Virginia Botanicals Review

Virginia Botanicals Kratom Vendor Analysis and Review

The Kratom industry is fast-growing, which may be surprising to some, considering that this ethnobotanical is relatively new. From the jungles of Southeast Asia to the rest of the world, its popularity has spread all over the U.S and beyond. The result? Many online Kratom vendors such as Virginia Botanicals have sprung up, with even more popping up now and then.

It may now be much easier to get your regular supply of kratom but the bad news is that not all vendors who promise to supply high-quality Kratom are genuine. Some happen to be shady sellers and, if you are not cautious, you could end up buying low-quality Kratom at outrageous prices. To avoid that happening, you need to be diligent when choosing a Kratom Vendor to buy from. It’s up to you to make sure such a vendor is both reliable and has a trail of positive reviews from previous buyers.

This piece is a review of one vendor in the market, namely Virginia Botanicals. After going through this guide, you will be able to decide for yourself if this seller is worth your time and money or not.

A Background To Virginia Botanicals

Virginia Botanicals, established in 2017 has just been in operation for three years, making it one of the newest in the industry. That notwithstanding, they’ve managed to make a name for themselves within such a short space of time.

This vendor works around the clock to ensure that they keep up their reputation. Located in Virginia, where you’ll notice that there are not too many Kratom vendors in the area, Virginia Botanicals is worth talking about as it seems lots of users have taken an interest in them.

They aren’t only known for sourcing and selling kratom, but also sell coffee blends and other medicinal herbs. Such a wide product range gives customers more reasons to shop at their online store.

Kratom Strains Available at Virginia Botanicals

As mentioned earlier, this online kratom store hasn’t lasted that long in the business, yet we believe they boast an impressive kratom collection. Their most popular strains are available in pills, capsule, and powder forms.

According to consumer reviews, the strains you get at this store can be counted on in terms of potency. That implies they are not like some other vendors that sell adulterated Kratom that supplies little to no desirable effects. Some buyers have also indicated that kratom from Virginia Botanicals tastes better than what they would normally get from many other shops.

It’s quite interesting to note that Virginia Botanicals offer 55+ different Kratom strains and variants. Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular:

  • Chocolate Kratom
  • Dead End Red Blend
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red Horned Leaf
  • Yellow Elephant
  • Super White MD
  • Enhanced Extra Plus

Dead End Red Blend is one of the most exclusive blends that users can find in their collection. It is a red vein Kratom strain but you’ll also find other reds like Red Sumatra and Red Borneo kratom.

Remember we said previously that Kratom is not the only botanical that this vendor deals on. From unwashed poppy seeds and kava extracts to coffee beans, there’s more to this vendor than meets the eye.

Another nice thing about the products sold by Virginia Botanicals is that buyers are allowed to explore the split kilos option. See it as a sort of opportunity to create your recipe. So one can combine two different kratom strains, depending on taste and preference.

One thing that we noticed, however, is that the vendor doesn’t have a large storeroom and that’s probably because they are still feeling their way around the industry. So don’t feel disappointed when you find out this could be the reason that they are always running out of stock. Whatever the case, the reports show that they try their best to restock as soon as possible.

What is the Cost of Virginia Botanicals Kratom?

Although the prices here may fluctuate from time to time, Virginia Botanicals Kratom powder seems quite affordable when you compare the cost to what you’d spend with many other vendors. Feel free to refer to their official site for updates about prices.

Shipping Services – Getting Your Kratom Packages Delivered

According to testimonials from satisfied customers, their shipping services are quick. Normally, it takes just one to three days to get your kratom delivered. However, keep in mind that the three days must fall on a working weekday. That’s because Virginia Botanicals doesn’t ship goods on weekends and holidays.

But it’s quite interesting to note that their deliveries aren’t confined to the shores of the United States alone. This vendor ships internationally, which is good news to buyers from around the world. Their international shipping services are also very fast. More often than not, your Kratom gets delivered within one month if you reside outside of the US. In all, this vendor’s shipping service is both reliable and affordable.

For every ounce of Kratom purchased, the cost of shipping is $7.50. The pricing system is great for consumers who wish to place many orders of little quantities of Kratom at a time. Of course, rookies will want to take advantage of such a provision.

Customer Service – What To Expect

This vendor shows a commitment to the welfare of its customers, ensuring that they get supplied with high-quality herbal products. They’ve also done well at responding to complaints promptly and setting up a very interactive website.

You can start live chats while logged in on the site and a salesperson operating the live chat will be available to answer your questions. The website also has a comment section where you can leave queries and suggestions, or state an observation.

Customer feedback is a crucial part of every business because the words of a consumer are even more reliable than the words of the business owner himself. For businesses, especially online businesses to thrive, positive feedback from customers is important. Other than engaging in a live chat on the website, you can also contact them by calling or sending an email.

What People Like About Virginia Botanicals

Below is a summary of what consumers love about this vendor. Virginia Botanicals

  • Offers high-quality Kratom
  • Is 100% legit.
  • Has great customer service and is always eager to tend to every issue
  • website is easy to navigate
  • Provides basic information about Kratom on their website.
  • Offers both national and international shipping services, all at very quick delivery rates.

But what could be better? Where do they need to improve?

Virginia Botanicals still has some areas requiring improvement. The possible factors that may cause doubts when buying from this vendor include:

  • Being new to the industry
  • Pricey shipping costs
  • Zero proof of quality on the company’s website.
  • Selling only raw Kratom.

Final Verdict: Is This Vendor Genuine?

Judging from this review and all that has been discussed above, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Virginia Botanicals is a pretty okay vendor. Although the company is still new to the industry, its pedigree is remarkable. In addition to distributing high-quality Kratom, they have several other good sides that make buying from worth it.

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