Third Eye Kratom: Where Can I Buy Third Eye Labs Products?

Third Eye Kratom is a creation of Third Eye Labs, a retailer that is now known for its activities in the market. This company has built a solid reputation in the industry so far.

But can you count on them to deliver on their promise with the assurance that you’re getting good strains? If you have made up your mind to start using Kratom, you’d have realized by now that there are too many vendors in every nook and cranny. For your safety, you must do all you can to buy only from those who sell high-quality kratom. 

Third Eye Kratom Review

So this review will give an objective analysis of the activities of Third Eye Labs to help you decide whether you should go for their products or not. 


  • Sells through retailers at affordable rates
  • Creates and sells other herbal products besides Kratom
  • Gets their kratom from local Southeast Asian farmers.


  • No evidence of lab test results on their website.
  • Website not easily accessible

Third Eye Kratom Product Range

Third Eye Kratom, supplied by Third Eye Labs, is said to be 100% organic and comes straight from Indonesia. The company majors in pills, capsules, and extract forms as they believe that consuming Kratom in that way is more comfortable. 

They also sell their kratom in bulk quantities for those who might want to go big on their orders. So, it’s possible that Kratom users who want a few ounces for a few bucks might not get it from this brand because their target market happens to be resellers and bulk buyers.

From what we see, customers have little to worry about when it comes to the quality of their strains and products. We say so because the brand works with researchers during the production phases to ensure that they get everything right.

Third Eye Labs brings a variety of strains of Kratom that users have begun to find interesting. One such strain is the Third Eye Maeng Da variant that has become a staple for some users. And there’s also Third Eye White Vein Kratom, which is a steady go-to for consumers of the brand’s products.

Now their kratom is also sold in the form of teas and extracts. But that’s not all, as you’ll find other organic products in their store as well, such as organic coffee, aloe vera juice, orange juice, organic kidney beans, etc. 

Quality of Kratom from Third Eye Labs

Just like many other vendors out there, Third Eye Labs claims to supply high-quality, tested products. But there’s no definite way to verify these claims since they have failed to provide any evidence of how they check their strains for contaminants and harmful bacteria. 

The only real indication of their commitment to supplying good quality kratom is the fact that their kratom is sourced from local farmers in Indonesia. Whenever a batch is supplied, they test it for purity and potency, according to claims. 

Keep in mind, however, that they only sell in bulk. So anyone who wants to buy their stuff will have to look for reputable affiliate stores online as well as some local head shops. However, if you want to be sure of the quality of the Third Eye kratom you buy, we’d suggest that you find a reliable online vendor like ‘The Herbal Place‘. 

The Herbal Place is an online reseller that makes it easy for customers to access Kratom from other brands. They stock a wide range of organic herbs and products, giving green lovers a place to shop for all things herbal.

What’s the price of Third Eye kratom?

As of now, you’ll have to find a way to get in touch with the company if you’re looking to buy kratom in bulk for reselling purposes. 

But if you’re just interested in getting much smaller quantities, then check out The Herbal Place, where the products are stocked at relatively low prices. Selling at affordable rates has made this vendor one of the most regularly visited Kratom stores out there.

For as low as $8.99, you can buy Third Eye Kratom from The Herbal Place, where their products are sold at a price range of $8.99-$79.99.

Regarding coupons and discounts, just like some well-known vendors and resellers, The Herbal Place offers discounts to their customers who buy Third Eye Labs products. However, there are no offers at the moment. You’ll need to keep tabs on their social media accounts or check their website regularly for updates. 

Does The Herbal Place Have Convenient Payment Platforms?

Although The Herbal Place is quite popular in the industry, its payment options are limited. This can be discouraging for patrons who intend to use some of the rarer means of payment. For now, the only payment method available at The Herbal Place is the green eCheck. Customers who want to pay for their orders using digital money or other means have to buy elsewhere. 

Shipping and Return Policy

For people who want to buy Third Eye Kratom in bulk, shipping is free within the US so long as your purchase exceeds the predetermined threshold. However, this reseller (The Herbaly) does not ship to certain states where kratom is illegal, like Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. If you live there, you can not buy Kratom strains from this vendor. 

They also have a solid refund and return policy. Customers are allowed to return any damaged or unsatisfactory package within 30 days of purchase. The refund request can be made through email so long as you provide your personal information like name, contact number, address, order ID, and reason for return. Please give as much information as you can and the vendor will eventually reply to you on the next steps to take.

If you have opened the package, you will be charged 15% as a processing fee. This fee also applies in cases where the product has physical damage, lacks a valid reason for a refund, or has been tampered with. The return policy sounds fair, but remember that the shipping costs will be yours to bear. 

Social Media Activity and Customer Service

Unless you’re looking to buy bulk kratom from Third Eye Labs, all the information you need about their products can be gotten from The Herbal Place’s social media like Instagram. Follow them to learn about discounts and coupons. 

Since you can get Third Eye Kratom strains from The Herbal Place, it’s only logical that every piece of information and complaint be directed to them. If you have any issues, email them at “” to get your problems resolved quickly. 

Customers who have patronized them in the past vouch for their fast replies on anything concerning the Kratom strains they stock. So, we believe that the customer service experience from this reseller is satisfactory.

Should You Buy Third Eye Kratom Strains?

Third Eye Kratom has reached a respectable position in the US Kratom market. Their kratom strains come from adequately grown kratom leaves nurtured by local farmers in southeast Asia. Their prices are also affordable when you buy from a reseller like The Herbal Place. You can give them a try if you think it’s worth your while.

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