White Elephant Kratom

Comprehensive Guide to the White Elephant Kratom Strain

Given the name by the shape and size of its leaves, White Elephant Kratom is famous for its large and droopy leaves similar to an elephant’s ears. The strain comes from a very mature kratom plant and hence, higher alkaloid content than other strains in the market. Even better, kratom users reckon that the strain boasts of a very mood uplifting and energizing aroma.

White Elephant Kratom Review

How is White Elephant Kratom Prepared?

As earlier mentioned, white elephant kratom is produced by farmers who are highly selective about the plant matter they use. The strain is prepared by farming larger than regular leaves, resembling the elephant’s ears.
These old growth kratom leaves are known to be far more potent than the usual plain leaf. Kratom experts also point to the voluminous nature of its alkaloid content. As a result, white elephant kratom has been known as a potent strain and highly demanded.

Where is White Elephant Kratom Grown?

This exotic cultivar traces its roots to Southeast Asia. The strain is obtained from the mature leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, which grows in the outer-lying forests in the Ketepang Regency. The area is nestled deep in the wilderness of West Kalimantan, giving it room to achieve optimal maturity and unparalleled heights.

White elephant kratom trees are massively cultivated by the local Petani, a network of skilled native-speaking farmers who are well-versed in ancient ways. As a result, these farmers are known for harvesting one of the finest strains in the market.

How Popular is White Elephant Kratom?

While white elephant kratom isn’t the most popular kratom strain in the market, its demand is pretty high compared to popular strains like Green Bali and Maeng Da. That’s mainly because of its high alkaloid content, with many users praising it for being versatile and potent.

Though the old-growth kratom leaves are hard to find, white elephant kratom is very popular in Canada and the US. Reddit users have also elected several threads to support the use of this strain, helping to increase its demand worldwide. Even better, white elephant kratom reviews have continued cropping up online over the last decade, with its users confirming that it’s among the most potent strains for experienced users.

White Elephant Kratom Alkaloid Profile

Considering that White Elephant Kratom is sourced from old-growth leaves, you can expect to enjoy a wide array of alkaloids with this strain. The old-growth leaves are known for their large amounts of mitragynine and 7HMG (Hydroxy-mitragynine), among other indole alkaloids. These indole alkaloids behave similarly to opioid medications, having a significant impact on your body’s opioid receptors.

Buying White Elephant Kratom

When it comes to buying white elephant kratom or any other strains, purity is the most important consideration as it’s not healthy to use it alongside other stimulants. Even worse, the rarity of white elephant kratom increases the risk of counterfeiting from unscrupulous individuals.

Despite its scarcity, it’s not impossible to get white elephant kratom in the US or Canada. However, you want to ensure you buy your white elephant kratom from a vendor who can swear by the purity of their product through organic farming, rigorous sifting process, and lab testing.

Though it’s challenging to shop for this strain online, you can find white Elephant kratom in several stores. All you need is to pay attention to customer reviews and shipping details to know whether the product is genuine. It’s advisable to start with a small order from a vendor to test the company and know whether their white elephant kratom is worth your money.

How Much is White Elephant Kratom

In the current marketplace, the price of white elephant kratom depends on the vendor and the origin. Different kratom brands offer different prices for this strain to their customers, with the cost ranging from $10 to $15 for a 1 OZ bottle.

For capsule-lovers, you can get about 100 capsules for around $45, though the price range depends on your vendor. White elephant kratom tinctures cost about $20 for a 10ML bottle, though the amount of tincture may vary between alkaloid percentage and quantity of each bottle. However, tinctures are not desirable for daily use as the alkaloids tend to settle at the bottle’s bottom.

White Elephant Kratom Powder & Capsules

When it comes to using kratom, most users tend to choose to buy it in powder or capsule form. Nonetheless, you can find great white elephant tinctures on the market today. However, you’ll almost the same benefits no matter how you choose to consume it.

Due to its bitter taste, most people who buy white elephant kratom in powder form use it to brew tea at home because of its incredible aroma. Others also mix it with smoothies, yogurt, and juices to mask its bitter taste.
For people who are not accustomed to its taste or aroma, white elephant kratom capsules work excellently. The capsules not only eliminate the hassle of having to measure the right quantity, but it also allows you to enjoy its benefits if you don’t fancy the taste.

Who Can Use White Elephant Kratom

Though white elephant kratom isn’t the best choice for beginners, most people can use it without any negative effects. However, it’s advisable to use it in moderation until you grasp its effects and aroma. That ensures you won’t be overwhelmed by its strong smell and potency.

For lactating mothers and pregnant women, it’s advisable to stay away from white elephant kratom and other strains of its kind. The alkaloid content on this strain can also be harmful to people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney issues.

When used in large amounts, medical experts reckon that it might result in liver damage, kidney disease and increase your heart rate. Even worse, you might experience respiratory depression if you’re having an allergic reaction to this strain. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to control the amount of kratom you use.

How to Use White Elephant Kratom

Moderation is vital when using white elephant kratom to avoid adverse effects such as headache and body weakness. The strain can be alluring to introverts yearning for social engagement, though you might not have the best experience if you consume it in excess.

According to kratom experts, beginners should start with less than 2 grams, unless you don’t mind panicking at the disco. You can gradually increase the dosage as you get acclimated to the aroma, but it’s advisable to use more than 8 grams daily. Users who have previously used more than this amount have reported different adverse reactions like confusion, stomach cramps, vomiting, profuse sweating, hallucination, and agitation.

What are people saying about White elephant kratom?

Almost every white elephant kratom post on Reddit reflects on the strain’s positive feeling that the users have enjoyed. One user ranked this strain at 8 out of 10, saying that it’s among the best white vein strains that kick in within 30 minutes. Other users reported the strain to be euphoric.

White elephant kratom has become a favorite among many kratom users, considering its online reviews. The users say the strain is clean and highly potent, requiring you to use only a small amount.

Is White Elephant Kratom Legal?

Similar to other kratom strains, white elephant kratom is mostly legal in the US and Canada. However, you might get into trouble when selling or buying this kratom strain in Romania, Myanmar, Poland, Sweden, and North Korea.

In the united states, the DEA tried banning kratom products in 2016 because of chemical compounds like 7HMG and mitragynine, though a public outcry forced them to forfeit their plans. For this reason, it’s legal to sell white elephant kratom under federal law, but several states are still adamant about embracing the market. That includes Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana, and Alabama, to name a few.

White Elephant Alternatives

When shopping for rare kratom strains like White elephant kratom, it’s essential to keep in mind that it’s not always available on the market. Fortunately, there are several alternative options, including White Maeng da Kratom, which is known as an enhanced white vein kratom.

For users looking to tone down their anxiety intensity, wild red elephant kratom leaves are an excellent alternative to this kratom strain. Users praise the wild red for its ability to boost your concentration and cognitive function, all thanks to its ample range of alkaloids.

Green elephant kratom is also another ideal choice for users who can’t find the white elephant kratom. The strain is known for its great potency and natural, earthy taste, also making it among the most demanded strains in the market.

Is White Elephant Kratom Worth the Money?

Despite the arduous process of acquiring this kratom strains, its users say that the strain’s euphoric effects are worth every cobble. However, many enthusiasts lament for lack of legit sellers for this incredible cultivar. Even worse, the FDA doesn’t support the use of kratom products despite its perceived benefits. Nonetheless, white elephant kratom remains among the most unforgettable elephant strains you can buy today.

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