The Ultimate Treasure House Botanicals Review 2021

Looking for a United States-based vendor that sells diverse forms of Kratom and other herbal supplements? Then your search probably led you to Treasure House Botanicals. In this review, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the company, so stick around. 

Who is Treasure House Botanicals?

Treasure House Botanicals is a vendor that boasts adequate, user-friendly online platforms which include social media channels and a website. Through these platforms, they’re able to make varieties of Kratom products available to customers, retailers, and direct users.

The company is known for providing high-level customer satisfaction, which has seen them rise to become one of the best suppliers for Kratom products in the United States despite not having a large market share.

Other than sourcing and reselling Kratom, Treasure House Botanicals also does community enlightenment where they let the public know all the intricacies of Kratom products and how they can optimize their lives. They have been able to come up with fully active social media and website platforms to cover up for being relatively new in the market.

Product Collection

Based on reviews, Kratom products from Treasure House Botanicals deliver a wide range of highly sought-after effects on the body and have become a lifestyle addition for many users.

This vendor has stocked its website and warehouses with many types of Kratom products. Here are some of their most popular in-demand products:

  • Maeng Da Kratom: This ranks as one of the oldest strains of Mitragyna speciosa and is one of the most common strains on the market. It comes from a specialized process where farmers employ techniques like grafting. Doing so helped to birth this amazing strain that has been said to deliver more potent effects. Keep in mind that this strain, like many others, comes from the leaves of the plant. One aspect that seems to interest users a lot about this strain is that Maeng Da has a sweet-smelling aroma.
  • Modern Maeng Da: Some vendors confuse this product with the regular Maeng Da strain. Now that is a positive distinguishing factor of Treasure House Botanicals. Both strains differ since the Modern Maeng Da is cured indoors. It has an aroma that is more focused on a fuller and warmer scent.
  • The Elephant Strain: It comes with an aroma similar to that of Maeng Da and also its strength. It has a massive leaf size which led to the name, Elephant Strain. According to some users, it can help you relax well and free your mind.
  • Jonkong Maeng Da: This is one strain that is gradually becoming popular in the Kratom Market. It is an exceptional variant with very unique effects. It is picked and sorted with great precision and then cured indoors. JonKong has a resemblance to regular Maeng Da, with their main difference being their processing location.
  • Piaman: The leaves used in making this strain are derived from the Hulu Kapuas region. This is another type of kratom strain that comes with large leaves that are flash dried industrially within a few hours. This form of drying alters the original color and the alkaloid composition of the plant.
  • Malay Kratom: here is one of the strains grown in the village of Putussibau in the Borneo region. It is made by using common methods of processing Kratom.
  • Banjar: This comes from the Banjar region in South Kalimantan. It has a similar preparation process to Malay with slightly more fermentation in making the red vein. 

Other Kratom strains and products that can be gotten from this vendor include;

  • White MD HongKong
  • White Elephant
  • White Banjar
  • Red Malay
  • Red MD
  • Red Elephant
  • Red Banjar
  • Modern Maeng White 
  • Modern Maeng Red Da
  • Modern Maeng Green Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Da Maeng 
  • Green Elephant
  • Green Bukit 
  • Green Banjar, etc.

Product Pricing and Payment Methods

Most of the Kratom strains from this vendor are sold at relatively the same price. You can buy 250 grams of Kratom powder at a price range between $20 to $24. 100 grams sells for around 10 to $11.95. If you buy in large quantities, you can qualify to receive discounts from this vendor. These discount deals still apply even if they are not all from the same product.

All orders that are $87 and above, have a discount of 5%. This will be most enjoyed if the order is a large one. They also have other amazing coupons that make shopping interesting.

You can pay for your shipments on the site and this mode of payment is very safe and secure. Other reliable payment options are also available. Treasure House Botanicals accepts credit and debit card payments. Paper and E-checks can also be used to make the purchase. The option for payment with crypto currencies is now available for buyers that want to stay lowkey and anonymous. 

Shipping and Return Policies

All orders from Treasure House Botanicals get shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS). This shipping duration is normally 2-3 days from when it leaves the warehouse. Shipping of products from this vendor is done at a relatively lower price. 

A Kilogram of Kratom can be shipped for as low as $7.55 and it gets cheaper if you’re paying for much larger quantities. You can ship three kilograms or more for as low as $18, which means shipping of large quantities is almost free.

However, all payment for orders must be confirmed before the shipping process begins and the time taken for confirmation of payment is not included in the duration of shipping.

Why Customers Fancy Treasure House Botanicals

  • They always have fresh batches.
  • Sell varieties of Kratom products
  • Prices are cheap and affordable.
  • They have exotic strains.
  • They offer some of the most convenient payment options and even give their customers many methods to choose from.

However, at this time, this vendor does not say whether or not the products in its collection have been inspected and tested for impurities and contaminants. This is something they’ll have to work on. Without adequate testing and proof, many potential buyers may continue to doubt their authenticity. Of course, we all want to be sure that what we’re ingesting won’t do any damage to our health. Customers also want to know that they’ll get the kinds of different effects that they crave. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to get top-quality kratom products and are considering buying from Treasure House Botanicals, then give it a trial. Their products are diverse and very affordable when compared to other vendors. They consider their customer’s satisfaction to be of high priority and try to make the entire process of Kratom purchase an easy one.

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