The Kratom Syndicate Review

An Honest Review Of The Kratom Syndicate For Avid Users

For over three years, The Kratom Syndicate has continuously worked on ways to improve customer service, provide the best Kratom for customers, and stay very affordable. By 2019, prices of the Kratom products sold were slashed to increase customer satisfaction.

From what seemed like a little pause in 2017, they bounced back bigger and better. Although their online market may not be as expansive and well-designed as other Kratom vendors, the fact remains that they have not lost focus. They still stay committed to their main reason for setting up shop, that is, offering the best Kratom variants and products.

Is The Kratom Syndicate Legit?

Interestingly, the hard work put in their sales and delivery services has helped earn them a spot on the American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice Standard Program. This means they are recognized and can be trusted to sell.

Even with all the effort invested into the Kratom market, can you personally trust The Kratom Syndicate? Do they still put in their best in sales and getting the products to their customers when due? Are the price offers still fair enough? Let us discuss our findings, price list, latest offers, and how swift shipping is carried out.

Kratom Products at The Kratom Syndicate

Kratom products are packaged in form of capsules, powders, and extracts including raw forms and other byproducts. Your decision to buy a particular Kratom variant rests on the one that works best for you. You may also buy based on the product that comes highly recommended or a certain new product you want to try out.

In all the options made available to you, the product with the best quality is what you should go for. The Kratom Syndicate offers a variety and tries to keep these products in stock just in case you run out or you need to increase your order.

They offer Kratom products that comprise of any of these main components: the green vein, the white vein, the red vein, and elite Maeng Da. Let us further group them to help you understand better.

Under the Kratom products made from the green vein, they sell green vein Kapuas, panther, super Maeng Da, super Indo, Sulawesi, Bali, and JongKong.

Products made from the red Kratom vein include Kapuas, Bali, MitraX, Maeng Da, super Indo, panther, etc.

Products made from the white vein Kratom include elephant, Maeng Da, Kapuas, Sulawesi, horned, and Jong Kong.

Note that some of these products have similar names but what differentiates them is the type of vein that you can specify when placing your order on their website. Extracts are also available if you need them.

You can get extracts like Resin Powder, Red MitraX, Kratom Resin Solid, 3-Strain Extract blend, Crystal Skull, etc. Note that these products can come in form of capsules, powders, and extracts. If need be, you can get sampler packs and buy products using the wholesale option.

Overview of the Kratom Packages from The Kratom Syndicate

Whether you choose to get Kratom products in capsules, powder, or extract form depends on your preference and the same applies to other individuals. The Kratom Syndicate covers the needs of all customers bearing in mind that your choice may be different from the next customer’s choice.

  • Powder packages: Customers have affirmed the Kratom products that come in powder form because it can be administered in different ways. Some even believe that it is more effective than other forms and you may feel the same way too. With the powder form, you can also get the green vein, white vein, and red vein Kratom colors which can all be ordered from The Kratom Syndicate website.
  • Capsule packages: If you have reservations towards swallowing tablets of a powdery form of Kratom, then you might consider getting your Kratom products in capsules. Capsules are smooth and can be taken in only one form, which is by swallowing. It erases any possibility of the product touching your tongue or leaving residues in your mouth. You can also get the green vein, white vein, red vein Kratom capsules, and blended Kratom capsules.
  • Extracts: Ensure you get the right prescription before using Kratom extracts because they are usually stronger than the capsules and powder packages. From The Kratom Syndicate’s website, you can order Crystal Skull which is a very strong Kratom variant.

Pricing and Discounts at The Kratom Syndicate

It is okay to weigh your options to get the best deal. It would be unfortunate too if you bought from a vendor that is cheap but sells low-quality Kratom. You may also be tempted to buy from vendors that are expensive because you think that the fact that it is expensive makes it the best product.

The Kratom Syndicate sells quality, so it falls on you to make a choice. Bottom line is, the prices at The Kratom Syndicate are affordable and good when compared to the Kratom products they sell. Take a look at the general prices below:

Capsules sell at $45 as opposed to the previous price at $69, for a bottle containing 200 capsules. Kratom Powder sells from $30 to $35 for a 125 grams pack. The more weight you purchase, the more discount applied. Extracts start from $18 to $89, but Crystal Skull is more expensive because of its strength and sells between $149 to $169.

The more the quantity you purchase, the lesser you pay. To get discounts when you place your order, you should stay updated to know when discount coupons are available. By signing up to their social media sites, you can stay on top of it and never miss the next discount or sales. The regular discounts include percentages off the original price.

Shipping and Customer Service

The Kratom Syndicate has great customer service and shipping is done on the same day you order. Reviews have shown that customers are pleased with the service they got and even if there are speculations that some reviews may have been doctored, you cannot deny the fact that they sell quality Kratom products and have a good return policy.

If you have a valid problem with your package, The Kratom Syndicate offers a return policy that covers the first 30 days with a full refund option. There are terms and conditions applied though, the package must contain up to 75% of its weight as when packaged.

The customer service unit is always available to answer all questions and they do this patiently, leaving customers satisfied and clearing all doubt.

Shipping products to customers is done with the utmost care and is done as soon as you check out and make payment. The more goods you order at once, the better your shipping discount, for example, you can get your order shipped for free if you purchase up to goods worth $50 or more.

You get to track your order while it’s on its way to you, that way you can tell if it is being unnecessarily delayed and forward a complaint to the company. Rest assured your Kratom will be delivered to you in perfect condition and within the stipulated time of delivery.

The Benefits of Dealing With The Kratom Syndicate as your next Kratom vendor

The presence of so many Kratom vendors can leave you confused when trying to pick the best Kratom vendor for you. Here are a few reasons why you should consider The Kratom Syndicate as a reliable supplier for your Kratom products.

  • They have excellent customer service
    One of the reasons customers keep coming back to The Kratom Syndicate is because of the great customer service they have received. Questions and queries are answered thoroughly clearing all doubt and leaving room for informed choices to be made in placing an order.
  • The Kratom Syndicate has good reviews
    Reviews show how well a company is doing and no matter how doctored one thinks reviews are, you will see honest customer reviews showing what needs to be improved on and the strength of the company. The Kratom Syndicate has good reviews generally because of the quality of products they sell and good customer rep.
  • They sell products for everyone
    The Kratom Syndicate sells a variety of Kratom products to cover the needs of every customer. Ranging from products in powder form to capsules and then extracts, you can get them in whatever form you please. They also make available the different Kratom veins to accommodate all Kratom cravings of their customers.
  • Their Kratom products are of the best quality.
    The Kratom products sold at The Kratom Syndicate are of the best quality and have been lab-tested. They are unadulterated and meet the standards of the American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice Standard Program.
  • They offer reasonable discounts
    You will be updated whenever there are discounts. You can also speak to the customer care representative to find out the options available for a discount and free shipping. For convenience and ease of shopping, you are offered free shipping when you buy a certain amount of goods and are allowed to return goods if you have a valid complaint.
  • They ensure that Kratom products are always in stock
    To avoid a shortage of cases where customers need to restock, The Kratom Syndicate makes sure to source the best Kratom products and keep them in stock at all times.

Final Verdict

Can you trust The Kratom Syndicate to supply the best Kratom products? Will there be a constant supply to fill your needs whenever you need to place an order? Will the prices always be fair in comparison to other Kratom vendors? These questions have been discussed and answered in this article, so read up as you make an informed decision about The Kratom Syndicate.

The Kratom Syndicate is on the top of the list of trusted Kratom vendors. The wholesale buy option is a plus because you can buy in bulk and save some money on shipping and the price of the products.

If you are still trying to find the Kratom vein that is best for you, use the wholesale option to buy a variety of Kratom products. Then try them out and pick the best for you. Another option is to take advantage of the discount coupons made available, place a reasonable order, and save money while you get the best quality of Kratom products.

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