White Indo Kratom Review

The arrival of Kratom took the internet by a storm. Unfortunately, with little information on this ‘new legal high’, myths and misconceptions of its origin, properties, and effects are being tossed from every direction.

Well, what is this literal ‘Holy Grail’ that has remained elusive from the world for centuries? There have been debates over Kratom’s legality in many countries for a long time. One thing that has stood out is that the herb’s benefits outweigh its minor side effects.

There are dozens of Kratom strains out there; however, this article demystifies all the mysteries surrounding the White Indo Kratom strain.

What Exactly is Kratom?


Kratom, scientifically referred to as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a native plant to the Oceania islands. The plant, a close relative to ordinary coffee, thrives in the subtropical climate of Vietnam, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. Scientists attribute its survival to the region’s nutrient-rich acidic, volcanic soils.

White Indo Kratom is one of the many varieties of Kratom that have been documented to date. This variety has its array of strains, which we will discuss later in this article.

Despite making its internet breakthrough recently, Kratom derivatives have been used by Thai natives as an herbal medicine for centuries. The natives chewed the leaves and swallowed to the sap. They claim that the leaf juice;

  • Relieves pain
  • Increases sexual desires
  • Increases energy
  • Expedites healing of wounds

These medical claims attracted direct attention from scientists, who later did extensive research on the plant.

What did the Research Reveal?


According to research reports, Kratom contains the following key active ingredients;

7-hydroxy mitragynine,
other alkaloids with stimulant effects.

These chemical compounds are produced and stored by the plants’ leaves.

More research is still being conducted on the plant; however, no component of medicinal value has been identified to date. Therefore, Kratom remains to be a placebo and a recreational drug.


As the name suggests, the Bali province of Indonesia is the leading exporter of White Indo Kratom. However, conjuring the origin of this drug is somewhat confusing. Despite its Indicating an Indonesian source, the plant also thrives in Thailand and Vietnam.

Indonesia has commercialized the industry to satisfy the western world’s unending taste for White Indo. The region grows the plant in sustainable biodiversity to maintain forest cover and traditional land practices.

A mature Mitragyna speciosa, which is an evergreen tree, can grow to a height of 25 m (82 ft). Its trunk alone can grow to an overwhelming 0.9 m (3 ft) diameter. It is generally straight, and the outer bark is soft and grey.

The leaves are dark-green and glossy and measure 7–12 cm (2.8–4.7 in) wide and 14–20 cm (5.5–7.9 in) long and when fully open, opposite in growth pattern, and are ovate-acuminate in shape with 12–17 pairs of veins.

Kratom’s flowers grow in bunches of three at the ends of the branches.

When the tree achieves desired maturity, farmers handpick mature leaves and sort them out depending on their vein coloration. Different vein colors indicate different Kratom strains. Harvesting has to be done professionally, ensuring the survival of the plant to the next harvest.

Differentiating White Indo Kratom from its relatives is simple as this particular strain has larger leaves than other speciosa plants.

The white Indo strain grows impressively faster than many of her Kratom strains. This has made it readily available as it is produced in large quantities. Additionally, White Indo is cheaper and more popular than different strains due to its availability.


Some Kratom strains are products of intensive or alternative drying processes. For instance, Bentuangie Kratom is produced through a fermentation method that results in its unique, spicy aroma and distinct alkaloid concentration. On the other hand, White Indo contains higher amounts of mitragynine and lower amounts of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, two of Kratom’s main alkaloids.

Here is how that is achieved; during the harvesting period, the leaves are handpicked and cleaned with running water to remove dust, debris, and dirt. This is an important step, as once the leaves are ground into powder, it is impossible to identify any traces of impurities within.

Farmers then hang the leaves on large racks and leave them to dry. Drying can be under a shed or in the sun, which plays a crucial role in developing various Kratom strains. The end product alkaloid composition depends on the time taken to dry it. The leaves are then crushed into a fine powder.

Now ready for use, the powder is smoothly packaged in airtight bags and prepared for the market. The airtight bags maintain the originality of the drug. In recent years, Kratom has been one of the region’s key exports.

How to Consume Indo Kratom (Capsules, Powder or raw Leaves)

Indo Kratom is available in two forms in most shops; powder or capsules.

White Indo Kratom Capsules

White Indo capsules, or any other strain, can be produced by anyone. It’s a straightforward process. If you detest the powdery substance that keeps messing your bag, then the Kratom capsule is the best alternative.

Capsules, unlike the powder, masks off the choking unrefined taste of Kratom. Furthermore, the tablets are easily portable and can also be used – discreetly in public places. Who will bother an office partner swallowing a pill or two?

Capsules also allow users to create their customized blends and dosages. You can mix different strains as you please or fill the capsule with the right amount of Kratom powder of your preference.

Owning a capsule maker comes in handy when making Kratom capsules for personal use. Always use quality assessed and approved capsule making machines from reliable sources.

White Indo Kratom Powder

This is a standard method for those who can’t access capsules. Unlike capsules, the powder can be added to water, tea, coffee, or any other soft drink of your choice. Powders can be found in all Kratom shops and farms.


The natives commonly use this method. Since most of the processed product is shipped out of the country, farmers directly chew the plant’s leaves, after which they swallow the sap/tincture.

In other cases, the leaves are boiled directly, and the soup is taken as a tea. The endpoint of the whole process is extracting the alkaloids, something which can be achieved in various ways.

Smoking and Vaporizing

These methods are less explored as the heat affects the composition of alkaloids. Nonetheless, if you own a decent vaporizer, why not give it a try?

Tablets and Gums

Although this is still rare, companies have started to infuse Kratom extracts into pills and gums. This seems to provide an alternative mode of consumption to the growing market.

White Indo Kratom Price

Due to the abundance of White Indo Kratom, the substance is readily available at a fair price. The price varies from dealer to dealer as well as your location. The typical price range is $8 to $12 per ounce.

Well, according to Kratom users, White Indo Kratom hits differently on different users. For instance, a 3-gram dose can be overwhelming to some users and mild on others.

White Indo is the most potent analgesic of all Kratom strains, with many users using it to alleviate joint and back pains. Despite its lack of any curative properties, White Indo Kratom is famed for its depressant compounds. The drug calms the brain, decreasing the user’s sense of awareness of their surroundings.

Unfortunately, White Indo Kratom doesn’t turn users into Hercules. This is partly due to its relaxant properties mentioned above. Unlike other Kratom strains, such as Maeng Da, which have stimulant alkaloids, White Indo is purely a relaxant. For this reason, it is advisable to use it at home away from mind intensive tasks driving.

The Legality of White Indo Kratom

As earlier mentioned, many countries are still debating whether they should legalize Kratom products or not. The whole process depends on scientific research outcomes, which have experienced sluggish progress over recent years. If research proves the drug to be beneficial, then it will be widely accepted.

However, the United States, Australia, and Germany have already legalized Kratom’s sale and use within its borders. (Not all states in the USA have legalized Kratom)

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) categorized Kratom as a food supplement and not a drug after research disapproved of Kratom’s medicinal capabilities.

Hopefully, more countries will embrace the new drug both for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Legalization will benefit the countries of origin and millions of people suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. Kratom will be the ‘new legal high.’


There is a wide variety of Kratom products, and of them all, White Indo Kratom is the most outstanding due to its non-stimulant properties. It is widely produced, readily available as well as cost-effective.

There are dozens of online Kratom stores available, and you want to purchase your products from a trustworthy dealer. This assures you of products’ authenticity as well as the best prices.

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