The Kratom Connection Review

Is The Kratom Connection a Trusted Kratom Vendor?

These days, the local smoke and vape shops are not the only places where one can get Kratom. That’s because many online Kratom vendors like The Kratom Connection now exist. While buying online is convenient, you must take care not to fall prey to fraudulent vendors.

But we know that it can be difficult to find genuine vendors, especially if you don’t know what to look out for. And that’s why this review was created to let you in on the activities of one Kratom vendor – The Kratom Connection.

This review will let you in on what you need to know about this vendor and guide you as you make your purchase.

About The Kratom Connection

This vendor is a retailer in the US, located in Boise, ID. The company was founded by Andrew Graham five years ago. He then relocated the business headquarters to the City of Trees and scaled it to become a thriving local business. Buyers receive free shipping and their goods are also available for pickup for customers living within the Big Buck area.

The Kratom Connection frequently donates to the AKA (American Kratom Association) and also complies with GMP regulations. Their Kratom strains are sourced from Southeast Asia, a place known for its richly abundant farms and jungles where kratom is harvested in large quantities. This seller also has a sister company located in several other states, making it easier for their customers to purchase kratom at any point in time.

Kratom Strains Sold by The Kratom Connection

Unlike some other vendors, The Kratom Connection does not buy their Kratom from third parties. That’s because they source their supplies directly from farmers in Southeast Asia.

Now, this vendor does not concern itself with selling other herbs but only sticks to Kratom strains and variants. Although there aren’t so many products sold in its collection, the available ones are known to be of high quality. There are two product categories as of now: Kratom capsules and Kratom powder. Let’s tell you a bit more about them.

Kratom Powder

The Kratom Connection is one reputable kratom online store from where you can get Kratom powder. This store has about 15 different Kratom powder strains. As earlier mentioned, all kratom powder strains at The Kratom Connection come from verified harvesters in Southeast Asia. These experienced farmers supply fresh Kratom leaves which are later turned into pure Kratom powder.

Kratom Capsules

The Kratom capsules are not so different from kratom powder. However, it is one option for users who need a way to measure their intake. That’s because Kratom Capsules contain specified amounts of powder with the largest size of Kratom capsules being 000. This is the size of Kratom capsules that The Kratom Connection gives.

Other vendors do not usually go beyond the size 00 capsules. The biggest size of Kratom capsules, 000, has much more content than the 00 capsules. The price of Kratom that this company gives for the quality and size is also affordable. Also, the Kratom content in the capsules is not different from the Kratom powder.

What Different Strains Can You Buy From This Vendor?

The Kratom Connection stocks over a dozen strains of Kratom capsules and powder. Also, they offer sample packs to new and inexperienced Kratom users. This means, if it’s your first time using Kratom, The Kratom Connection will welcome you with a sample pack. This is necessary for you to know which strain works for you.

The sample pack is made up of 15 grams of 10 different Kratom powders. The entire different strains one can find at The Kratom Connection include:

Asides from these, this company provides another sample pack that consists of ten best-selling strains of kratom capsules. The chosen capsule strains are fixed but customers have the option of switching the strains for other preferred ones when they place an order.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Kratom Here?

Many online Kratom vendors and smoke shops set their prices much higher than the quality they provide. This is one of the reasons why The Kratom Connection decided to make its products more affordable. That way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of affordable pricing and good quality.

The price range of their kratom products falls between $35 and $195. Kratom powder is sold in different packages of 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. This vendor’s prices are quite fair when compared to other vendors. The cost of buying their capsules is higher than the powder due to the extra processing and effort involved. Their kratom capsules are sold for $46-$190.

When it comes to the cost of the sample pack for beginners, it’s around $65 and weighs 150 grams. In the same vein, the Kratom capsule sample pack has the same number of capsules for $69.

Maintaining Product Quality – How They Do It

This vendor provides quality Kratom because they source their Kratom directly from Southeast Asia. Buying from local farmers is necessary to ensure that the kratom powder supplied remains pure and natural. This vendor ensures that the harvesters use only Kratom from mature trees.

The Kratom Connection is a sucker for fresh Kratom and they ensure that the kratom provided to their customers is of top quality. You’d hardly ever get stale Kratom from this company and that’s because they update their Kratom batches every 10 weeks.

Another factor that contributes to the freshness and high quality is the fact that there are no third parties involved in their supply chain. So the relationship between farmer and vendor is direct, thereby eliminating the possibility of bad products moving from one level to the other.

Every batch of Kratom from The Kratom Connection passes through lab testing in the US. Lab tests are carried out by Independent 3rd-party labs to ascertain the purity and avoid releasing contaminated goods into the market.

Product Packaging and Customer Service

Apart from the quality of kratom, freshness, and durability also depend on how such products are packaged before being shipped out to customers. This company uses customized, attractive, and simple packaging. The durable pack comes with a silver surface that has the name and logo of the vendor imprinted on it.

Much effort is made by this vendor to preserve the freshness of their kratom variants. The vacuum-sealed packages are used to prevent damage during shipping. And there are also provisions for buyers who prefer some level of stealth while getting their supply. Such customers also get special packages for those who want to be discreet.

Asides from providing high-quality kratom, this vendor supports its customers in a way that ensures it builds a good relationship with them. They make sure to answer questions and sort out any concerns that customers may have with their product. Keep in mind that, in the past, Kratom users did not have access to good customer-vendor relationships.

The customer care team is always available to answer questions that people ask and provide intricate details. They display a form on the “contact us” section on their website to enable easy messaging so you can just fill out your request or query. However, even though they’re open to questions, FDA guidelines do not permit them to share anything about dosage or consumption.

If you need to contact them, you can do so via email at There’s also a provision for phone calls.

Product Shipping, Payment Methods, and Delivery

Asides from being affordable, their Kratom also gets to customers as fast as possible. This vendor promises to ship out the products on the same day if the order was made before 2 PM. For customers based in the US, the shipping is free.

Shipping by USPS first class mail is free regardless of how large the quantity is. The general time for receiving orders is within 2 -5 working days. For orders of $55, USPS Priority Mail is free and doorstep delivery takes 2-3 working days. This vendor allows customers to track their orders through a tracking id that is provided via email.

Many Kratom vendors may have trouble with payments made to purchase Kratom. For this reason, many have now created systems for you to make payment via credit or debit cards. The Kratom Connection makes it easier for their customers by letting them use other payment options. They also make concessions for returning customers to use credit cards.

This vendor recommends payment by Zelle and E-Check. Customers also get a 10% discount when paying through E-Check.

Kratom Connection Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Customer Reviews

The Kratom Connection has a business model focused on customer satisfaction. So they provide deals and incentives, including a whopping 30% discount regularly. This is evidently way higher than many other companies that offer 10%.

The vendor also allows users to share reviews of their products on the website. They have a couple of positive reviews on their website from previous buyers and you might want to check that out too. Many customers often make comments about the high quality and ability of their kratom strains to create desired effects.

A certain customer once commended them for their amazing customer service and equally authentic Kratom. However, there have been quite a few uncool reviews such as a user who expressed dissatisfaction with two of the capsule strains. She claimed she experienced no effect even when she kept raising the dose.

Apart from a few unimpressed people, most of the user reviews about the vendor are positive with many commending the vendor for their services.

Pros and Cons of Kratom Connection

The Kratom Connection sells good Kratom at a fair price. They are also unique because they offer free doorstep delivery for their customers. New Kratom users are also given a sample pack. There’s also their excellent customer service which is commendable

What we don’t like about this vendor? Well, although they claim to sell pure kratom, especially if the reviews of the users are anything to go by, they do not have results of laboratory tests displayed on their website. Even if it’s said that they actually do the tests, that alone gives room for skepticism. Also, there is no mention of a refund and return policy so it is not known if their customers can return purchases after delivery.

Should you patronize The Kratom Connection?

The Kratom Connection chooses to focus on a narrow range of Kratom so they can provide top quality products. A classic case of being the best at what you do. Being a competitive company, the vendor ensures that the maintenance of their collection continues to improve. The shipping service is fast, reliable and the customers always praise the amazing customer service.

This vendor can easily become a top tier in the kratom industry if they decide to explore and venture into making available more strains of Kratom. They need to also work on displaying their laboratory test results on the website for their customers. Enabling international shipping and delivery will also be helpful for customers outside of the US.

From reviews of their users, this vendor has proven itself to be reliable over time and can be trusted. They can also send your orders discreetly if you wish and they have different payment options that make payment easy. You can buy Kratom from this vendor knowing it’s safe and that your shipment will get to you early enough.

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