Valkyrie Botanicals Kratom Review

Valkyrie Botanicals Kratom Review: What Every Buyer Should Know

A lot of Kratom users have trouble finding reliable vendors to supply them with high-quality kratom. This is mostly because many dubious vendors have infiltrated the industry.

So how can you tell the difference between authentic kratom sellers and shady vendors? Well, reviews like this one can help. This guide analyzes Valkyrie Botanicals Kratom and discusses what you need to know before buying.

About Valkyrie Botanicals

Valkyrie Botanicals is a renowned Kratom brand with many satisfied customers that applaud their high-quality Kratom strains.

They came into the industry in 2016 and, after years of commitment to customer satisfaction, eventually teamed up with Carolina Kratom, another online wholesale Kratom shop located in Augusta, Georgia.

This merger with an equally trustworthy and excellent Kratom distributor shows that their customers are in for a treat and will receive premium, pure Kratom strains. But what exactly do they sell?

Valkyrie Kratom Strains and Varieties

Buying Valkyrie Kratom from Carolina Kratom is relatively easy. Despite the merger, customers do not have to go through too much trouble to get their desired Kratom strains. However, buyers will need to visit the online store of Carolina Kratom for important details and final purchase after filling their cart.

The Valkyrie Kratom strains that you can find on the Carolina Kratom website include Bali Indo, Plantation Maeng Da, Red Plantation Maeng Da, and Yellow Vietnam.

Technically you’re meant to purchase Valkyrie Kratom powder from Carolina Kratom.

Do They Have Lab Testing In Place?

Valkyrie is popular because of the consistent high-quality Kratom that they provide. This vendor has all their Kratom strains undergo independent lab testing to ascertain their quality and safety. They do this to ensure that customers only receive the best. You can find the results of the lab test on their website.

Pricing and Payment Options at Valkyrie Botanicals Kratom

When it comes to prices, Valkyrie enjoys a satisfactory position in the industry. Their prices are neither too high nor too low to bring them excessive scrutiny. This vendor fixed the price of their strains based on the quality, size, quantity, and format. Check out the price ranges available:

  • $10.34 for 30 grams of powder
  • $20.34 for 100 grams of powder
  • $33.33 for 250 grams of powder

Valkyrie Botanicals does not only sell Kratom in powder form. You can also find your favorite strain in extract and liquid forms. These are also priced based on weight and type. There is yet another way for consumers to enjoy their Kratom. Valkyrie created an option where their customers can combine Kratom strains to create a fusion of different varieties either in liquid or powder form.

This deal is good for buyers who want to try out different strains and veins but lack the budget to do so. Thrilled by the mixed package, customers can mix up to 4 different strains to get 1kg of kratom.

Aside from being able to mix different strains of your choice, Valkyrie Botanicals allows you to buy bulk kratom batches and get discounts. Find their discount coupons on social media and get as high as 10% off when you make orders.

What about Valkyrie Botanicals payment options?

Unlike some vendors that don’t have an extensive range of payment options, Valkyrie Kratom buyers enjoy payment provisions like PayPal, Credit card, and Debit card.

However, it’s necessary to remember that they operate a 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday work schedule. So all orders have to come in during this period to get shipped. With that in mind, this vendor doesn’t attend to customers on weekends, neither will they ship any orders during that time.

Valkyrie Botanicals Shipping

Valkyrie offers free shipping to every local customer and does not ship outside the US. Customers who don’t qualify for free shipping get to pay between $7 to $84 depending on the location and quantity of Kratom they order.

Some states in the US are also prohibited from their shipping services due to legal issues surrounding the sale and use of kratom in such areas. Aside from the legal kratom ban, Valkyrie still has a limited shipping network and only sends out packages to the following US states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

This vendor ships orders using UPS or USPS for fast delivery although they advise customers to use UPS for even quicker service. Apart from offering fast deliveries, customers have the opportunity to track their orders until it is received. Alternatively, you can offer to pick up your order at their store during work hours.

Are There Deals and Discounts?

Some kratom vendors roll out discounts and promo deals from time to time as a way of appreciating their customers for their regular patronage. Valkyrie Botanicals Kratom isn’t left out as they offer customers 10% discounts on their last payment when they use the coupon code “Valkyrie”.

At some point, they even offered 2 ounces for free to those who bought up to 8 ounces of Kratom. You can stay updated on discount information by reaching out to them via email, subscribing to the newsletter, or visiting the website.

Valkyrie Botanicals Highlights – Pros & Cons

Many reviews that we’ve seen about this vendor show that their customers love the kind of services offered. Their reputation is solid and people think of them as reliable.

Asides from selling high-quality Kratom, this vendor stocks its products at affordable prices. It is also admirable to know that customers can create custom strains by mixing several of the individual kratom strains on offer.

But what does Valkyrie Kratom need to improve on?

As of now, this vendor does not have that many strains on sale. This makes it difficult for customers who prefer a wide range of products to patronize them. It would be great if they’re able to extend their range and introduce other Kratom strains and non-kratom herbal products.

Our Verdict: Valkyrie Kratom is Not a Bad Choice

This alliance between Valkyrie Botanicals and Carolina Kratom is an admirable one. The two vendors individually concern themselves with the welfare of their customers more than making a huge chunk of money. So you can try to envisage what a combined force can accomplish.

They aim to provide different forms of high-quality Kratom strains that have gone through adequate testing for purity and safety. That is to enable customers to get the best Kratom possible that’s also worth their money. And even better is the fact that they’re getting the strains at really affordable prices.

When you make an order from Valkyrie Kratom, there’s no need to fear that you’ll get products contaminated with germs or heavy metals. Their customer service team also handles customer complaints and inquiries efficiently. Happy shopping!

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