is not an error to think that they do not test their products. If they do anyway, they don’t let the public know the results.

Taunton Bay Soap Kratom Price Structure

The price of Kratom for the different categories are all the same. This is how their prices are broken down:

  • 30g – $6.98
  • 60g – $11.98
  • 125g – $20 (single)
  • 125g – $21.98 (split x 2)
  • 250g – $39.98 (single)
  • 250g – $42.98 (split x 4)
  • 500g – $51.98 (split x 4)
  • 1 kilo (1,000g) – $97.98 (split x 4)

Coupon Codes, Packaging, and Delivery

Taunton Bay has a special packaging policy. They only package the products when the customer is clear on how they want it to be processed.

Then they place the product in a sturdy box and container so that the product arrives at the customer, fresh and intact. They send their packages via USPS so that they can get to the buyers as soon as possible.

Taunton Bay often rewards its customers with sales and discounts. If you want to know if coupons are available at the time you need to place your order then just do a Google search. This vendor offers its customers many coupons. There are many of them you can get. They give both percentages and dollars off. The coupons help customers save money on a purchase.

Taunton Bay Shipping

They try to ship off all orders that come in before 2 pm the same day. However, delays may occur because they use USPS and they become responsible for the delivery time after the product leaves the company.

People who prefer expedited shipping must inform the company beforehand and even so, the order must come in before 12 pm eastern time.

Furthermore, there is free insurance for the shipping even with its relatively cheap price.

As soon as you make an order with Taunton Bay, they email you a tracking number. This allows you to easily track the goods you have ordered.

Regard for Ethical Business Practices

This vendor keeps to the ethics of business. One good plus on their part is that they are pushing for the rights of Kratom users in America especially in Maine, the main location.

Another good thing they do is that they refrain from slamming medicinal or health claims on their products. People may make recommendations but they do not do anything to pit themselves against good ethics.

Consumer Opinion about Taunton Bay Soap Company

The majority of this vendor’s reviews are great. Many of their consumers are comfortable with the price, variety, quality, and many more.

Taunton Bay Soap Company Kratom is currently at a 4.7 star average on Google Reviews, from 59 customers. The locals think their prices are fair and their Kratom is of good quality. Still, one person has been reported saying they were not comfortable with the quality of the Green Hulk.

Customer Service and Communication

A lot of satisfied customers have given the Taunton Bay Kratom vendor a 5 star for their customer service. Their loyal customers brag about the friendliness of the staff.

If you have any problem or questions about their product, you can use the contact form on the website. There is also an option that initiates a live chat with a customer service representative. Besides, the company’s phone number is posted on the site. You cannot find details about the Taunton Bay refund policy but they urge customers to chat with them if they have such needs.

Initially, this vendor claimed that they were active on both Facebook and Twitter. But after a while, people realized that their only active social media account was Twitter. They have continued to be active on Twitter, unlike other Kratom vendors.

But they would be better off if they show up on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. That way, they’ll be able to connect more with their customers and share information concerning new products, promos, discounts, and many more.

Do we recommend the Taunton Bay Soap Company Kratom?

The Taunton Bay Soap Company has succeeded in gathering many positive reviews for itself. Still, customers have to consider some of the shortcomings that have been mentioned before buying their Kratom. They may have good prices, but every consumer should put safety and quality at the forefront.

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