VivaZen Kratom Review: What You Need To Know About Them

Kratom has now become a popular herb and we are seeing the user stats growing. So many new kratom users are hopping on the bus and have added this ethnobotanical to their daily routine for different reasons. Although the use of kratom is yet to be fully certified by the authorities at the federal level, many users continue to explore the herb.

In today’s review, VivaZen Kratom will be the focus as we would like to analyze everything you need to know about this vendor. Hopefully, the info in this guide will help you decide whether to patronize it or not.

A Brief History of VivaZen Kratom

If you have been in the industry long enough, you must have heard about VivaZen Kratom. Some time ago, this vendor’s controversial kratom shot caused some health issues for users in the community. So in 2015, the manufacturer decided to take the shot off its product list. This move was made following an alert from the FDA on the import of kratom. 

Unfortunately, this brand was a bit late with their move to control the damage done and their product saw many users requiring medical care. That one incident caused a serious uproar amongst users in the community and the industry in general. After an affiliate of CBS News went on to release an editorial that tagged VivaZen as “addiction in a bottle”, they were forced to pull out kratom completely from their product list. 

You would think that the incident would seal their move away from the kratom industry. But just a few months later, VivaZen did something unexpected. They returned to the market with four new shots. Quite surprisingly, consumers continued to order their shots, probably due to brand loyalty. But just getting back into the market with new products wasn’t going to be enough to wipe their slates clean. The production company in charge of VivaZen noticed a serious drop in sales. And at that point, they decided to retrace their steps, go back to the drawing board, and fix the problem from the roots up.

In 2018, they started the distribution of kratom shots again. This time, with a promise of something better, they began to get interested wholesalers and smoke shops across the country to restock their stores with liquid kratom extracts such as VivaZen Botanicals Maeng Da.

Overall, one major problem with this brand is the vague appeal that surrounds its operations. You’ll hardly find detailed information about their products on their labels. They went on to get the public to think that their shots were approved by the FDA but that is definitely not the case. 

Products Available at VivaZen

The VivaZen was never known for a long list of products. Even now, they still maintain a short product list. Products available at VivaZen include VivaZen Kratom, VivaZen Ultimate Kratom, and VivaZen Kratom max.

So How Much Kratom Is Contained in VivaZen?

Pay attention here so you can understand what we’re trying to say. The United Naturals proprietary blend contains eight chemical components. Some of them include corydalis extract, valerian root extract, and mitragyna speciosa. You’ll also find other components like Boswellia serrata resin, Yohimbe bark extract, and willow bark.

VivaZen’s product label does not indicate the percentage amount of each component present in the product. Instead, they state just the total amount of the product’s content, which is around 48 grams, approximately.

It is important to note that some of these ingredients are detrimental to an individual’s health. For instance, corydalis has been associated with a case of cholestatic hepatitis. Also, Yohimbe could cause health issues when consumed orally. 

In the same way, mitragyna speciosa is still being studied and isn’t deemed to be 100% verified. Hence, users are advised against consuming overly large quantities of these products because they could cause more harm than good. 

It is no news that the authorities are still skeptical about mitragynine. It is yet to be approved by relevant authorities such as the FDA. As a result, many users, especially those who are new to VivaZen, are particularly interested in the amount of mitragynine content in VivaZen. 

A bottle of 1.9 ounces of VivaZen contains about 1,530 mg of kratom. This quantity is roughly equivalent to consuming roughly two to three grams of kratom powder. United Naturals still does not indicate the exact amount of mitragynine or other alkaloids present in a particular bottle. This isn’t a cause for alarm because many other vendors in the industry operate on this same principle. 

One of the main reasons that they don’t disclose this information to the public is because alkaloid contents are not the same for every batch. These contents differ depending on environmental factors such as the season of growth and methods of processing kratom leaves. Mitragynine accounts for about 1.5 to 2.0 percent of the dry mass in a dry kratom leaf. Possibly, it makes up two-thirds of the total alkaloid profile of a kratom powder. 

Based on these figures, it is assumed that the level of mitragynine in VivaZen is within this range, although it is not certain. Even after a series of research studies, the exact pharmacology of kratom has not been accurately obtained. Its toxicity has also not been verified. But one certain thing is that mitragynine may not be the safest herb out there for health until we fully understand its intricacies, especially when consumed in large quantities. 

Shipping & Refund Policy 

VivaZen offers free shipping service for every product purchased from their store. Also, there is usually no additional cost for returns and refunds.

At VivaZen, customers’ well-being and satisfaction seem to be high on their list of priorities. From what we’ve seen, they offer a refund policy, so you’ve got nothing to worry about if you receive a package that you find to be faulty. Once a refund is approved, the vendor will contact you via email. This email will contain a prepaid shipping label that you would use to return your unused product. 

So if, for any reason, you find the kratom delivered to you unsatisfactory, the company will gladly take back the package. Even if part of the product has been used, the remaining part will still be accepted on the condition that you return the product within 60 days of purchase. That’s a whole 2 months! After the product gets returned, you will either receive a refund or have the product exchanged with another strain. It all depends on what you want. 

Damage Due to Freight or Shipping 

VivaZen ensures that all products are thoroughly tested to ensure quality. Before shipments are transported out of the warehouse, they are carefully inspected and any abnormality is immediately corrected. Upon delivery, you are expected to examine your product carefully and report any damage promptly. This report must be made within 48 hours of delivery, else it will be invalid. While laying a complaint, detailed information must be given regarding the damaged product.

Final Verdict: Is VivaZen Good Enough?

With all that has been said, it is up to you to decide. VivaZen’s mode of operation is not clearly stated even on their website. There have been a few bad stories about this vendor and therefore they don’t rank that high in our opinion. If you are a lover of liquid Kratom, then you might want to look for another vendor with a better reputation. Remember, safety should come first before every other factor.

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