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YoKratom Review 2021 – Is This Vendor Reliable?

When it comes to the reputation of online Kratom vendors, there are still a lot of things to consider. And since the industry has changed over the years, it is somewhat difficult to find a vendor you can trust.

Before you go on to buy Kratom online, you need to have the assurance that the product you’re getting is of high quality. You also need to make sure that you’re not wasting your money buying something you’ll regret later on.

This is where YoKratom comes in, hence the need for this YoKratom review and guide.

Who is YoKratom?

YoKratom has built a reputation as a good Kratom vendor for a long while. They have been successful at handling so many orders from buyers over time. Also, we noticed that their website is easy to navigate, making the user experience better than some other vendors out there. Apart from these, our findings showed that they’re also acclaimed for their good customer service, straightforward ordering process, and overall credibility.

Although this company has been in the Kratom industry for several years, people may still be skeptical about using them. One of the key reasons could be that they are not based in the US. And because of this, they undergo a lot of scrutinies. On the brighter side, such attention and scrutiny should even make you trust them more.

But we bet that you need more info to convince you. So we will need to go into the details. This piece has been designed to highlight the qualities of YoKratom that should make you decide whether to do business with them or not.

What’s the YoKratom Online Shopping Experience Like?

YoKratom provides customers with an online shopping experience that beats most other vendors in the industry. The company has a lot of positive reviews from many of its customers. In fact, when you consider their activities, you’ll notice they’re putting themselves out there, gaining a lot of credibility from the industry, and building their referrals.

When you visit their website, you will understand that the company spent a lot of time and resources. They focused on creating a modern, user-friendly, and sleek site that their competitors may struggle to match up to.

Apart from the fact that the online shop of this vendor is easy for everyone to use, they have high definition pictures of all their products. The best part is that they are updated at regular intervals. That way, you can see the exact product that you’re ordering.

Also, there’s the presence of responsive technology that powers the website. So it means every time you access it, there will be no change from the enjoyable experience you are used to no matter what device you are using. If you monitor other vendors, you will notice that most Kratom vendors do not have a responsive web platform and this is a plus for YoKratom.

You can find information about the Kratom strains and products they offer with ease. This is good news for rookie Kratom users or people trying out new strains for the first time. That’s because they give you the chance to understand what exactly it is you’re consuming.

If you visit the YoKratom site to make your orders, you will get to see that the process from adding products you’ve selected to actual ordering is easy and streamlined. The only problem you may face at certain times is that the site does not allow you to change the size of your order after you’ve added them to your shopping cart.

If you need to order more, you will need to add more to the cart. But if you need to reduce the quantity of your order, you will be required to clear the order completely and then fill in the correct quantity you want all over again. Aside from this little hitch, their website experience is great.

What Kratom Products Do YoKratom Offer?

When it comes to the products they have, YoKratom has more than 12 different Kratom strains. Most of them are available in powder and capsule forms. These are most of the Kratom products that you will find with this vendor:

  • Red Bali
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Hulu
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Hulu
  • White Borneo
  • White Maeng Da
  • Super Indo
  • Green Vietnam
  • Trainwreck Kratom powder

Apart from these red and green strains of Kratom, there’s something else. Their white kratom strains are one of a kind and hard to find elsewhere. We’ve even seen claims that they are even more potent than those from their competitors.

However, on the YoKratom site, you will not be able to order any other form of products except Kratom powder and capsules. This is because they’re strictly focused on selling Kratom. And that’s unlike some other vendors who deal in other forms of organic health products.

Customers are also drawn to vendors that use nice packaging. And it seems YoKratom did their homework on that. They package their orders in durable materials to ensure that their customers get their orders in safe conditions.

Payment Options, Shipping, and Delivery

YoKratom is interested in user convenience. As a result, they allow their customers to pay through credit cards. Many vendors do not accept credit cards because of certain legal issues. But customers prefer to use their credit cards because of how accessible and encrypted they are unlike e-Checks and bitcoins.

For a Kratom vendor to be regarded as reliable, their shipping methods have to be convenient and suit their customer’s needs. It is normal for brands to do their best at ensuring their customers receive their orders soonest.

When you order from YoKratom, you get to choose from different shipping options according to your level of urgency. The vendor ships through UPS, USPS, Priority Mail, and FedEx. They ensure that all orders are dispatched on the same day of placement. This allows customers to receive their Kratom products soon.

What’s the Quality of Kratom at YoKratom Like?

Kratom powder from YoKratom is of fair quality. However, we feel the company needs to improve its efforts at transparency. This vendor will need to be more open about their products.

While other vendors will show quality analysis tests, YoKratom does not display any certificate of analysis or laboratory tests. These are details that indicate that their products have been tested for purity, potency, or presence of heavy metals. They also do not show the customers information concerning the alkaloid content.

It would have been great for this company if they had information about their testing process. But, in the meantime, you’ll need to check their customer reviews and testimonials to find out what other users think about their quality. Although most of the reviews are good and some users think they’ve been consistent, it will do the company well to start including test results of their Kratom products on their websites.

YoKratom Pricing, Coupons, and Discounts – Are their Kratom products expensive?

Pricing is another factor that Kratom users consider when choosing their vendors. YoKratom sells their Kratom at incredibly low prices. And this applies even when it comes to their rare and most potent strains. You can get a kilo of Maeng Da for as low as $59.99, some price level that you’d hardly see elsewhere. You can find this great deal and similar deals when you hop on to the website.

There are smaller sample packs that you can buy for six dollars per piece. This allows you to experiment with the different strains of Kratom before you start buying bigger quantities. If you order in bulk or wholesale quantities, YoKratom gives you huge discounts.

Many Kratom users are drawn to vendors that often give discounts and free stuff. This is only normal as we all like freebies, yeah. You can find promo codes, and special deals advertised often on the website. They also use their email marketing system to remind their audience of special deals and offers.

Apart from discounts and promos, the vendor does giveaways from time to time while also providing coupons for their customer. And if you’re a regular customer, you can join their loyalty program and receive updated and prompt information. This includes updates about offers, discounts, and other new offers from YoKratom.

Refund Policy – Can You Return Kratom?

Most people order Kratom products while having to battle with the fear of what happens if they end up not liking the products. This vendor takes that fear away as you can take advantage of their refund policy when necessary.

If you have any issues with the kratom powder you purchased, you can contact the team for a return and refund. However, you can only do this within 30 days of purchase and you should be prepared to pay some extra charges as refund fees.

However, this means you don’t have to beat yourself up worrying if your money will get wasted leaving you with products you can’t use. The company allows you to either exchange your purchased strain for another one or get a refund.

Pros and Cons of YoKratom Vendor

Of course, they have their positive sides which include the Kratom giveaway where they offer free Kratom powder to their customers. They often give as much as two kilos of Kratom powder. Another plus for them is that they permit their customers to make payments with major credit cards which other vendors do not accept.

But the issue with this company is that there is not much information about their identity and their location. They also do not share lab results or a mission statement for their business. They do not give information about their company’s origin or backstory.

Also, when it comes to their Kratom products, they are not transparent about the source of their Kratom leaf and for experienced Kratom users, this is quite a big deal and maybe a downside.

Is YoKratom worth buying from?

This question is one that most people would need answers to before they attempt to patronize this brand. First, Kratom customers, especially those who are experienced will be interested in knowing the source of their Kratom.

This vendor does not state any sourcing location. To add to that, they do not provide information on whether their products have passed AKA GMP regulations. This can cause buyers to become skeptical about the quality of the Kratom they sell. Although it may turn out to be otherwise, this information they do not display on their website makes them look shady.

But, when you overlook all of that and go right into their space, you will come to like certain things about them. The company has many Kratom options to choose from. You can find many rare strains of kratom in their store specifically, the white kratom.

They offer fast shipping, great customer care, and give you one of the best customer shopping experiences. The issues they have with transparency, poor quality checks, and the fact that their shipping is not free is one of the reasons why people have issues trusting them.

If you consider the fact that they allow a full 30-day money-back guarantee and have been able to gather positive reviews for themselves from the beginning of their time in the industry then maybe you can give YoKratom a try.

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