Yellow Thai Kratom Review

Yellow Thai kratom is a rare strain in the market with high demand. Some people believe that it comes from kratom leaves harvested at a mature stage of growth. However, the most accepted concept is that the yellow color results from different drying techniques of white and green kratom leaves. Yellow kratom could be white kratom, whose color is altered during the fermentation phase. All the leaves are picked and dried for at least 15 days to allow the photo-oxidation process.

Origin of Yellow Thai Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa, kratom, is a botanical grown in Southeast Asia’s humid forests, specifically in Indonesia’s islands. Its origin is not entirely determined yet. However, it is believed to originate from Southeast Asia, where it has been in use for many centuries. Natives used it as a stimulant by chewing the leaves, which makes it similar to cocoa and khat. The natives used to brew kratom leaves in tea or also smoke it. Traditionally, kratom was used by laborers and other people who worked in energy-demanding jobs.

Growing Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom grows well in wet, humus-rich soil in a protected area. It is sensitive to drought, and when grown out of its native region, prone to frost. It is propagated using fresh cuttings or seeds.

Not much is known about growing kratom since Kratom seeds and cutting are not easy to find. However, many farmers prefer using sources over cuttings since cutting does not propagate quickly. The veteran farmers choosing to use cuttings prepare them in the following ways before planting them:

  • Put the cuttings in an air bubbler filled with water.
  • Put a small quantity fungicide in water to prevent the growth of fungi.
  • Change water daily until buds start to germinate on the cutting.

Physical Form

Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen tree that grows up to a height of 25m. Its trunk grows up to 0.9 m wide. The tree usually is straight, and its bark is grey.

The leaves are harvested from mitragyna speciosa; they are oval with a hairy backside. The leaves can either be red, green, or white-veined. The white-veined leaves are believed to be used in making the yellow Thai kratom. The average weight of a fresh kratom leaf is 1.7g while it weighs approximately 0.43g when dry. The tree bears flowers with about 120 florets, which later mature into a small fruit full of flat seeds.

Chemical Composition of Yellow Thai Kratom

Over 25 alkaloids have been isolated in mitragyna speciosa. Mitragynine, Speciogynine, and Paynantheine are the most abundant alkaloids, making up half of the total leaf content. Other alkaloids present in kratom leaf include corynanthidine, mitraversine, ajmalicine, rhychophylline, and stipulatine.

Mitragynine is the most abundant alkaloid in yellow Thai kratom, and it’s responsible for many of its effects. The alkaloid was determined in 1921, where its chemical was fully isolated. Since then, mitragynine has been the most popular alkaloid of kratom.7-hydromitragynine is a minor alkaloid in green Thai kratom, making up to 2 % of the total content. The presence of hydroxyl group C-7 makes 7-hydroxymitragynine more potent.

Harvesting and Processing

Upon attaining maturity, the white-veined leaves are carefully picked by experienced farmers. They are cleaned in running water to get rid of any contaminants. Cleaning is a crucial step since it determines the hygiene and safety of the strain.

Kratom farmers hang the leaves on big racks, and they are left to dry. The alkaloid content depends on the time and the method used in drying the leaves. After the drying process is complete, the leaves are dried; they should be ground in large quantities using industrial grinders. The fine powder is transported and released into the market.

Most vendors buy kratom powder in bulk and package it in their preferred ways. However, before packaging the kratom powder, they run lab tests on their powder to determine whether it is safe for human consumption. Some vendors choose to divide the powder in small quantities and keep it in airtight bottles.

Kratom capsules are also made from kratom powder by accurately packaging the right amount into capsules. The powder is also used in making a healthier version of yellow Thai kratom the extract.

Where do I buy Yellow Thai kratom?

There are many kratom vendors near you. However, getting a vendor who is consistently providing high quality yellow Thai kratom is not easy. Some vendors will package kratom that is not tested for safety. Remember, some farmers dry their leaves in unhygienic environments. It is also essential to understand that kratom is not tested in Thailand before transportation. Please carry out thorough research to determine whether you can get high quality yellow Thai kratom. Determine whether their kratom has passed. The entire lab tests are is safe for human use. It is, however, essential to ask whether the FDA certifies the vendor.

Legal Status of Yellow Thai Kratom

Thailand was the first country to declare the use of kratom illegal in 1943. It is listed at a category similar to cannabis; its procession or production was punishable by 1-2 year imprisonment. In 2018 Thai government legalized kratom use for medical purposes. While in the USA, it is yet to be regulated as a controlled substance under the controlled substance act.

In Malaysia, kratom is prohibited under section 30 poison Act of 1952.even after banning the use of kratom; its use remains high in Malaysia due to its availability as the trees grow natively. In Canada, marketing kratom is legal for any service. It is also sold for other services like incense. However, health Canada has been opposing the selling of kratom for ingestion.

Yellow Thai kratom, like other strains, the legality of its production, procession, and use, is not particular as research contradicts its impacts on human health.

How to ingest Yellow Thai kratom

Just like other strains, yellow Thai kratom can be ingested in many ways.


Raw leaves are the most common way of ingesting kratom for easy assimilation into the bloodstream. Chewing the leaves enables the alkaloids to mix with mucosa for easy absorption. However, for the best results, you should chew the leaves when they are fresh. You can also chew dried leaves since the yellow kratom is not as bitter as other strains.


Another right way of ingesting yellow Thai kratom is by making a tea either using it in powder form or dried leaves. To prepare tea using yellow Thai, steep some leaves in hot water and boil for at least 20 minutes to transfer nutrients into the water. If you are using powder, measure the correct quantity depending on your dosage, add to the boiling water, and dissolve. You can add some sweaters or honey to give your tea a good taste.

Add to Food and Smoothies

Just like other strains, kratom Thai yellow can be added to food, beverages, or smoothies. You can use your yellow Thai kratom powder form or open a capsule and add its content to your food. Adding it in your food may sometimes delay the impact as it is not absorbed into the bloodstream instantly. This method is familiar to users who want to avoid the leaves bitter taste.


Smoking is not the best way of using kratom. Smoking kratom is not as healthy as the smoke can cause liver and kidney damage. It also takes a lot of time for alkaloids to reach the bloodstream.

Toss and Wash

Like other strains using yellow Thai kratom powder is the ideal way to get maximum effects. Put the powder in your mouth and wash it down using water or juice.

Mix with Juice

Another easy way to use yellow Thai kratom is by mixing it with juice. The juice helps to mask the bitter taste of kratom. This is mostly preferred by people using kratom for recreational purposes.

Combining Yellow Thai kratom with other substances

Combining yellow Thai kratom with other drugs is not a good idea. It is not advisable to combine kratom with cocaine, yohimbine, or high doses of caffeine, causing overstimulation and hypertension. Clinical reviews show that mixing alcohol and kratom can easily cause death, causing depression in the nervous system. There is also a possibility that such a combination may lead to over seduction leading to respiratory depression hence death.

Yellow Thai kratom takes effect after 10 to 20 minutes of use, but the results depend on the quantity you ingested into the body. Children breastfeeding from mothers using kratom are likely to experience these impacts.

Yellow Thai kratom is rare in the market; however, its demand remains high compared to other strains. There are many vendors from whom you can buy your kratom. Before ordering your yellow Thai kratom, you must research the source and quality of their Yellow Thai kratom.

Only minimal research has been done to determine the exact benefits and dangers of using yellow Thai kratom. The use of any strains of any strain of kratom can be addictive and harmful to your body.

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