Urban Ice Organics Review

Urban Ice Organics Review: Products, Shipping, & Prices

Many Kratom vendors have come out of nothing, risen to their peak, and still fallen. But some have been able to thrive even with the competition in the industry.

This Urban Ice Organics review discusses a vivid example of one of the big brands that have been on top of their game in the Kratom world. More customers are patronizing them and their fan base is growing. So you might be wondering if you should explore this kratom vendor and do business with them. Your goal is to find a seller that guarantees high-quality kratom at the best possible price.

Of course, you may not want to take our word of mouth and shove it down your throat without verifying these claims. So if you’re planning to patronize Urban Ice, then this is the reason for this review. In the end, you should be able to decide if Urban Ice Organics is worth your patronage.

Origin of Urban Ice Organics Kratom and CBD

The Urban Ice Organics is commonly known as Urban Ice Kratom. They are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have accumulated for themselves massive excellent customer reviews on platforms like Reddit and some Kratom communities. What is more interesting is the fact that they built this reputation in under ten years.

They didn’t just wake up to these accolades, there are many reasons why people feel confident in their services. One of such reasons is the fact that they run a $99.99 per month Kratom subscription service. There are only just a handful of brands that offer such kind of Kratom sales options.

Another reason people love them is because of their cool packaging. Customers say the packages are properly secured and make them trust in the vendors even more.

Urban Ice Organics get their Kratom From the farmlands in Southeast Asia. Kratom is believed to be grown by skilled farmers who utilize the best climate conditions to improve the potency of the plants. After growing them, they pass the strains through various kinds of filters and tests, and then Urban Ice Organics process the best leaves in their company.

All their Kratom products, including power, oils, capsule, and gummies, are made from the best plants that still have all their vitality intact. They also have CBD that is produced in the United States from finely grown hemp.

The Urban Ice Organics Kratom Collection

There are not so many Kratom powders and capsules on the Urban ice Kratom shelf. But the few they have are classic strains and do not have any blends amongst them. To increase their offerings, the Urban ice company provides Kratom extract in addition to the Kratom powders and capsules.

Here are some products in their Kratom powder range:

  • Indoleaf white vein Kratom
  • Indoleaf Red Vein Kratom
  • Red Vein Bali
  • Indoleaf green vein Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Infused Kratom powder
  • Kilo Mix and Match by Indoleaf
  • Indoleaf infused Kratom

It doesn’t stop here as there are some products in their kratom capsule line such as Infused Kratom capsules, Red Bali capsules, Maeng Da kratom capsules, and Green Malay capsules.

As you can see, they do not have an extensive Kratom capsule line. If you need more options, then you will need to check with other Kratom vendors. Although they do not have a wide range of powder and capsules, they deal with liquid Kratom (Kratom extract). This may be one of the reasons why people seek them out, as it is quite difficult to find extracts in the Kratom market.

Check out some of the products in their Kratom extract range:

  • Red Vein Kratom oil
  • Pomegranate super tea
  • Maeng Da Kratom oil
  • Infused tinctures

People are more receiving of the powder Kratom than other kinds of Kratom. Oftentimes, people who use it dissolve the Kratom powders into different beverages so they can dilute the Mitragyna and make it less bitter.

Even though the powder form is most preferred, some customers Still favor the capsules. They use capsules to also reduce the harsh taste of Kratom powder. Some customers also say it helps them out when it comes to dosage.

Urban Ice Creative CBD Range

Urban Ice Organics has a host of CBD products that can keep their customers coming for more. There’s something for everyone whether you prefer tinctures, vape juice, or gummies. They even have honey sticks and bath bombs. This means that you don’t have to invest your CBD in a boring manner.

The CBD products have a strong range of 250mg to 750mg. It is also interesting to note that the bottles have an incredible design that many customers consider to be exciting.

The products they have in their liquid range includes a CBD tincture. They provide similar stains as the powder forms. The Urban Ice CBD tincture can not induce highness because it is not psychoactive.

With this vast array of products, it is easy to see that Urban Ice Organics are interested in catering to the needs of a vast population of customers.

Apart from all these, customers also say that their CBD honey sticks come in many desirable flavors. Their CBD products are produced and packaged under the FDA’s recommended laws and regulations. This makes customers trust them even more.

What is the Cost of Kratom At Urban Ice Organics?

When compared to the price given by other Kratom vendors, you can see that their prices tether towards the high side. They charge about $32.99 per 60 grams of Kratom powder. This is way higher than the average price of Kratom in the industry.

However, there are perks of buying their overpriced kratom. They package their goods so exquisitely, you’d want them to wrap you a gift. Their packages keep the product safe so it has long durability.

When you make your order, this vendor will process and deliver within 2-3 days.
This seats well with most users as many of them will not mind paying the high price for the Kratom products if it means they’ll be getting in good time.

Are There Public Lab Test Reports

The Urban Ice Organics claim that their products pass through strict standards and quality control. They also say that their products are the best. But when you look at their packaging and all, then it’s tempting to want to believe that.

But it is your choice if you want to believe their claim. Despite saying the claim of high-quality standards, the company does not display the result of any test publicly on their website. This is not normal since their products are higher than the average for other Kratom vendors.

Apart from that, their fast delivery makes them more reliable and people may be willing to overlook the lack of test results on their website and take them as genuine.

Urban Ice Organics Wholesale Kratom Program

Since this vendor is located in Nevada, their warehouse is also sited there. The company releases its products to private Vendors or in the online shop. They support wholesale buyers and want them to help push the benefits of Kratom to the larger society.

If you’re interested in joining the company as a wholesaler, then you need to fill an online form. The company requires that you fill a simple questionnaire and provide contact information. With this, you can reach out to them to be a distributor of their kratom

Shipping Policy and Customer Support – What To Expect

The cost of shipping for orders more than $75 is free. But this free shipping is not extended to the Kratom Box subscription. Most of their orders are delivered through USPS and this is the reason it comes in quite fast. Delivery with USPS does not exceed five days.

Urban Ice Organics is easily accessible as they have a functional “Contact us” section on their website. You can choose to fill the form or give them a call or drop an email. Many of their customers have mentioned how active the customer support team is as they attend to all inquires within 24hours.

Also, the vendor offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for capsules, powders, and liquid shots bought from them. If the products do not meet your expectations, they may give you a replacement or refund your money.

Social Media Presence and Customers Reviews on Urban Ice Organics

Businesses are taking advantage of the increased traffic on social media platforms to register their presence. The internet has become an important business tool for business owners.

Since Urban Ice Organics regard themselves as the fastest emerging Kratom vendor in America, they have proven that by being very active on many social media platforms.

They have Twitter handles, Facebook, and Instagram pages. They update their pages often and have quite a lot of followers. They do not fail to mention their stores on their social media channels which drives more prospective buyers to their shop.

Many consumers have quite a lot to say about Urban Ice Kratom vendors especially if you’re looking at Kratom communities and forums like Reddit. A lot of the reviews from the customers are satisfied. However, there are still some people who are not impressed by their services and that is very natural. The good thing is the numbers of those with complaints are so small, they can be negligible.

Generally, most of the Kratom users seem connected to the brand. Their customers are loyal. Amongst all their products, the majority of the customers prefer to buy the Maeng Da Kratom blend no matter what form it is in.

Final Verdict – Is Buying From Them a Good Idea?

With every information available, it is safe to say that Urban Ice Organics Kratom vendor is reliable. Urban Ice Organics source their Kratom from Southeast Asia. Kratom is believed to be grown by skilled farmers who utilize the best climate conditions to improve the potency of the plants. After growing them, they pass the strains through various kinds of filters and tests, and then Urban Ice Organics process the best leaves in their company.

But if you’re planning to buy it from them, remember it’s not cheap. If you intend to buy high-quality Kratom for a cheap price then you should direct your search somewhere else.

You can search out their website to see for yourself their Kratom Product collection. Some stores sell Kratom for lesser prices and with more strains. Still, if you don’t mind the high cost, then they’re good to go.

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