Texas Herbs and Botanicals Review

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Review and Buying Guide 2021

Hey, we want you to experience the very best of Kratom. Whether rookie or veteran, all users are welcome to try out Kratom veins and powder. And if it’s more convenient for you, there’s nothing bad with buying capsules. 

Are you contemplating buying from Texas Herbs and Botanicals? They happen to be a Kratom vendor based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Upon entry into the Kratom industry, they slowly and strategically gathered a large following and built a strong reputation among kratom users. 

The company has received a lot of accolades based on the success of their business and kratom users say it is difficult not to like their operational style. So let’s walk you through and, hopefully, help you know the important stuff about this seller. That should help you decide.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Site Overview

This company’s website is user-friendly and properly designed to help buyers conveniently navigate from page to page. Customers are also provided with contact information to make inquiries and register complaints. Visitors to the site are first provided with a link to their free sample. So customers can request a sample to go with their order without paying extra charges. 

Also impressive is the glaring vast range of Kratom strains that are displayed in their store. They have a section for new arrivals and promo codes as well. Although there’s a little technicality with using the sidebar to scroll down, they have an okay website.

Products From Texas Herbs and Botanicals 

Texas Herbs and Botanicals are your one-stop shop for many kinds of Kratom strains. Despite having their Kratom only in powder form, customers aren’t bothered because they have excellent strain diversity to make up for that. Even a fan of capsules will be thrilled to try out their many strains even if it means encapsulating the powder themselves. Their blends seem unique and rare. These are the products being offered at the Texas Kratom store.

Green Vein

Asia, Bali, Borneo, Cambodian, Dark Green Indo, Dark Green Malay, Elephant, Hulu, Jong Kong, Kali, Maeng Da, Malay, Sumatra, Super Green, and Thai.

Red Vein

Bali, Bentuangie, Borneo, Cambodian, Chocolate Super Red, Dragon, Elephant, Horn, Hulu, Jong Kong, Maeng Da, Malay, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Red Gold, and Thai.

White Vein

Borneo, Elephant, Maeng Da, Horn, Hulu, Sumatra, Super White, Thai, Vietnam, and White Gold.

Yellow Vein

Borneo, Maeng Da, Sumatra, Super Yellow, Yellow Thai, Vietnam, and Yellow Gold.

Specialty Blends

These are the specialty blends in their store:

  • Abbey Road
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Highway 19
  • Hometown
  • Texas Red
  • Texas Two-Step
  • Sunshine

Selecting any of their strains allows you to pick between a $7 ginger chew or a $3 measuring spoon.

Kratom Prices From This Vendor

Despite having a wide variety and good quality, their prices are quite lower than the average industry prices. This confuses a lot of customers because, at first thought, most people assume the low price to be a sign of low-quality strains.

However, the sellers have mentioned that their goal was always to provide high-quality and not to rip off clients or make excessive profits. They believe in gaining a better reputation from selling quality products than from selling at exorbitant rates.

In the Texas Herbs and Botanicals Kratom store, it costs between $4 to $7 for a half-ounce to 1-ounce pack. The package for some of the strains starts at ½ ounce. Two ounces cost $14 while three ounces are sold at $20. Every other size of Kratom is priced accordingly and they sell 1kg worth of Kratom for $90. Having fair prices also makes them the people’s favorite and increases their customer base.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Coupons and Discounts

Like every other customer-centric brand, Texas Herbs and Botanicals offers many coupon codes to their patrons. They are often available on Coupon Birds. Getting codes from there gives the customer a 10% discount. They also share details of their promos on their Instagram page. Kratom users can even earn more points to spend on their next purchase when they make referrals to their friends. These points lower the total cost of future orders.

There is even more. Patrons who place orders worth $125 and upwards are entitled to a free USPS Priority Mail delivery and a chance to participate in the rewards program to win free Kratom.

So How do you pay for orders?

Regarding their payment methods, this vendor accepts payment through debit cards, Venmo, and Google pay. There is no option for payment through credit cards yet.

Delivery, Shipping, and Return Policy

For fast delivery, this vendor ships orders through USPS. After confirmation, orders typically get to their destination within 1-3 working days. Buyers who want their packages to arrive faster than the stipulated time have to pay for express mail shipping.

This vendor operates a seven-day return policy. On receipt of packages, patrons are allowed seven days to return. This policy only applies when the order is wrongly delivered or short of expectations. Packages that users find unsatisfactory should be returned before seven days of delivery. After that, there is no more chance for returns to be made. 

Customer Rep and Customer Service

The feedback from patrons of Texas Herbs and Botanicals is mostly positive. One of the patrons even regarded Texas Herbs and Botanicals as their “go-to vendor”, saying they share their reviews about them so often that their family and friends think they’re being paid for it.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals are not only one of the standout stores that provide quality, but also maintain the same standard when handling their customers. They have an active customer service team that seeks to understand their prospective clients’ needs before helping them with an order. They will reach out on their terms to ensure that buyers don’t miss out on any details.


  • Affordability
  • High-quality Kratom
  • Good customer service
  • Discount

What could be better

  • No display of independent lab tests
  • Only stocks powders

Is It Okay To Patronize Them?

One cool feature of Texas Herbs and Botanicals is the classic and user-friendly manner in which its website was built. From all indications, there are only good reviews and testimonials about this vendor. While there are lots of reviews about them on different sites, there are even more from verified buyers on their website. Kratom users rate their products highly and their prices are just fair.

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