Zona Kratom Vendor Review: Strains, Prices, Site Info

Zona Kratom vendor may rank among the top sellers of Kratom products globally since they partner with farmers straight from Indonesia. Now the company has its operations running between the United States and Indonesia, making them an interesting vendor to watch out for. Read on to see why we think so.

Who is Zona Kratom?

Zona Kratom is an Indonesian-linked Kratom company that specializes in the distribution of diverse forms of Kratom powders and capsules all over the world.

Since the growth and exportation of Kratom are considered illegal in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, Indonesia is now the largest Kratom exportation country. Zona Kratom is, therefore, able to ship this herb to many buyers in the United States since they partner with growers that produce the powder and extracts from Mitragyna speciosa trees.

Having a partnership with Indonesian sources gives Zona Kratom an edge over some other Kratom vendors that get their products from other larger companies that deal directly with the farmers. And that has made them more trustworthy in the eyes of customers and users. 

Zona Kratom offers Kratom products that we believe have very good potency levels. And the best part is that their stuff is sold at affordable prices from what we see. So you can buy kratom in different quantities without having to deal with too many middlemen. That’s what you get when you buy directly from the wholesale brand.

Kratom Products Available and Prices

The Kratom industry is growing at a fast pace and that is all down to the increased awareness of its diverse effects on users in many countries around the world. Due to this, there has been a rise in demand for the product and this has led to the advent of different Kratom strains. 

The properties of the different strains are most often dependent on their color. When it comes to Zona Kratom, check out some of the strain varieties currently in supply on their website:

  • Gold Maeng Da
  • Green Bali
  • Green Hulu
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Plantation Kratom
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da

Keep in mind that their strains are available in powder and capsule forms. Since this vendor supplies mostly in large quantities, the pricing is usually fairer than what you get from many other vendors. They also sell in full kilos and split kilos. 

You can buy a kilo for around $90 and a 2 kilos 4-way split into 4 strains for $200. For customers that want to purchase kratom in large quantities, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about because they will send your request directly from Indonesia. In such a situation, the cost isn’t as steep and you’ll end up saving more on your bulk purchase. For such deals, a 20-kilo package can be gotten for as low as $1000.

If you sign up through the email on the website, you will get a special discounted price on items. With promo codes, you can get as much as 10% to 20% off the original price of the item.

When it comes to capsules, 500 grams of Kratom capsules sell for $80 and 1 kilo of the capsule can be bought for around $150.

Channels For Payment 

Zona Kratom has somewhat of a good and bad payment plan. This is because there are only 2 main methods of payment: PayPal and crypto. 

While this is exciting and comfortable for customers who want to stay anonymous and quiet, other users and customers who favor more conventional methods of payment, such as checks, credit cards, bank deposits, and debit cards, may find it difficult to adapt to this seller’s style. However, from what we see, more methods of payment may be in the pipeline.

Shipping and Return Policy of Zona Kratom

The time required for shipping Zona Kratom’s products is dependent on the location and the time of the day when the order was placed. If your order is confirmed on a day preceding a workday, then your order will likely be shipped the next day. 

But if the order was placed on a day preceding the weekend, it will be processed and shipped out on the next working day. One benefit of doing business with Zona Kratom is that all orders get sent out on a free shipping deal since most of the orders are usually in bulk.

Have Previous Buyers Spotted Any Red Flags?

Zona Kratom gets all of its kratom from a village in Indonesia. Based on buyer opinions, the Kratom products from this vendor are some of the most potent they have taken. This means that you require fewer of Zona Kratom’s products to enjoy the same effects as those from some other vendors. Some people have simply decided to take half of their usual quantity. 

One customer expressed disappointment, however, with the product not being shipped despite receiving shipping information. Another customer who was skeptical about purchasing from Zona Kratom finally gave in due to the low prices. To his greatest surprise, the product seemed to be better than expected and was more authentic than some products that he had tried in the past. The customer expressed his full satisfaction and said he would recommend this vendor to anyone that wants a good source for Kratom products

And we also saw a user that purchased the 4 strains 2-kilo package was happy about the decision. According to him, ingesting Kratom helped to reduce his intake of other anxiety drugs because some Kratom strains seem to have a relaxing effect.

High Points

  • High trust and reliability ratings
  • Simple website interface that enables you to purchase products without stress.
  • Zona Kratom has a growing collection of Kratom strains.
  • It makes the purchase of Kratom products fun-filled and interesting.
  • They have blogs and websites that enlighten you about the intricacies of Kratom.
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment option
  • Top-quality Kratom products
  • They offer free shipping on all orders.

Low Points

  • They do not give customers enough information about where their products are made.
  • Shipping to distant locations usually takes a while.
  • They only have a 1kg package and this is not conducive to customers that want to purchase smaller quantities.
  • It lacks a 24/7 online customer assistant to help buyers who find it difficult to make an order.
  • Laboratory results are undisclosed.
  • They do not make public the address of their headquarters.
  • Payment methods are limited to some people.
  • It is not indicated if they are compliant with GMP standards.

Final Thoughts

While they have some of the best quality products available, they need to work on improving the speed at which items get delivered to customers. Delayed deliveries can be a disincentive for buyers who need authentic powder within shorter time frames. Irrespective of the shortcomings of this vendor, which is already being looked into, it should be noted that very few vendors have direct connections with Indonesian farmers.

Zona Kratom offers you high-quality fresh multi-strain kratom products at very cheap prices with no additional shipping cost.

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