The Complete Zion Herbals Kratom Vendor Analysis

Zion Herbals Review

Zion Herbals is an eye-catching Kratom and herbs vendor that specializes in the distribution of Kratom products, so long as it’s legal to do so. Based in the US, this seller ships its products to various parts of the globe, depending on consumer demands.

They deal with kratom products ranging from powders and extracts to capsules and liquids. All Kratom products are gotten directly from the manufacturers and are of the best quality. This firm makes sure that the kratom product is freshly ground so that it can last as long as possible in the hands of its customers.

Zion Herbals has been distributing Kratom products since 2010 and gained a favorable reputation for their excellent and prompt delivery service, which takes around 2- 3 days. 

Kratom Products Distributed By Zion Herbals

Zion Herbals offers many different strains and varieties of Kratom. Each of these products is tailored to satisfy a particular need, usually dependent on what a buyer wants. Now let’s break down the Kratom products you’ll find in the Zion Herbals online store:

Bulk Kratom: This vendor sells large quantities of Kratom powder such as white vein Hulu Kapuas, Red vein Hulu Kapuas, green vein Hulu Kapuas, Kratom Capsules, etc.

Kratom Extract Powder

In this category, you’ll find products like:

  • 10% Mitragynine full spectrum Kratom alkaloid extract, 
  • 20% Mitragynine full spectrum Kratom alkaloid extract, 
  • 25% Mitragynine full spectrum Kratom alkaloid extract, 
  • 45% Mitragynine full spectrum Kratom alkaloid extract, 
  • 80% Mitragynine full spectrum Kratom alkaloid extract.

Kratom Extract Capsules & Tablets

This section contains Kratom products like:

  • 75mg of 80% Mitragynine Kratom extract capsule,
  • 75mg of 80% Mitragynine Kratom extract tablet, 
  • 100mg of 45% Mitragynine tablets.
  • Zion Herbals silver 2 capsule kratom extract blister pack
  • Zion Herbals Gold reserve extract 2 caps blister pack
  • Zion 5 GR extract cap jar

But that’s not all as there are other products under this category, such as:

  • Zion 5 GR extract tablet jar,
  • Zion Herbals silver series 10 capsule Kratom extract blister pack, 
  • 80% Zion Herbals 2 capsules lucky 80 blisters,
  • Zion Herbals 10mg CBD capsule 10 pack blister
  • Zion Herbals lucky 80 Kratom extract tablet, 
  • Zion Herbals All leaves CBD/ Kratom tablets,
  • Zion Herbals Maeng Da 5 capsule jar,
  • Zion Herbals 50g supreme blend,
  • Zion Herbals 100mg supreme blend,
  • Zion Herbals 50 Cap supreme blend, 
  • Zion Herbals 100 cap supreme blend.

Kratom Extract Liquid

This is also a consumer favorite, stocked with products such as bulk liquid Kratom 30% Mitragynine extract V1, Kratom 45% Mitragynine extract 24k V2, and Kratom 80% Mitragynine extract V3.

What Will These Products Cost You?

The different products have their separate price tags as expected. So what you’ll have to pay mostly depends on how much of the product you intend to buy. 

To illustrate, you’ll find that the Zion Herbals 15ml gold reserve tincture can be gotten for as low as $19.99. But many of the other Zion Herbals Kratom products have a starting price range of about $17.99 and upwards. 

But it’s quite cool that when purchased in very high quantities, there is a reduction attached to the products, especially for recognized customers.

One unique aspect concerning how this vendor runs its business is that they take care to source good products from the best growers. Their meticulous approach to how they bring in new supplies from native farmers shows that they want to stand out as a brand that values customer satisfaction over quick profits.

Shipping, Shipping Restrictions, Return Policy

Zion Herbals keeps to its word concerning shipping dates and times. It is more of an integrity thing where the agreed date of shipping is followed by the latter. There’ll only be deviations in cases of accidents, wars, and other circumstances that could trigger a delay in delivery. In such cases, the products are delivered as soon as the unforeseen circumstance has been resolved. However, this does not affect the price of shipping and delivery.

Zion Herbals has a quick response and delivery time concerning orders or requests. The company has a system in place to ensure they process supplies promptly and ship your product out the very next business day. This cuts down the delivery time to about 2 to 3 days.

The firm accepts returns of products and will offer you a refund so long as the criteria for such a transaction have been met. Here’s what the standards for returns are:

  • The original product of Zion Herbals must be returned.
  •  If the heat-sealed zip locks are opened upon return, there is little or no chance of you being refunded. 
  • If products are returned to the facility, those sets of products can not be sold to a new buyer. 
  • When returning your products, Zion Herbals does not cover the returning fee.

Before any Zion Herbals product gets sent to buyers, it must be inspected and certified to be in top shape after passing through the quality assurance and quality control unit. In situations where your order gets misplaced during shipping by the company’s courier, another order will be shipped to you at no extra cost. 

As a result of legal issues, the company will not ship its products to certain locations. These legal issues are generally due to the Kratom products being banned in some locations. However, there are no restrictions if you intend to buy from their facility.

To make things a bit more elaborate, the areas where this seller can not ship Kratom products to the states include Indiana, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arkansas, the District of Columbia, and Rhode Island. The firm does not directly ship Kratom products outside the country.

What Kind of Service Should You Expect?

You’ve probably been to some public opinion sites and forums to see what others have to say about this vendor. That’s commendable because hearing previous buyers talk about their experience gives you a picture of what to expect from any vendor.

So far, from what we know, the reviews from different customers and users have brought to light the high level of customer service obtainable by Zion Herbals. It’s said that the customer reps pay special attention to prospects and listen to the requests and expectations of every client. They also work as efficiently as they can to fulfill all pending requests until a customer’s needs have been resolved. What better way to keep your clientele feeling valued?

Since they are always sourcing for new products, Zion Herbals always has fresh Kratom products for customers to try out.  We saw reviews where some clients called theirs the best Kratom they had tasted because it created just the right effects.

Should You Go With Zion Herbals?

Zion Herbals can become your one-stop Kratom plug where you get high-quality kratom products at very affordable prices. They carry out their business dealings in an effective manner and try to put customer interest first. It’s all about keeping you satisfied so they can earn your loyalty. Based on that, we think they aren’t doing a bad job.

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